[Discussion] PLEX and Omega price changes feedback thread

Eve Shooter, sign me up. But all my secondary accounts are nolonger needed.

Btw, will there be a shared sub with shooter?

When they announced the end of scarcity, I made two new Alphas with the intention to sub when the end of scarcity changes hit. Then they didn’t hit…then ok, I waited for fanfest. Was truly disappointing, I’ll be cutting down to only one or two characters. Just log in when my friends need help, all the things I enjoy doing in space are nerfed to the point that it’s not fun, I’ll just play other games.


Say Thank you to ruttitutti and ccp kenneth


They doubled the m3 of ore in all rocks, but now you waste half of it in space dust. Done, end of scarcity.

Not sure what it changed either.

I have been playing EVE since the Rubicon release (12/2013 and on) and I am afraid that after this incredible and downright disrespectful increase of services prices, I have to say goodbye to one of the best darn games that I have had the extreme pleasure of playing. I fully understand the inflation aspect as well as they need to make money to pay wages, but with their massive increase, which is small to many people, is substantial to me where my wage did not increase to compensate obviously. I play with a total of 4 accounts and 3 of which are Rorq. pilots and I did my best to work around the horrible industry and mining changes but this increase in prices for subs and crazy prices for PLEX are too much for me as an individual to bear with. If CCP and Pearl Abyss can not roll out the greatest reason ever to stay subbed to this game, they will lose at least this customer who pays for all 4 accounts via OMEGA auto-subs. While losing me is less than a drop in the bucket to them, I hope they at least think more about their customers more in the future and less about how fat can they make their pockets in a short amount of time. I know there will be toxic ppl who comment on this as well as like minded pilots and indifferent pilots, but I hope CCP hears the complaints of vet pilots and at least revert the Ore changes at the bare minimum. If they can do that by the new fiscal year (July 1 , 2022 for me) then I can find a reason to stay. Otherwise, I must bid them a sad farewell. o7 RIP EvE Online


Funny thing is, the main reason may actually be the USA rather than Russia.

The player count in the US timezone has absolutely tanked, not long after the big war. Software is a numbers game. More customers means the price can be lower, which attracts even more customers. This price increase has to be a desperate move.

The USA tops all the world charts when it comes to median income, mean income and disposable income. I reckon the Americans who left, were funding a big portion of this game, but CCP can’t very well point their fingers at them. The customer is king and if they want to leave, that says more about the company.

Now if I were a Russian, I’d definitely look into getting the most out of free Alpha accounts, account spinning and isk-PLEXing on rare occasions, like good events. It’s only a virtual game. A dollar has a lot more real world buying power outside of the US and western Europe.


@CCP_Swift I have no problem with price hike, it doesn’t concern me personally.
Whoever thought up Alpha clones is a genius.

I mean just look at gas price. Most people will cut on online products before real life stuff like food. Still the solution was not INCREASE THE PRICE. If anything it exacerbates the problem, the other way, reducing the price would’ve been a better call i believe. It’s not like they are selling a product with a definite price per unit, selling more of it is a net profit, or at least try to get through the inflation period with as little damage as possible.

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It’s staring people in the face, yet denial is everywhere.

Figure 1: Peak Eve (link is Awards and Accolades - EVE Community)

Average accounts per player is 3. Divide numbers by that to get a realistic estimate.

Also see [Discussion] PLEX and Omega price changes feedback thread - #3302 by Emotional_Support_Clown

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Nope. That makes too much sense.

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Yes. What they could have done instead is conjure up new digital “products” to sell alongside the old stuff, like a Super Omega with a triple training speed, sold at a higher price. Might be worth it to some, while not disturbing the rest of the player base.

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Or maybe try to appeal to new players. Or try to get more people into multiboxing via reduced price.

No, putting player counts in the hands of less customers, disaster waiting to happen.

Multi-boxing should not be encouraged nor depended upon for existential survival, that right there is a death spiral and last grasp to boost revenues.

Average is THREE (3) accounts per customer, that’s a disaster.

If you can’t afford to multi-account, then don’t. Multi-boxers be gone. That’s like crying you can’t afford THREE cars, or THREE houses, or whatever.


Hope This Was Worth It, Watched Eve Come Down In Player Count Steadily Since The Price Increase, So looks Like Eve Is Going To Die Now, WTF. So Sad The Greed Of The Rest of The World Made It Into Your Pockets. But Your Going to See Real Quick, That It Was A Bad Decision, and You Made More At 14.99 With More Subscribers, Then 19.99 and Almost No Subscribers, the numbers are Dropping So Quick I Dont Want To Pay For Another Month, Everyone Is Leaving, Minus the Few Hardcore Players, And Retired People, You just Totally Allieanated So Many Player’s, that if you fixed it Today They Wouldn’t Come Back. And the Stuff At Fanfest Wasn’t Worth the Price Increase, And The Players, Are Thinking Of ALL THE MONEY WASTED ON AN ATTEMPT AT A FPS GAME, FAILED over and over, BUT LETS CHARGE THEM MORE TO KEEP TRYING ! DROP THE FPS IDEA and apologize to your community and revert the Sub Price. Hopefully it wont be to late… Ps i run 7 sub accounts, and plex, im a 200 USD a month player and im done…


industry and mining guys do this normally, and it will affect Eve majorly and in a bad way unfortunately They Made a HUGE MISTAKE, So Much That, I dont even Know What To Think Anymore. Inflation Everywhere in The World And Now to Our Fun As Well, Looks Like We Will be Getting out more and enjoying the Sun. Or Find a New Game, Star Citizen is looking awfully awesome at this point… Sigh CCP Dug Their GRAVE…

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New Eden’s market is so volatile right now as just last week skill extractors were selling for 408 now selling for 432. That’s 240m jump per 10 stack and the conversion from isk to plex is still under 4m

Something huge is going to happen.

Some folks on reddit have suggested that PLEX and extractors are in high demand from Russians who can only sub by extracting SP. that would also explain why injectors are not increasing along with extractors as they are being dumped on the market.

I’m not smart enough to know if this is true, but it sounds plausible. It’s destroying the value of SP farming at the moment, which sucks for those of us who just sell SP to get an omega discount on characters that we use.


it is not true


the truth is that the subscription price has increased, while the game does not offer anything new to spend SP or other price changes in ISK farm places, so SP in the game is in low demand.

therefore, when the price of PLEX increased significantly, it became unprofitable to pay for the subscription through the sale of SP accumulated for the month, now you need to pay another 1 billion ISK to buy a omega.

I waiting with interest how this will all end. most likely there will be big discounts on the purchase of PLEX very soon:). but I also see that many of my friends are not ready to spend so much ISK on the purchase of omega and are considering the option of either leaving the game or playing casual on alpha without spending on omega, sp.


There is a design which would help reduce multi boxing, if resource acquisition was a bit more like explo i.e. you had to scan down ore sigs and rather than allowing you to farm the resource for x hours with y ships, it provided a single large ish drop of resources such that you can still acquire enough resources to build a ship in say 2 hours, but it means scanning down and farming 10-15 sigs with a single account.

Relic site hunting is engaging and fun and you can’t really multi box it.

The above model is the design Albion Online uses where you can’t multi box farm resources because you’re travelling all around the black zone searching for resource nodes which you can mine/skin etc in a few mins at most.

It’s the fact anoms/belts are just a sit-and-wait farm mechanic which makes n+1 the meta. I ran 4 perfectly skilled rorq pilots, loved it, but I did it because of the CCP design, not in spite of it. This isn’t the players fault and that’s what you aren’t really grasping.

I think if Eve was being designed now, they might go down the above path, but at this stage, with an average of 3 accounts per customer it would be economic suicide.


Skill injectors now sell at about 700 M, pretty close to the all time high at the start of may. Sales volume is only slightly lower than normal, so I don’t think that’s quite it.

Players are still buying injectors at relatively high prices, surprisingly.

The looming trouble for the farmers is that the extractor prices rose with the price of PLEX, so they cannot continue to profit from the price increase, unless they bought a lot of extractors well in advance (though I reckon a lot of the bigger players did get many extractors in bulk sales when the sale was still on).

The winners are the guys who continually hoarded PLEX long before the announcement. Starting an SP farm now would be a bad idea though.

Maybe we’ll also get to see a real decline in demand for SPs and injectors in the future, as CCP has kicked away most of the economic ladders over the past few years (no point in skilling into ships you can’t afford - CCP effectively killing their own business model), but I’m not seeing those results just right now.

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