Do not trust goons recruitment

Ex-goon, Ex-Lawn member returning to game after over a year hiatus, this is how they say whalecum back.

Save yourself, I didn’t lose anything really, they bought 3 bil worth of assets prior to this. So it was a net nuetral.

But don’t support them or feed their killboard.


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Doesn’t provide enough infirmation to be considered acknowledgable.

There’s reasons. We want to know these reasons.

A good first question is: how did you treat them, that they’ve decided to blow you up?


Yeah, doesn’t seem plausible. You’d think Goons would welcome back with open arms a former member.

Must be more to the story.


I spy no GSF corps in your history. Just saying.

If you were actually a former GSF or LAWN member, you would have known to retvet back onto the forums, and that you were being hit with a classic recruitment scam.

Ergo, you are a filthy pubbie who deserves what he got.


I will say if you are an EX-Lawn and Ex-Goon and fall for a recruitment scam you failed the intelligence test and were eliminated with extreme prejudice.


You are a ■■■■■■■ idiot if you jumped into goon space as a neutral character with a capital and no backup.


If you’re neutral, expect to be shot.

Should have jumped a MK Ultra trademarked Rorqual! - Could have had a least 5 more minutes admiring fort delve!

I gave them free stuff, was a returning member, was pleasant on discord.

I was in their so called relocation corp

If you bothered to look at the killboard for GSF REL then you’d see something a bit troubling…

Looking further back it looks like they do this a lot. Obviously it’s a bait corp that they lure suckers into to kill.

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Lies and slander.

Tbh I was told last minute on this, but you should have known better. Official channels only when dealing with anything CFC/IMP related. Being Ex-Lawn myself I know we where told that. You didn’t do your homework o this and got burn. Thx for the killmark btw.

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Ha this was a fun kill :slight_smile: one of my first big ones after joining the imperium poor fella

So many trolls. So big, bad boyz. Goonz are zo bad huh. Recruitment scam sounds mature and fun. Must be ■■■■■■■ boring to be a goon. Yeah I expect a lot of trolling and pixel anger now from all the goonz who feel toes are stepped on and have to show to the world how big and bad and though they are. Wow. To meassure from the replies on these forums goons have more than average sore toes so go ahead do what you do best. No question who are the real pubbies in EvE :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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That sure is a lot of words to say “lol, u mad?”


Goons are goons, you are expecting honor among people who call themselves goons, never ever expect a goon to be a good guy (in game), they are goons after all.


is this supposed to be breaking news?


Well, with the on going posts about goon this and goon that, seems like it’s not penetrating the thick walls of the pods, but your probably right the pods may be too thick.