EDENCOM Benefits

EDENCOM defending system was also an objective. We won many battles. I dare to say EDENCOM also won the whole war. EDENCOM have more systems than trigs at the end, when we count those that were a battleground.

What you mean is the trigs had an “end the war” final objective, and they didnt knew about it.

Beside that, they were stealing not only systems, but peoples wealth, they were destroying a lot of ships and looting wrecks of ships of the pilots that tried to evacuate with all their belongings from high sec that suddenly became null.

Edencom objective was also to protect those people. Unfortunately CCP had idea to massively imbalance the NPC reaction forces, to the point the Edencom was standing on a losing positions in Caldari from beginning to the end. Only with massive effort some caldari systems could be saved, the systems that were less desirable as they could be made only medium victories. Usually Caldari system flipping to Edencom was a fault of trig supporters not coming there, but chasing after some better targets elsewhere. BTW its ridiculous when single Naga, Caldari ship but piloted by capsuleer, with turrents instead of NPCs missiles, can destroy all the trigs everywhere solo, and whole Caldari NPC fleets cant. Because CCP gave them missiles.

I am awaiting the times when EDENCOM will be taking away systems from Trigs. Blowing holes in Pochven. I think there could be potential in that. Something more meaningful than FW even.

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No…Not as many as possible. 27.

If every stolen system was a win, then so too was every saved system.

You’re too preoccupied with this overarching ‘win’ objective that in reality didn’t exist for either side. If the invasion was going to go on forever until the Trigs claimed 27 systems then that wasn’t really ‘winning’ for them was it? Neither side had an effect on how many systems were lost. Our war was to decide which systems were lost.

So everyone had their own objective. Their own reason for fighting. Their own list of systems they wanted to save or fall. For some it was to make sure their homes were saved or cut off from supply links. For others it was to make other peoples homes fall or for goons in particular; it was to 'cut hi-sec in half’.

Do you understand? CCP didn’t promise either side anything. You were supposed to create your own reasons for fighting. It’s just that you regret yours now.

If you really think no one won on the EDENCOM side, why don’t you ask the CalMil players that used to stage from Ichoriya? Or the haulers that used to move goods between Amarr and Jita?

Sure but literally anyone can get them because dual standings are a thing lol

So yeah that doesn’t really count as a benefit

I mean, defending isn’t exactly what happened, the event was always going to end like this and it was rigged, rather obviously, from the start, what edencom players did was help select which systems were lost and which would stay, they were always on the losing side :slight_smile:

And i say that as someone who was playing for the blue team in the PvE battles

Not entirely accurate actually, there are some edencom forts which are valid C729 spawn locations which means roaming trigs which do visit belts from time to time

You were never going to prevent it, all the blue team did was delay it and help pick which systems were sucked in to the void

Which system, the C729 spawns don’t warp to gates, the TMV systems have spawns that still warp to gates however

To be fair, it was pretty obvious to people who had been around the block more than once, i get that some people liked to take the wording at face value instead of reading between the lines but it was pretty obvious that there was no win condition for edencom, the event had no end date and there were zero hints about a win scenario for us, so the writing was on the wall for people to see if they were able to read it

Not going to happen, the entire event was created as a means to add Pochven to the map, there won’t be any attempts to retake systems now, this was just the fluff reasoning for the universe being changed

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It can change further. But for that someone in CCP would have to see that there is a lot of fun in that. Not only microtransactions and pushing people to get more alts.

In one way it did: The Irgrus - Pakhshi hi sec gate, which surprised me when it was announced, as I hadn’t expected anything.

Nope, like I said I have GM confirmation it isnt.

I mustve fallen through a portal where -0.0 and 0.0 are the same, and that

Are the same as alts from before the Invasion.

Thats the thing though, this change wasn’t about “fun” and it was going to happen regardless, CCP didn’t have to involve us at all in the world shaping, they could have just set up the sun eaters in systems of their choosing and given us a timer for when we needed to leave by without us getting to interact with the process at all, so no, Pochven isn’t going to be made smaller, its been formed exactly as required just like the drone regions were formed when those were added back in the day, back when j-space was added

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First you write it was not about fun, but then the fact is that CCP went and involved people, who in effect had fun. The issue is that kind of fun was finished when chapter ended, while the designated systems could have became a battleground, and some were really worth fighting for.

I accuse CCP of short-sightedness.

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I never said you couldn’t have fun, just that the intent was for the 27 systems to fall from day 1, which is pretty much anti-fun on the part of the blue team

Sure but that was never its intent

Its more a case of you expecting more than was actually intended lol

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Sorry to say so. But forming the EDI by the formal Leader Verum Peto, leads to the Situation, that Pilots from across new eden join the Fight against the Triglavians.

To be honest, i think that should be something we should be proud of, and this for me is a main goal of being in EDENCOM.

I think that EDENCOM means also EDEN Community - short EDENCOM. I am pretty sure, that this was the intention of that word creation.

But what ever the disturbance here in the forum is. I personally want to know more, whats going on with EDENCOM, the story behind it, the future wars, etc…

Will there be fleets sized 300+ triglavian marauding again thru empire space ? Will this war ever ends ?

And how are the Citizien of New Eden not able to Revert the changes Pochven created ?

Is this a timedeformation thing, like in perry rhodan, and the Death-Star Clone technology ?

There is a lot of potential in it and it has also a lot of future behaviours, where we can be part of.

This is something - where something should be planned (not revealed today) but should an INGAME Impact.

Like reactions in highsec for edencom Guys in Yulai. With Docking rights there, to get back to the point. as a positive effect, having standing to it.

Dont know what happens if this occurs ?

Verum did not form. He simply was given control of it shortly after it was formed by Darkzero.

EDENCOM guys is now skewed due to how easy it is for trig supporters to gain edencom standing. There is no point in asking for benefits to having positive edencom standing cause there are plenty of ways to gain positive standing to both sides. If CCP hadn’t allowed dual standings then sure, it would make sense but with dual standings any EDENCOM benefit is dumb as it will be available to both sides.

But it’s not too late to at least make EDENCOM standings worth having, even if there’s no way to make it a valid reward for last year.

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Why make it worth it tho? You can easily just get dual standings by chilling in pochven so anything EDENCOM only supports should get, can and will easily be acquired by the trig supporters. Its better to just get rid of EDENCOM standings for good and just leave Trig standings

Because the plot doesn’t go away because the mechanics of invasion did. There should be rewards for being positive with EDENCOM even if the person is also positive with Trigs.

Also, with the new anti-EDENCOM content, the standings are needed to create negative consequences for attacking them.

I quite like what the minor victory and fortress systems have done to EVEs terrain, too. And think it’s time to be talking about future of those dynamics rather than making it about the screw up last year.