EA did this to Madden games: Players paid for the game, then forced to view 3rd party ads to play it

Dr Literally Who?

People generally pay money to avoid advertisements.

How is this different than when those sports games added mandatory advertisements to their paid tripple-A titles.


This isn’t the same.

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Keep it to one thread bro. Why spam and cry?

Do you have any dignity as a grown person or

can you please stop spamming literally everyone’s threads with the same insults? And stop trying to derail the topic? thanks.


Bro can you stop spamming the forums with cry threads and focus on one?

I’m not derailing the topic. You’re attempting to draw a parallel and it’s a wrong one.

No one is forcing you to view anything or even play the event. You can literally opt out. Or if you were smarter, take advantage.

But you’ll just cry in the forums instead :smiley:


Instead of making 2 or more threads a day having a fit, you could have just posted in the Dr who event thread. All you are doing is cluttering up the forums with this nonsense.

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Madden games are paid games, where the players were used as vessels for advertisements.

How is this not the same?

We are all paying for this game, and we are now being the subjects of advertisements in the game.

How is this not the same?

Because its a different game? because the commercials are for a different product? how is it different?

So don’t pay then. Show ccp with your wallet that you’re upset.

Because EVE is a freemium game, has been for years, you’re a little late to the party my friend

Because you can literally opt out. It affects nothing if you don’t do it, besides passing up on free rewards.

If I was CCP tho and I saw all this crying, I’d twist the knife and make the last reward a ridiculously OP TARIDS cruiser hull BPO that is account locked so you have to produce your own to use it, thus forcing you to grind it or else be left behind.

But that’d just be me :smiley:

Is Madden not NFL?

Does the NFL not have adverts everywhere?

This reminds me of the Book of Revelations. Everyone been tryin’ to make that thing real since it was written. The end times are nigh! Look at the evidence which supports my age-old theory! Not like I’m starting my investigation from my conclusion, or anything like that.

I happen to agree, this isn’t the same (yet).

But the moment I see an ad at a gate or in station for Reebok or Starbucks or Tesla I’m uninstalling the launcher. :-1:

I dont think you will be forced to watch any ads.

Did someone call for a doctor?

This isn’t a “freemium” game dude. They charge full subscription price. The “free” mode is just a teaser to get people hooked and subbed.

I don’t understand sycophants at all. I understand that you enjoy playing eve, but that doesn’t mean you need to make excuses for the monolithic company that doesn’t give a ■■■■ about you, and who is actively shitting on the community with ads.

How do i opt out of all the advertisement branding all over the website and launcher and login screen and all the references that are now going to be plaguing the game forever?

How do i opt out of all those ads?

I’m currently seeing ads as i type this. How do i opt out of those?

He isn’t wrong. It literally is bruv.

I don’t think you quite understand what advertisements are ROFL.

None of what you are seeing is outside advertisements. The ads you are talking about are like commercials. These ads are in-game promotions coming from the product itself. You can’t avoid them because they are part and parcel of the product.

Bro please take a marketing class kthx.

Sadly not, its a free to play game with a paid option to unlock extra content, i mean i understand how you might think otherwise, but it really isn’t the case anymore, and hasn’t been for a fairly long time now, might want to take a long hard look at the game :slight_smile:

SWTOR uses the exact same model for unlocking extra content

Welcome to the internet, and i’m not “making excuses” i’m just stating facts, its only making excuses if you’re not actually looking at reality for what it really is

Open add/remove programs and, well, you know the rest

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