ECM Balance Pass - November


Any chance that we will get some feedback on or an iteration of the ECM change?

Since the implementation of the ECM change and the following adjustments in Oct/Nov 2018 we have not heard anything about the impact on the ECM change (not counting the nerf to the ECM drones).

At EVE Vegas in Oct 2018 you stated that you would keep a close eye on the impact of the ECM change and would continue to iterate on it. So far we have not seen any iterations though.

However, I guess with more than 6 months of data you should be able to at least provide some feedback concerning the impact and current state of ECM (not counting ECM drones).


Yes, and also @CCP_Rise the poor griffin navy need some love.

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Since the changes, ECM ships now have to be more resilient, the increased range on the modules was good but this is a game where cruisers can close a 100km gap in a matter of several seconds, might have to stop using dedicated ecm ships and start fitting them on Drakes.

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Coming up on 12 months since the OP was posted, still no word on the next stage… much disappoint.



I love the script idea here for ecm. That is long overdue, and a great replacement for the racial layout.

I’m not sure I’ll have much reason to use ECM with these changes. They’re just not very tanky ships, they’ll just get primaried first. Some things that could help change my mind:

  • Racial ECM as scripts instead of modules or make them high-slot modules, so I can fit more tank.
  • Increase the time it takes to lock ECM ships
  • Give them a bonus to ECM drones and let people always be able to lock them.
  • Let smaller ECM ships fit target breakers, including the Griffin and Kitsune.

lol RIP Griffin Navy Issue

I think I may know what’s gone wrong!!

The devs have misplaced their Chaos Orbs:


so they haven’t been able to generate any new properties for the ECM ships! That’s got to be it, right! I mean, in the Era of Chaos and everything!!

< sigh > when fixing ECM pls? :worried:



Just 2x webs like on the Hookbill and you have a turret Hookbill, jeebus it’s not rocket science.

You heard it here first folks. The Griffin Navy Issue is no longer an ECM brawler, it’s a webbing brawler.