Does 'AFK' mining really exist?

How can so many losses in Highsec happen if there is no AFK mining?

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Don’t believe them. There is no afk mining.:relieved::smirk::smirk::smirk:


OP - Yes afk mining happens, if I’m mining in my ship and i get up to get a drink, I’m afk though it might be only for a minute or 2. but long term afk is not possible if you want to make good isk, because as you said targeting etc needs to be done. As to the ridiculous notion of a praxis and 1 civilian miner and 7 or 8 cargo expanders, why would you bother?

Having said all of that, everything in this game can be done afk, do you really imagine those 14 hour long battles in null happen and nobody goes bio or gets a drink etc?

This .
we always speak about afk mining but afk pvp exist when you have the slowdown of the server . Or I’m not sure gate camping is the activity with the most apm…