Dwindling log in numbers


Oct 18, 2022, 16:39 UTC

I’ve been playing since 2006. The constant updates have finally beaten me down. Now, this isn’t all about bad things, some of the things changed/updated in EVE have been fantastic. But, there are two things that are making this game lose interest amongst the player base and as I always watch the log-in stats I’m sure your seeing this also. We can live with structures, we can live with almost any number of things that have been changed but the things that I feel most hurt the game and are causing people to quit playing are the INDUSTRY changes and JUMP FATIGUE/DISTANCE changes.
There used to be countless individuals who did mining/industry because that was their thing. They could mine with friends then go build items with their mining gold to add to the economy of New Eden. Now with the industry changes the game doesn’t let them get to their endgame. Many have quit. You’ve made industry too hard. Its a game for christsakes. Not an occupation. Miners/Indy toons are the backbone of this game. Its also affected people like me who routinely built Caps and battleships in quantity. I haven’t built a single one since the changes and the reduction in changes.
You NEED to remove all the small hard to build items that go into making these ships. The level of building them far exceeds what is necessary or reasonable. You wanted to make things more costly not semi-impossible for average players to make. It’s killing your industry base.
Jump fatigue. I’m not so concerned with the fatigue aspect of the change but it’s the distance aspect that has hurt many of us. I live in Stain. It’s now a ghost town because no one can get here without a huge jump chain to make it happen. Give us back our old distance numbers for the ships that really could use them. Carriers are now almost irrelevant in this game because of their limited distance.

Look just a few thoughts from a long-time player who is increasingly more disillusioned in the forward vision of a game that I’ve enjoyed for 16 years. As evidenced by the constantly dwindling numbers of characters logged on, I feel that I’m not alone in the EVE universe.

Dagny Brinn

We need a mega thread. Everybody seems to have their own theory about why Eve is dying. No two people agree.

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Can you remind me when these changes were made?



I also feel like its the same person.

They all can’t use the enter key :smiley:

Such a bad change it only took 8 years to kill the game.

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