Difference between PVE pilots & Actual Pilots running PVE content

With the next Expansion coming soon brings with it various changes to afk automation material generation brings another type of gameplay while still maintaining a pve pilot status.

To become a pve known pilot requires focus on pve related content and by just being able to automate material generation I feel should have its own Eve Online handle that could be referred to here on the forums or in game.

Why should we allow a pilot who just logs n to update their automated moon mining be considered a part pve pilot when we know there are active pve pilots running content or physically mining ore.

The pve label should come with honour of actual undocking in new Eden and for the many future pilots who will be just performing basic updates on their automation show be labeled differently than a normal pve pilot.

What would you suggest? Or do you think that automatic material gathers still be labeled as a pve pilot?

Pilots who wish to do PvE through automated resource extraction will have to succeed in PvP in order to defend the structures until succesful extraction. By doing so, these pilots therefore lose the ‘pve pilot’ stigma.

So pvevp then?

As EVE is intended!


As long as those pilots don’t feel bad for just farming automatic resources when they find themselves involved into a PvP conflict.

It was the same when we had the moon mining POS towers tbh, even if you had a lower R level moon youd only keep it as long as noone wanted to burn it down it was something you always knew about and it was always as long you and your corp, alliance or coalition held that space. Itll be nothing new its just a new iteration of that.

If you didnt defend it youd lose it flat out and if it was an R64 you defended it with a “deathstar” setup, now itll be less of the POS and more a defense fleet so its working as intended imo.

Literally nothings changed so quite griping about it and learn to adapt, or better yet go kick over someones sandcastle that will adapt and use the new system for their own gain.

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EVE is intended to be a sandbox…not and never PVP only…people like you just state this but it will not become true the more often you say this…

People like me state what?

What did I state? That EVE is ‘PvP only’? Where did I state that?

I said that people who do PvE may also have to deal with PvP. EVE isn’t EVE without PvP. But neither would EVE be EVE if it were ‘PvP only’. EVE is a universe where PvP is possible everywhere, but not always the main goal of every player.


Wish I logged in for that part of Eve online.

I still have a 2012 pilot but didn’t do anything back then.

Well kind of like right now I am not doing anything.

I would say anyone that puts down an automated miner would be classified as a pvp pilot as 100% chance that thing gets attacked 24 7 and if they don’t defend it they loose everything.

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Yeah, I remember those setup’s, even saw one that resembled Star Trek’s ‘Deep Space 9’ station. Unfortunately can’t find a screenshot of it. However I do have a screenshot of this one…


Now I know why they made citadels so much less lag.

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So in summary nothing to see here because it’s exactly the same kinda deal as old datacore research and PI and exactly the same gameplay as has already been in Eve for literal decades?

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