Difficulties Returning

Hello everyone I’m a returning player after a year+ long break and just wanted to share my experience, what I’ve dealt with and maybe get some tips. I appreciate any input.

There’s a few other “sob stories” and players who were obviously hit far harder than I was so I’m not really looking for sympathy, maybe just some advice and clarity on how I can go about getting whatever I can out of my situation and to add to the forums in case anyone else searches for info like I’ve been doing.

First off the asset safety being removed, from what I understand people who weren’t involved with the game during the switch have to bite the bullet. While I’ve come to terms with it, it’s certainly a bummer that, at least from what I’ve gathered, there is no in-game record of what was lost if you did lose anything in a decommissioned structure. I had to contact support to find out where my freighter went because I was pretty dang sure I had one. Outside of taking an out of game inventory, is there a way to know what you lost and I’m just missing it? Anyway, the bait and switch EvE Evolved article from last June pretty much sums up my feelings, but it is what it is.

On top of that, I had a good percentage of stuff in systems that were swallowed up into the new “Pochven” system. I’ve managed to get a lot of assets out by using filaments, but I’ve noticed that they only work outbound for subcapital ships. If I had an Orca, i’d need to map out a wormhole route to get it back into k-space, correct? This is just info I’ve scraped together from the university site.

I have several fairly valuable clones in these systems as well. I’m required to grind to 3.0 standing to jump to these. Again I’ve been scrounging for info but it seems my best bet here is get some higher class ships to fight drifters or sleepers if I want them back right? I dabbled in fighting the rogue drones but clearing a site only gave me .007 increase, which at that rate I’d rather just cut my losses on the clones because of how long it would take.

Edit for clarity and another question: Are aggression and gate mechanics different in Pochven or were they changed while I was gone? I ran into a bubbled gate camp in there and while I managed to burn back to the gate to escape it gave me a denial to due aggression. I’d only attacked rogue drones (NPCs) in the previous system at the time and made sure not to aggress the campers in any way so I could escape- I’ve done this many many times before (but only in known space and over a year ago).

TL:DR I’ve come back to play more could use some help confirming a few things:

  1. There is no player accessible record of what is lost in destroyed player structures that were not protected by asset safety.

  2. Capital Ships can only get into and out of Pochven through a wormhole route.

  3. Accessing jump clones in Pochven stations require 3.0 Triglavian standing if they were in a system/station that moved there, and I’d have to grind standings on each character to get them.

  4. Are aggression and gate jumping mechanics different in Pochven or have they been changed altogether in the last 14 months?

Thanks in advance.

It was a dick move by CCP, but it’s too late to do anything about it now. Maybe file a very convincing support ticket and ask for a reimbursement, at least a partial one. It probably won’t work, but it might.

While I don’t know how the Pochven travel mechanics work yet, the Orca isn’t a capital ship, so you should be good in that regard.

Don’t quote me on this, but I think that’s only to dock/make them. If you have a clone already inside the station, you should be able to jump to it. Not sure what would happen once you do, in terms of available services, ability to dock again, etc.

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I think that was in regard to station low-power states and not Pochven (at least my response was in terms of that interpretation).

Either way, I’m fine with ascending to the great big triangle in the sky. I’m perfectly fluent in the Adidas tracksuit languages, and have my standard-issue Zorya dakimakura ready to go (although the cover could probably use a good wash so that it’s not so crusty):

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Unless I’m doing something terribly wrong, It seems you need the standings to swap to them even if you are at the station they are located. I’ve tried this on 3 separate characters.

Woah dude you need to be careful, your bosses at the CIA probably know you play EvE :scream:


The best biomass is fluent.

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Nope, you just leave via the direct k-space connection that exists, you might need to wait for it to be probed from the outside but its trivial and i can give you a map of the system your chosen Pochven system can connect to

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OK so you don’t go into wormhole space, it’s just a wormhole that acts as a portal between the two on a constantly refreshing basis?

I would super appreciate any resource for getting my stuff out in the smartest way, too many losses to cut already. Thanks!

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Obvious bait is obvious.

Why would you want to get an Orca out of Poochie when you could sell it?

Sentimental value?

more like


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To be fair there hasnt been a thread in ages I felt good about unleashing him on.

The C729 is a “reverse static” it always leads from a specific set of k-space systems to that specific Pochven system

For example lets take a look at Senda Pochven System Information - EDENCOM Defense Initiative

It connects to 4 known k-space systems, in this case Geras, Shihuken, Sirseshin and Tuuriainas, so, at any given moment there will be a C729 in one of those 4 systems that connects to Senda, the K162 side inside Senda won’t appear until someone uses the WH so you may need to open your exit from the outside first, if you look on that Senda page you’ll see a little map image which will give you a visual representation of how the k-space systems are connected to each other and you can get a visual indication of if its high/low/null based on the colour, only systems displayed as circles are valid, the square systems are known protected systems

The website also has pages on the WH’s and the mass limitations etc, i won’t ask you to publicly list what system you’re trying to evac from for obvious reasons but you’ll be able to find its map from the system information page under the Pochven heading, WH stats are under guides

Now, one important thing to remember, the k-space side of a C729 WH is normally guarded by trigs, so you may also need to sort out gaining positive standings in order to not get shot as you try to leave, which is fairly easy if you’re neutral already

You can also feel free to join “EDI-Public” ingame if you have any questions as i’m sure one of our guys will be happy to help answer them :slight_smile:

I mean thats an option, but seeing as Orca’s can use the C729 connections just fine anyone who wants an orca can get one in easily enough

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I guess, but unless it was vital to planned operations, right now is a brilliant time to sell otherwise awkwardly placed shipping.

Not so sure, with the region currently being wide open you’re far more likely to lose it, so i’m not sure anyone is really in need of an orca at present, they use porpoise for mining boosts because of a smaller more agile frame and DST’s are the better option for moving things around internally

If it was priced decently someone would probably buy it but i’m not sure there is a market for it specifically at this time

Well my thinking would be to haul out large amounts of stuff in the manner you have described using WHs. But then simply undocking it in Poochie without knowing exactly the situation is pretty risky regardless Id say

Man, thank you. If I have any questions I’ll jump in, you’ve been a great help.

Holy cannoli they’re almost 2 billion now? What am I missing here? My great great grandmother Elizabeth-Dorothy Munijugs gave me that Orca before she died but even she’d understand hawking it at these prices.

The industry changes, everything bigger than a BS or faction had a bunch of new materials added to their build costs, so now they just cost more, so you’ll find that 2bil might not stretch as far as it used to

I quitte when these changes came. Just returned to the forum to see if it’s worth returning to, but it’s not. I’m stayingt away probably forever now. They went full PLEX milking their customers. After such a change you should expect everything to be transfered toJita or something.