Does eve have an elitism problem?

(Sebs Pride) #1

So a newbro askes a simple question like, “I’ve just unlocked level three missions, so what kind of ship do I need to do that?”.
What kind of awnsers do people give?
Thats right, they start screaming GILAAA as they are stumbling over each other in an attempt to them saying Gila will more impactful than the last guy that said Gila, followed by a storm of gila fits and arbitrary “expected isk income” which is normally over inflated from what is realistic.

(Foggy Bernstein) #2


'nuff said

(Abruzzi Oskold) #3

It has since shortly after launch.

(Kirimeena D'Zbrkesbris) #4

They give the most efficient answer, probably. If that answer doesnt satisfy the newbro he should probably learn to construct his questions to be more specific: race, budget, skills etc.

(Sebs Pride) #6

It should be assumed if he “just unlocked level three missions” that hes not sitting on 200 mil.

(Kirimeena D'Zbrkesbris) #7

Price is almost never taken into account unless specified because newbros have the ability to buy/sell plex and many choose to do so, or participated in the latest event and made some ISK from it.

(Aetrid) #8

No, shut up scrub. :wink:

(Sebs Pride) #9

Most newbros I see wont get a plex, and I will bring up the point that half the time they are a shield fitted vexor with a 100mm plate on it.

(Commander Kane) #10

With skill injectors being a thing we can no longer look at a char age and say… for you might need a nice t1 fitted cruiser with x setup.

Today players (me included) fly in ships that most people take 2 years to get into. So it is important to structure your question based on your budget and SP as others have mentioned. Otherwise… GIIILLAAAAAA!!!

Also… I hate the Gila

(Kirimeena D'Zbrkesbris) #11

Gilas are somewhat cute reptiles tho:

(Rivr Luzade) #12

Since when is giving a valid answer a problem? Following your next remark they should be thankful that they get proper fittings linked instead of wasting a perfectly fine Gila with a crap fitting, let alone moaning about elitism. What has this world come to when newbs bemoan helpful advice as elitism. :thinking:

In my opinion, EVE’s bigger problem is that dense new players come in and ask question which can be answered easily by a preferredsearchengine search. Instead of asking your question, they should ask “! recently unlocked L3 missions. Looks like Gilas (or insert other ships of choice) are popular. Do you think this fitting (linked) is good enough?” Or: “… I cannot fly a Gila. Is this Thorax/Moa good enough?” (After which they will probably get told that these cruisers are too weak and they aim for pirate cruisers or BC.
This shows that that new player put some thought and effort into solving the question themselves instead of mindlessly expecting others to solve the issues for them.

(Sugar Smacks) #13

Elitism? No I don’t think that’s the answer particularly.

Stupidity? Maybe
Laziness? Definitely
Mob Mentality? Absolutely
Belief in only one playstyle? Usually

There are many creative people of EvE, but free thinking is just not something that people do here. In fact it almost feels like a creative thought is more frowned on than encouraged.

People see the high DPS of the Gila and say “gotta use that”, they absolutely aren’t thinking about the situation it will be used in. In fact they probably don’t care because they don’t really have an alternative.

(Sebs Pride) #14

Believe it not, but some people play mmos to interacting with people, and why should they actively try to remove that aspect from a game if they play the game for that reason.

(Nicolai Serkanner) #15

Does eve have an elitism problem?

No, because we are elite.

(Dracvlad) #16

You can actually play the game solo with limited interaction if you want to, it is a sandbox after all.

As for the question of elite it depends on what you mean, is min/max play elitism?

(Avaelica Kuershin) #17

So things have changed over the years. I was told Myrmidon for level 3 missions.

(Kuba Ganowski) #18

EVE doesnt have problem. Some assholes inside and around EVE have problem. Whats up baby? Kina… kina…

link to the topic:

(Nana Skalski) #19

I like Gila. I dont think flying it is making anyone elite.

(Sasha Viderzei) #20

I remember that time when I was in the Amarr NPC Corporation, with my new mission alt. Asked for a fit using lasers on the Omen or Harbinger, saying I had starter skills and not more than 100mil ISK, got told that I was stupid by not respecting the holy Worm - Gila - Rattlesnake trinity.

Sometimes, you can give as much informations as one can, you’ll still get retards shitting on the ground against people that doesn’t follow their play styles ^^

(Aetrid) #21

Welcome to the internet.