Do you HONESTLY believe CCP wants more solo/afk miners around, instead of less?

I uh, really can’t pull anything coherent out of what you’ve written here.

Put it in other words, I’v been mining 90% of my playtime since 2014 with few pauses, mostly hanging around 0.5 and 0.6 when I’m in highsec, and the last time I was ganked was in 2014. The Code seems to be more about Hulk, Retrievers and poorly fitted Orca than anything else apparently in my area.

It’s been decided that Hulks are illegal in James 315 space, so are ventures.

For his word is law.

The question should be “Does Pearl Abyss care?”

What do you want people? We are already number 1.

Here is a little lesson in trickery:

Join the #1 space MMO
Game Revolution “Eve Online is the biggest game you could possibly hope to play”

Just so we all understand…
code, who is supposedly against afk mining has declared the hulk illegal…the one mining ship that requires you to be atk every 180 seconds to drag and drop ore…but the skiff and mack, the ones with the largest ore holds, that you can target a rock and walk away for 20 minutes, that actually encourage afk mining…is ok? You guys are idiots.

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Solo and AFK are the same thing?

No they ALL had their tank buffed. This has the old stats for barges on. Where the thread for the actual mining barges has gone however i don’t know. Seems to have dropped off the planet.

And they also had their tank buffed even further by ore holds allowing them to fit non-cargo expanders mods. And extra cpu.

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The question makes it sound as if solo and afk miners are the same thing, weird. You may want to rephrase that, OP, or make two separate questions out of it.

I’ve interpreted the question to mostly mean afk miners, so I answered “No”, as no company wants their game not played, that just doesn’t make sense.

If OP cannot stand afk miners that much, why just not ask to remove retrievers and mack from the game, and ask for a strong nerf in porpoise and orca tank ?

That would have avoided a lot of out-of-topic discussion, if it was the initial idea behind the poll.

The Mackinaw may be a bad ship but I like her nonetheless, the convenience of the orehold gives me full attention free for dscan rats and local.

Nah. Unlike you (I’ve checked your posting history) I am well aware that most requests lead exactly nowhere. When there’s nothing proper behind an idea, then it’s not worth posting. Based on the threads you made I beliee you clearly disagree, but that’s fine by me.

If an idea is well construct you can get the attention of CCP and most people.

If you’ve seen my posts maybe you have noticed my proposal to add m3 to the results window of the survey scanner a long time ago. Guess what, it’s ingame now, so now when you (try at least to) post something coherent, other will poke at it to see if it stands still but sometimes it works.

Posting bad (not on purpose) is better than saying nothing and staying in the corner, the main reason HS are very hard to represent with the CSM btw.

Well … that’s a mixed bag. It’s like saying “It’s better to have an uninformed, stupid opinion than not having one at all.”, which is wrong on a lot of levels.

Sure, maybe you had a good idea and it got implemented. That’s fair, maybe I should have checked more thoroughly. I had more than a fair share of such threads as well, but I digress.

The latter part of your message is rather weird. Care to explain? I’m not sure if it implies people don’t care, of if it implies people are oblivious, or whatever.

I mean that a good part of the community in HS is described as not bothering with anything but what they see and do where they are, they never go on the forums (excluding the few posts about events or FOB rats) they dont vote for the CSM, they dont care about the lore and tends to not want to socialize much if not at all.

These people are or were a good part of the community even if they play that way, removing or nerfing their playstyle tends to make them leave to game, they’re not fans or anything but just enjoy the game the way it is.

Adapt or die like we say say means absolutely nothing to these players, the second the game is changed to annoy them they leave the game for good and leave behind a bad review.
But a MMO needs players like these still, for their sheer numbers and willingness to sub as long as they’re pleased, so telling them to go eat spod or do as you tell them isn’t good on the long run.

You know, the funny thing is, I believe that if EvE had simply launched without industrial career paths and ship-types… We wouldn’t even be having this discussion. The game would be fine with some other system in place to dictate how ships and whatnot were obtained. No one would care.

Instead we have this game where every two weeks or so there is a rehash of the same damn drama on the forums. Who are the real carebears these days anyway?

The miners who push to get their playstyle into ascendancy, engaging in just godfuckingawful behaviour and shitty dehumanizing practices?

Or their dyed in the wool twin brothers and sisters in the piracy camp?

“Clover looked from ganker to miner and back again, but could no longer tell the difference.”

Anyway. If mining WERE deleted… What would your game be then? What would be fun for the game if, all of a sudden, there WEREN’T production related ships on the field?

How would you "“adapt or die” if your whole reason for playing were gone in a stroke, as you claim to want?

I think that’s generalising too much. Most people seem to not be aware of the fact that the game has always been advertised as “hard” and “cut-throat” and there is no doubt in my mind that a lot of people play it exactly because unexpected ■■■■ can happen.

You’re not wrong, though. Most people just don’t seem to give a ■■■■. It’s a game and they don’t want to be too invested. Just do whatever they want to within the game’s reality.

I also kind of doubt the part with the socialising. Sadly it is a fact that nowadays local in most systems is literally dead, despite being filled with people, but that’s not a guarantee that they don’t actually make any friends. Lots of people I’ve talked to (and I used to talk to to A LITERAL METRIC FUCKTON OF STRANGERS EVERY WEEK … can’t stress that enough) actually had absolutely no issues socialising.

Their problem just seemed to be that most people aren’t as engaging as I am, which naturally causes people not to talk to each other. When no one makes the first step, the first step is simply never taken.

Well … anyway … now I lost my train of thought. You’re not wrong saying that these people might just leave because of whatever, but I am absolutely sure that these people leaving isn’t much of an issue in the first place as long as it happens slowly. CCP shifted the populace before, they keep doing it, and they will do it again.

Now I lost my train of thougt …

I’m not sure how your post, especially the “if mining were deleted” part, actually relates to the question. Some people in here definitely read more into it than intended, and the source of that definitely doesn’t lie in me.

No one … especially not me … wants mining to be wiped. I’m literally in a mining corp (hence the name and ticker, my idea btw :blush:), I have taught Black Pedro a few things about mining, and I’ve been quadrupleboxing in the past. In covetors, with an orca.

Whatever you say, S.P. It’s your poll, your thread.

Yeah but that’s not “wiping mining”. It’s just the solo and afk guys who will need to go eventually, and that’s not a bad thing. Resources should be something people fight over/for, and not free for every pleb to just grab.

Not sure why you mistake the one thing for the other.

why does it have to be solo/afk? Im a solo miner and Im NOT afk. Guess we will need another vote. :slight_smile: