Dream Story Masquerade Ball ~~~OVER~~~

Okay, the fountain has been drained of all the alcohol, the decorations have been cleaned up, the corpses have been disposed of, and the staff has finally gotten a break.

I would like to thank everyone that came. The costumes were amazing. I was truly astounded at how well the party went off.

This will have to become a yearly event. Some lessons have been learned from this to make it even better next year.


Whose corpses??

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I was a joke, Ms. Kim.

Ohhh, you think it’s so easy to get rid of me like that?..
We’ll see what Mr. Bashir knows about that! And everything about what’s going on in your dungeons!! I’ll get to the truth, believe it, one way or another!!

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You’re adorable, Diana. I want to keep you.

It was a pleasant experience. I’m curious who the wind spirit, the cat and the dagger were.

Thank you for hosting this, Lithara.

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