Dofus just stole EVE :)

2017-11-14 15:30
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With Update 2.45, we are adding a new Omega Level system to offer a new way for characters to progress beyond level 200.


In reverse :wink:

first to point out that this belongs to oop. :grin:

on topic: lol level 200.

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What does have to do with EVE exactly?

I’ve never heard of this Chinese cartoon game, looks shite though.

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Thats because you have never played it…

Not much, apart from the reference to Omega class :slight_smile:

It’s a french game

Don’t laugh, it’s explained in detail here:

How It Works

Once level 200 is reached, your characters will unlock a new progression gauge (the Omega levels).

These levels will not increase the characters’ power, but they will unlock cosmetic and useful rewards.

These levels are unlimited; they will be “quick” to unlock at first but will progressively require more and more experience.

The secondary character bonus will apply in Omega levels. For example, if you have Character A at Omega level 50 and Character B at Omega level 10 on the same account, Character B will receive double experience until it reaches Omega level 50.

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This sounds like the’ve ran out of good ideas for milking the addicted sheep.

Sounds a bit like The Elder Scrolls Online system.

There’s a ‘level’ cap at 50. After that, you earn ‘Champion Points’, which give progressive incremental buffs (no free gifts, alas) up to a new limit. You select which attributes to improve. Any other characters on the account gain the total amount of CPs gathered by the main character (and can ‘spend’ them as they wish), as soon as they too reach the level cap of 50.

Plenty of TESO players seem not to like the system, which replaced an earlier model. I find it ok though.

Ah. Kinda like Diablo III paragon levels except actually useless?

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Not at all, there’s no “milking” involved. A yearly sub costs £39.99, or £3.99 pm which, as in EVE, you can buy with in game currency.

Lots of players including myself have been after a progression beyond level 200 for years.

Also in this update is a move to curb, once again, multi accounters. As it stands they don’t have a limit on how many accounts you can have but it did lead to massive issues, some of which you see in EVE…Namely players going totally solo with their own 8 man dungeon blitzing team, which they made perfect. They cornered the market in rare drops and also common(ish) drops which others simply couldn’t get.

A month or so ago they opened several mono account servers for players who were basically sick of not being able to get a dungeon run or compete with someone running 8 accounts. It’s a way of making players work together to complete dungeons with others.

So far hundreds of accounts have been sanctioned for trying to work around the rules and multi account their own teams on mono account servers. I doubt if some players will ever stop trying to cheat.

It’s why I stopped playing it for a few years, when I stopped I had been the top ranked player on my server for 18 months to 2 years, but I simply couldn’t compete anymore for the top ranked equips due to a massive abundance of multi accounters. They killed the servers, in fact the multi accounters drove so many players away that after years and years they have just merged a lot of servers as they were basically dead. Now I have gone back to see what’s changed, trust me, guys like me aren’t sheep, we walked away once, we can walk away again.

I’m sure you can spot similarities between the games.

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