[Discussion] PLEX and Omega price changes feedback thread

New players that CCP is so desperate for are going to have a hard time justifying $20/month for a game.

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I have 4 toons omega in UK. That will be £64 per month?

I can’t justify that going out of the house over heating , food ect ( those with family’s will understand I am sure).

Been a ride, all the best o7


There’s already a thread for feedback on this topic.

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Thats nice

Can I have your stuff?

Isn’t it?
It’s here:

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Thank you, I will have my 2P worth there

You’re welcome.
Also, you don’t have to quit. Alpha clone state is for us cheapskates and those who can’t or won’t sub.

LOL never been called that before but ok. Food before pew pew mate LOL



Not calling you a “cheapskate”, that was for myself. I guess you fall in the category of those who ‘can’t’.
Anyway, I like playing EVE but since I won’t spend that much on a buggy unfinished product then I enjoy it as an Alpha. Don’t have to quit over it.

Can’t you continue with three paid toons instead? Or two? Or just one? Or as alpha? This is EVE you’ll be back soon anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

See you soon. o/



i pay for mine yearly on 3 but i spread them out over 4 months each so its not a 360 quid hit in one go ill still be in trouble if the mrs ever finds out though


I was going to put the heating on every other day to offset the cost , but I don’t like playing EVE in the cold.

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My four accounts will be $50 a month. At least when my yearly subs run out and i resub

can i have it?

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My Mrs buys my subs for my birthday - solves that problem o7

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You’re off topic, stay on topic, no one made you a forum mod pal.

Skip the water bill? Who really needs that much water anyway?

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