[Discussion] PLEX and Omega price changes feedback thread

Sometimes it requires a little forum pvp also =)


…as did my question to you it seems…

Russia has absolutely nothing to do with them increasing the cost. They had that planned months ago, this has been in the pipe line for probably 6 months to a year while they gauged how best to deploy the sub increase.

Anyone that is willing to pay this increase in sub is only supporting anti-consumer practices.


Please explain…

Alpha is pro-consumer.


I can understand why one could be PO’ed about a price increase but labeling it as “anti-consumer practices” just seems rather hyperbolic…and in this thread that’s saying a lot.

Almost 4000 posts in this topic, mostly by drama queen fleet. It’s like some kind of parade.

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That is the excuse they use. I agree it’s probably not the reason, merely a pretext but since that is the only reason given we have to go with it.


Wait until they have to calculate their carbon footprint and add that onto the price.

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That didnt happen.

Completely unrelated. Nevermind that it was batshit from the beginning.

This is what actually happened.


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The original VW Bug was the Tristan of cars.

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Sounds like a challenge to me. Do we get 25000 SP if we drive it over?

worldwide fuel prices are increasing and there is inflation everywhere. soon people will have to pick between paying CCP or for gas/tranportation for work.

Inflation starts at the central bank.

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I like EVE but… I’m starting to miss the way Freelancer’s galaxy looked. Dockable planets. Cutscenes to watch your Avatar walk to a bar or something (not asking for voice). Why can’t we have that with EVE?

Oh, right. cause they want more money for them to say “We’ll THINK about it, meanwhile pay us to play the fun parts of the game.”


Which one? Since they killed everything i used to like doing about 2 years ago


Nope mine is R315.35 same as the dollar value, not sure why they where lazy and just made it 20 euro.

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Well SOMEBODY has to keep the pump primed. We have a goal here.