Earn Free ISK from GANK BANK

:rocket: Introducing GANK BANK - Empowering High-Sec Gankers! :rocket:

Greetings, fellow capsuleers!

In light of recent changes and challenges faced by our ganking community, I’m thrilled to announce the launch of GANK BANK - a platform dedicated to supporting and rewarding high-sec gankers like never before! Gank Bank will give you in-game shares for each high-sec gank you report! Open to all players in any corporation!

:moneybag: Monthly Support: To show our commitment, GANK BANK. will deposit 1 billion ISK into the corporation wallet every month. The entire wallet balance will be distributed among our shareholders.

:moneybag: Dividend Reinvestment: Dividends from unissued stocks owned by the GANK BANK. are reinvested into the payout the following month. This will greatly award early adopters of gank bank.

:tada: Equal Opportunity: No Strings Attached: At GANK BANK. we believe in giving back to the community without burdensome prerequisites or conditions. Whether you’re a seasoned ganker or just getting started, every shareholder will reap the benefits equally. Shares are freely given away for each reported gank, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to participate and prosper in our collective goal of high-sec mayhem.

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Earn Shares: Want to become a shareholder? It’s simple! Just participate in high-sec ganks and submit the killmail to GANK BANK. CEO.
Each successful gank earns shares.

:wrench: Streamlined Process: We’ve streamlined the submission process to make it as easy as possible for you. No complicated forms or lengthy procedures - just submit your killmail to Other Jim and we’ll take care of the rest.

:star2: Join Us: Together, let’s celebrate the art of ganking and ensure our community thrives in the face of adversity. Whether you’re in it for the profit or the salt, GANK BANK. welcomes you with open arms.

Thank you for your dedication and passion for high-sec ganking. Let’s make this venture a resounding success!

Fly dangerous,
Other Jim

The Details

Eligibility; All Omega toons are Eligible. Only Highsec ganks are eligible* **

Initial Shares: GANK BANK. initially holds 1,000,000 shares. Each share entitles the holder to a portion of the monthly dividend payment.

Monthly ISK Injection: Every month, I will inject 1 billion ISK into the company

Dividend Reinvestment: Unissued stocks are owned by the GANK BANK. corporation and all dividends received are reinvested into the payout for the following month. This means that in addition to the monthly 1 billion ISK injection, the entire balance of the corporation’s wallet is added to the dividend payout pool every month.
This innovative approach ensures as the high sec kill count racks up, so do the dividends for our shareholders.

-Reporting ganks; All kills must be evemailed with the Zkill link to GANK BANK. CEO; Other Jim
Elligible ganks from the 1st of the month to the end of the month (eve time). If you do multiple ganks per day please try and submit one evemail, or can send the entire kill list before the deadline. Also in cases where there are multiple gankers on a killmail only the top damage will qualify for shares. All zkill links must be sent in from the pilot that did top damage.

-Share distribution and payment; Submitions will undergo a review process and shares will be distributed on the on or before the 1st of the month followed by a dividend payment on the 2nd. Shares will be paid out for many years in the forseable future.

-Submit Zkill link; this will help you if your Zkills arn’t showing up on the site.

Share Distribution by Ship Category*

Venture- 20 shares
Expedition frig- 70 shares
Barge- 70 shares
Exhumer- 100 shares
Porp- 100 shares
Noctis- 100 shares
Orca- 200 Shares
T1 indy- 75 shares
T2 Indy- 100 shares

Shuttles; leopard, Interbus- 100 shares
T1 Frigates- 20 shares
T2/Faction Frigates- 50 shares
T1 destroyers- 50 shares
T2/Trig/Faction Destroyers- 100 shares
T3 Destroyers- 100 shares
T1 Cruiser- 70 shares
T2/T3/Faction cruiser- 100 shares
Battle Cruiser- 70 shares
T2/Faction Battle Cruiser- 100

No payouts on Corvettes, Shuttles not listed, Battleships, and Freighters.

Systems that are not elligible for shares from GANK BANK. I will try to keep this list short
-Uedama, Sivala, Josameto, Geth, Jita

Please make sure all emails go to gank bank. ceo Other Jim. There is an older gank bank corp that is not-active.
*Only ganks count, no war kills, duels, or suspect kills.
**Only ganks on capsuleers over 30 days old are eligible, please check pilot bio if unsure.
***I reserve the right to modify the ship elligibility and share value in the share distribution by ship category.


Ganking wallets?

woah! time to send my killmails

-I forgot to mention in cases where there are multiple gankers only top damage qualifies to get shares. So in that regard its like a bonus lottery ticket. Also Pilot that earned the shares must send in the eve-mail. Sorry for forgetting these conditions.

So, basically you are telling people that 1 billion ISK has to be deposited into an account every month where the money is then distributed across the entire corporation of gankers?

Sounds more like another attempt of High Sec gankers to steal money.

Unless Gank Bank can show that all members of the ganking corporation are in fact real players and not alt accounts, then Gank Bank should be considered a fraud corporation.

Fair warning has been given.

I don’t think you read everything. Im not asking for ISK, Im the one depositing 1 Billion ISK per month into the corp. All players have to do is gank in HS, and send me Zkill and I send shares. Each month I pay out and roll all ISK leftover in corp wallet into next payment with an additional 1billion ISK each month. Any other questions I can help you with?

Pay no mind to dryson. Anything that looks like a charity or doing something good for EVE, they been harassing. Latest example calling magic school bus a scam/fraud


Hope this helps, you can just feed it directly into excel:


I do think there is too much mining going on in Stacmon and Slays.

I don’t believe they have permits.

Miners are like rodents, one whiff of ore and in no time, the system is infested with miners, the asteroid belts ravaged. Mass ganking seems to be the only real deterrant, mining permits having some success however.

They also carry diseases such as carebearitis and whinebabyitis.

Id be happy to send shares, but I need each pilot claiming shares to evemail me directly with the Zkill links from the 14th to the end of the month on the kills they are claiming kills on. Only top damage gets the shares, and they can have me pay them, their main alt, alliance CEO, corp, ect. Just tell me in the message. I will be giving out billions more in free ships also. It will be great to pay out Aiko and Safety. It may seem a little burdensome now but these shares will be paying out alot ,and they quickly add up. If need help or have any more questions I am happy to help.

Maybe next month I will offer double shares on kills in those regions to help keep the vermin miners at bay.

No, you don’t need that.

She is correct, as you said

Maybe in the future I will do Alliance level payouts but for now, people need to send an email and at least do that little bit of work.

So far, pilots from multiple gank alliances have been reporting kills, and shares are being distributed accordingly. Our first payout of 1 billion ISK is scheduled for the beginning of July. To ensure you get your cut, make sure to submit your zKillboard links before July 1st (EVE time).

Please remember:
Send Evemails to Other Jim with Zkill link.
Only ganks in Hi-sec count. No war kills, duels, or suspect kills.
Top damage gets the shares on kills with multiple pilots.
If you multi-box, have your Top damage pilot send an evemail with the Zkill link and you can specify your main for all future shares. This only needs to be done once; all future claims can then come from your main pilot.
Uedama, Sivala, Josameto, Geth, Jita are currently ineligible for shares from ganking.
Only ganks on capsuleers over 30 days old are eligible; please check pilot bio if unsure.

I was thinking (phaser inc), myself.

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Why be a one way check valve, if you really want people to partake in this venture then offer shares to the gankee.

Here me out, if you want to only spread misery then that’s one thing, if you want to spead true participation you should hand out shares to those who are ganked, this would hopefully have people more interested in going all in, if all the victim gets is salt there is no reason to participate within the community.

This is disinformation

Upon being suicide ganked, gankees are normally very happy and usually congratulate their gankers on their success, usually typing “Praise Aiko!” or “PA” in local.

They are then refered to the New Order of Highsec which provides them with purpose, dignity, structure, order, guidance, leadership, and submission.

In addition, once ganked they are elegible for the double your money scheme, whereby they may send 1 billion or more to one of their gankers, who will send them double their money back in return.

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Thats interesting, one of my goals is to create new gankers, and I have a few people asking me how. I did not have a plan for that, and would like to find some gank groups willing to take some new players out to give them a taste of ganking. I dont want to reward people for getting ganked with gank bank shares, those are strictly for kills. But I would have no problem paying for new player to try ganking with ships, and maybe some type of reward for the corp/pilot that takes them under their wing to at least show the game play style a few times.