DLC - value packs

I notice on the Start-up App that there is “Last to Chance to Buy” for DLC packs. My question is which ones and how long do we got.

It’s marketing-speak and can safely be ignored.


Yes and no, if OP is sure he is a long term player and pays for his sub(s) the DLCs are a great deal that every paying account should take advantage of. Especially if you are raising SP on alts.

Whether they will REALLY disappear is of course another thing all together.

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I was curious about this too. I think the current ones will be removed as a way to get around the “you can only buy these once per account” and then rename them, maybe change them slightly (like changing the skins you get or something just as trivial) as then they will be “new and different” and therefore you can pay again on each account.

It’s just basic re-branding of something to sell it again I think.


It looks like they all are going, so i better get them now.

No, it’s actually until next week.

Used to pick them up for 50%+ off, not had a similar offer for a very long time - shame they haven’t used this opportunity to do so again - a lot would be sold - just in time for a new set to be made available!


The DLC’s are also sold through authorized resellers https://secure.eveonline.com/etc.aspx
As mentioned by @Forum_Posting_Alt they were frequently offered at a 50% discount - seemed to rotate through resellers. I bought most of mine from Humble. At regular price the current offerings aren’t that good a value unless you really want the vanity items in the pack (exception is the starter pack - 1 million SP for $5 is a good deal!).

I expect the new packs will be released on Tuesday, which should also include the next Talos release.

… along with some new skins for their NES.

You’d think the oh so smart marketing guru would drop the price of the OLD DLC make a super cash influx but nope as usual with CCP talk is all you get :biohazard:

My bet is the skins offered will change. Tjere,will still be the one time per account 1mil skill starter that won’t be available if you got the current one.

Still be able to buy a month plus,skins and plex for $15 and up but with new gimmick items.

Basically if you want that,asteros skin,your time is limited.

Was only worth it when they were 50% off.

Take a look at the new ones. How much would they have to discount these before they would be worth it? My guess: a lot.

Looks like the Humble store still works for the old packs.

These new pack are just shockingly bad, not worth it at all

Even with a 50% off which they won’t do a mericle would have to happen for that to start happening again they would have to be like 70% off to even consider buying

Right now they are basically charging retail price for the subscription time and the PLEX. They’ve been devaluing skillpoints with giveaways for the past year so they add little to the value and the skins only have value if you fly that ship. That said, they would be a pretty good deal at half price - I’ll wait for that.

Are the new packs limited to once per account? And, can you buy the new packs if you bought the old ones?

Yes and yes.

There’s a lesson that CCP is still struggling with, after all these years. Maybe we can help them out with it:

  1. “Sell decent stuff for a good price and you sell more and your game grows.”


  1. “Sell crappy stuff for more than it’s worth and your company gets to spend 10 years downsizing and bleeding customers before it’s bought out by an Asian upstart 1/3 its’ age.”

CCP seems to think “Hey, 2 is twice as good as 1! Let’s go for 2!”

The lesson here? It’s better to be #1 than #2.


(yes, the puns were intentional)


have to agree with last poster ccp and retail concepts and marketing escapes them totally

Maybe ccp marketing really need to check of WOT marketing and packs, me I have no issue if a person can afford to buy pixelated ■■■■ for RL money go for it, they don’t get any better at fitting ships or pvping because of 100000000000000 Skill points.

Bad fit is still a bad fit…