Dissapointed to EvE Online developments and InGame issues

My first time in EvE was in Autumn 2007. Revelation II was about to end as did my free trial and I subscribed to game in October 2007. From that moment up to 2015 EvE was time for space pioneers and explorers. After 2016 came citadels and upwell, moon drillers and so on. I have left and come back frequently, by time to time to see how EvE has developed. How things has turned in 2019-2021, I can’t nymore accept Eve Online as it is today.e…

I am sad and full of sorrow to say that my time is up, and I can’t be here anymore - Ever again. EvE has become its worst nightmare, and is willing to continue in its path.

They say, that players are EvE online, not game makers. They say that pilots decides what to do there. But for saomehow all who wants pvp and gank others ship and property in the name of fun, has become majority. How this has happened or more… Why they were allowed to become majority?? High sec space has turned to hunting ground and everyone need to play hands on keyboard and mouse. AFK is forbidden, cursed word. Don’t use ships which can be destroyed with easy way, stack on defence… Maybe they want to explain, that ship building was too cheap to do, but I don’t believe that. I believe that this is long term scheme from extreme players who wants to gank all when undocking, no matter where they are. And they repeat that demand over and over again.

Game makers wont do anything to stop to prevent this. Instead they believe that every ganked player subcribes immideatly back to game. If CCP is this kind of Corporation with this kind of way to think and work, then I am not for it. And I don’t have to. I don’t do pvp - I hate it, its not in my comfort zone, I don’t want and maintain killboard, I want to control what I play… Control needs to be in my hands!! And yes, its more easy to do in first player shooting games. Its pure pew pew…

All I wanted to enjoy EvE’s PvE content and to be as miner & mission runner. But eve has turned high secs to worst than null space. And I don’t have social skills to negotitate with small groups how to paly together, or to stay in others corporations, as I don’t want anyone to deside how I am going to spend my game time and time planning.

I am solo player and I have enjoyed about it many years. But solo playing doors has been closed from EvE. Everyone are pushed to stay in corporations and to be as Good Guys, or are rejected and forced to face gankers, as they are all alone there.

I am so sad about this development, that others jealous and bitterness has driven EvE to turn to something more than Nightmare. Not everyone want pvp and why should we want ? When we can’t use it outside EvE… And the hole game has no use outside. Its pixel game with pixel money and assets. Maybe a safe place where to run real life drama and presures. But only for those who wants teamplaying…

I was with the name BlackCat69 in these previous months. Character was my 15th incarnation, as all others has been biomassed. So is BlackCat69 too… Gankers can’t have all my property as all are deleted. Here ends my journey in Eve online.

I wish that CCP will delete my empty accounts and wont send new letters.

Thank you



EVE is a PvP game; while you don’t need to actively participate in PvP yourself you will never be able to avoid other players attacking you in this PvP game without putting in effort.

Anyway, you said gankers cannot have your stuff, but I’m no ganker, so can I have your stuff?

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No one can’t… All are deleted.

There is no activity in eve that is not pvp it has been this way since 2003. You’re delusional or dishonest to claim anything to the contrary. Though you also claim that hs has gotten more dangerous since 2016… and now that ganking is the only threat since the removal of actual war decs I’m going to say some mean man broke your toy and you’re just being dishonest in your whining.


No, I was getting enough of all in this game. I have tried many times Eve online but lways failed at the end. This is not dishonesty, its honesty. When I came back at the end of spring I noticed that Kernite was moved away from highsecs and there was limited possibilities to gain wealth fast. Same goes to mission mining which has nearly gone… Yes get more lps but it takes a lot of isk too to purchase all out.

Moon mining was nerfed, can’t anymore find good moons from high secs. Go to low secs and null space, belong to human based corporations and show your dedication to game, how strong fan you are. No thank you… I am not fan of EvE. And I have not gain any benefit from knowing people from EvE online.

Keep your ■■■■.

Maybe the more honest answer is that you’re just not cut out for the game.

Life is short. Stop wasting your time doing things you don’t like.


Just treat players as NPC’s with (sometimes) advanced AI.


idk how you are having issues with missions. I’m apart of a service that raises standings and all we do is run missions, and hardly ever anyone mentions running into trouble while missioning.

So why are you so butthurt about the players doing player things, and you want CCP to do something about that for you?

Someone that made no friends in Eve telling farewell to his friends in Eve. How original!

Its not making friends, I don’t play mmorpgs for friends you ■■■■■■■ idiots

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So why do you play a multi-player game, if not to make friends

Whatever. If your objective is anything but whining in the forums You failed Eve.

i think he even failed there. I have seen far better whining.

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I’m feeling generous.
Let he have his participation trophy:



Well they do say the definition of stupidity is trying the same thing over and over again whilst expecting a different outcome.
Have fun playing COD.

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Im not going to talk about how Eve is a PvP game, I’m just tired of people leaving so I have an offer for you.
This is why I’m offering it:

I know what you mean with the corporation problem, but playing solo isn’t in any way impossible.
I have my own corporation for the same list of reasons you just gave. And I play solo a lot.
You are welcome to join mine if you like, I will never tell you what to do or how to do it. You won’t need Discord if you don’t want to use it, you won’t need comms, and you can ask me to set the tax rate to anything you like. I will also help you if you ask me to, and while I’m terrible at PvP I do best at it when my friends are being attacked.
If you do join you will have access to most of my stuff, and you won’t even have to talk to me if you don’t feel like it. I’m part of a small group of tiny corporations that don’t restrict their members in any way and we do a lot of different stuff.
If you needed to go mining somewhere dangerous we could help with that too.
So anyways you would have total freedom, help if you want it or need it and no pressure ever to do stuff you don’t want to.

This is just an offer, I would rather have you in my corporation than to have yet another person quit. Im getting sick of people quiting, even the ones most people think shouldn’t be playing Eve.

You said that you have deleted all of your characters, maybe make one more and give it another try, who knows maybe it will be fun.

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