Did I reeeely jettison all my stuff?

Hopefully a freighter pilot sees this but its so weird I posted it here for all to participate.

I was moving 99990 units of items. To make transfer easier I blocked them into groups of 6666 units and 330 units.

After unloading them to all their destinations I was short 6366 units of one block and two separate blocks were short 36.

Wtf? Literally wtf.

Because these units are fixed and the 3 shortages are in 3 separate items…i want to say there is zero chance in hell that I jettisoned the cargo in those numbers.

Even if I were actively having a stroke how would I, on 3 separate occasions, select 3 separate items and click "jetison… 36…I accept. "

Then repeat.

Then for good ■■■■■■■ measure
…■■■■ it let me jettison a 3rd item for not 6666 but naw let’s make it 6366. Just to really ■■■■ with myself.

Does anyone else ever run into a shortage like this?

Wtf happened?

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Did you check between the sofa cushions on your ship as it’s amazing what I find there myself…



Sads, yeah…

Overall the loss isn’t terrible to the profit margin but wtf seriously…where did my stuff go?

Now I have done this before so…

Do you have any inventory filters on?

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but I’m a potato…I found it hidden in one of the other cans I stocked…soooo gonna close this thread. I seriously thought I checked there already too.

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Think how I felt after realizing I was filtering out what I was looking for…:crazy_face:

Glad it’s sorted…

I put it in a WRONG container to be correct.

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In space lol

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I mean there’s still 30 each of 2 separate items unaccounted for but at this point I can care less…

So I have been playing for 10 years now. Others a lot longer of course.

Every time I open up my assets page I shudder to think on what I could find from other characters I moved to this account.

I did find my golden monocle which made me happy.

But yeah… I know the pain of looking for something and then finding it a month later and I was bloody sure I looked there before.

Can you imagine the logistics pilots for large alliances that make sure everybody has what they need where they need it. That must a bloody job itself.


Seriously awesome.

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I’m starting to doubt I could do it! haha and I thought math required paying a lot of attention to details.

It doesn’t help when you’re flying in and out of ganker’s noses, and dropping something off while simultaneously aligning to the next spot and juggling setting up all the particulars of the other drops in sucession.

I mean it was a good gain in experience, but lots of mistakes were made, not just losing 6366 units for a time lol.

Better next time!

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I had to…

With so many pretenders running around with their silver monocles. I had to bring out the more classy version.


Dearest @Alistair_Atreides,

Do you remember the part where I told you to use your in-game asset manager and/or jEVEassets to check?

Do you remember the part where I reluctantly adopted you into our corp so you wouldn’t harass people on the EVE forums anymore?

Do you remember the part where I begged you, on my hands and knees, not to embarrass us on the forums now that you were a member of our corp?

Do you remember the part where I assigned you a potato emoji on our Discords server? image

Your stuff ended up where all those missing socks go

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