EDENCOM loyalties

It does rely on us not fighting each other now, however.

Any updates from your end how the Inner Circle talks are proceeding?

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You know very well that I do not, any more than you do.

And the way you constantly pose questions this way, sewing discord between Edencom capsuleers, implying we are at fault for high level politics, is why I called you a threat to the movement.

Movement? The EDI movement is already a pro-Minmatar hegemony. I am not sure what I might threaten there.

That ‘hegemony’ working for Edencom is what is at threat from the perception that Edencom is biased for Amarr.

And I do not myself think we should just part ways and each do our own anti-trig work.

Do you?

I think this.

Having had a moment to read up on this because the medical staff insists that I take a few days off from the pod, I must say that whilst every sentence in Valkanir’s resumé is inherently distasteful to proper Matari, there are multiple factors to consider. Firstly, there was never going to be a neutral candidate. If CONCORD had chosen an officer from the Republic Fleet, the Amarrians would have complained. If they had chosen an officer from the Federal Navy, the Caldari would have complained. If they had chosen an officer from the Caldari Navy, the Gallenteans would have complained. Secondly, at the very least they appointed a career officer rather than someone from the civil administration. Thirdly, so far, she has not backstabbed any of the CONCORD signatories in the line of her current duties. Fourthly, if she does so, to the point where it is detrimental to the integrity of this unlikely alliance, she can be replaced.

Many of the Capsuleers who have shared their viewpoints here have either fired upon me or been fired upon by myself during the Floseswin War. To baser individuals that would be a perfectly valid reason to refuse co-operation. However, when I enrolled in the Republic Military School I swore an oath to protect my people. I upheld that oath after becoming a Capsuleer. That is what led me to the defense of Floseswin to start with. I might be wary of the long-term consequences of what EDENCOM is doing, and I might be instinctively distrustful of Valkanir, but that does not change that the chiefs of all the tribes, the empress of Amarr, the chief executives of the megacorps and the president of the federation have all agreed that working together for mutual defense against this enemy is the best course of action.

Unless any of the loyalists arguing with one another in this peculiar place think they have a better idea than their people’s leaders, I strongly urge everyone who considers themselves to be bound by duty, or who has the best interest of their people in mind, to be the better person and do what is necessary, so that there will be a place to go home to when this crisis has abated. For the inhabitants of many systems, it is already too late.

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With respect, brother, the last post in this thread is over a month old, and my original was written in May, before the invasions really started and we saw how it would get.

At this point I no more give a ■■■■ if the Edencom Marshal is Arrach Sarum himself.


I apologize if the lateness of my response is out of place, but when this dialogue began, I did not have the time to respond to it, because I went from flying unresponsibly long sorties to prevent a world from being reclaimed to flying unresponsibly long sorties to prevent entire systems from going dark. I did not keep in mind that those comments were written within the context of the times before the invasion began.


I am glad to see some minds have been made up.

I agree with the decision to cooperate.

No you don’t. But it does not matter, since enough other people do.

I do, actually. I simply wanted a straight answer.

Well, here’s a straight answer to you, Newelle: ■■■■ you. Your attitude has been the single worst threat to Amarr/Minmatar co-operation throughout the whole thing and I sincerely regret my decision to stay in Arshat to help you retain the progress EM and PNS made when saving it from liminal. With the thanks you’ve deigned to give us for it, I should’ve left you to your own devices.


I have been told I was rash and that I should clarify my answer.

The thing is, I have given clear answers before about co-operation. I given them in this thread, and to Lord Newelle personally, but those answers do not matter, because actions speak louder than words.

My true answer was given first, if I recall correctly, in Haimeh. Since then it’s been given again and again, in Halibai, in Anila, in Sasta, Mendori, Mamekhanar, Jark, Khopa, Arshat, Ahmak, Aband, Barira, and Uanzin.

And if someone thought from above that I regret those “answers” - I do not not. Not only do I not take delight in suns being eaten, even if they have not been my suns, but we have been paid back for them.

Paid back, not in isk, not in person, but by some my clear answer was heard, and it was replied to, in the same manner - in Eygfe, in Anbald, in Avesber, in Gelfiven. And yes, in Skarkon too, though there even the voices raised together were drowned in the storm.

I do not regret doing what I did for those systems and the people in them. I do not regret the price I’ve paid, even though it was heavy and I fear it will be heavier still, and I do not regret the gifts I’ve been given in response.

But I do regret where I gave that clear answer to deaf ears.


Good. It is refreshing to hear you speak what you actually feel. ■■■■ you too.

If my disbelieving inflection has been a greater threat to cooperation than any other factor in the cluster, including the factors that are addressed in the original post, then I am either truly grateful that there were no true threats at all or mildly concerned at your (or other’s) lack of ability to set aside truly petty feelings of indignation for the sake of billions of lives across the cluster.

Yes, you should have, because with or without my personal thanks (which you would surely have found loathsome anyway) you regret helping the Empire do anything at all. You wilfully participated in exacerbating the impact of a Blood Raider attack on the Empire. You are capable of just that and more at this very moment if you were given a sign it would help your people, no matter the cost to mine. I am not going to give thanks to an enemy lending us aid when motivated by a craven self-preservation instinct in the face of an unknown factor. You are here to retain the Empire as a viable buffer against the Triglavian Collective and nothing more.

I am not deaf, I just do not believe lies even when they are repeated many times. You do not even try to hide the dagger you clutch at times, but when you do it irritates me to no end. You wish to destroy the Empire. If the Triglavians had not made aggression upon Minmatar, you would be holding it to our throats now. The only reason you deign to keep it in your sleeve right now is that you feel you need us for protection against the abyssal menace for the time being. The moment that ceases to be the case or the Empire experiences another moment of tragedy you might take advantage of, it will come out again. My needling is only meant to make sure you are unable to hold a kind smile before you do it.

I will say this, however: I do indeed owe great thanks to one member of Electus Matari. That one is Debes Sparre, who argued vehemently against the prevailing wisdom within the EDI coalition and did not give up on Arshat in its moment of need. While I was under assumption his motives were similar to your own, his leadership in that moment seemed to glean something more. I am humbled by the efforts he placed in its defence in the face of the denial of others, and he has my gratitude.

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I can safely say that there was never a majority consensus for shifting the focus away from Arshat. That was to be the focus, with Anbald as a small six-man side operation, in the same style as Frerstorn and Ontorn. There was certainly a vocal minority which attempted to shift the focus to that Caldari system I forgot the name of, but in the end they did not manage to achieve that.

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