Eiliin Xer heading to the stars

Friendly greetings, fellow pilots.

I have recently obtained my piloting license, and are eager to head to the stars…

Let me introduce myself.

As mother of triplet girls and younger boy, and all that fighting that can erupt between them (especially girls), I find bouncing ammo against hulls of pirate ships and making them smoldering wrecks quite relaxing experience… and that is not talking about sweet aditional income to family budget from bounties placed on their heads :wink:

My major interests are hovever peacefull.
I like exploration and simple observation, and I love sightseeing.

So I made career from it, and founded small family-run business, Xer Observation Exploration Entertainment [XOEE] corporation.
I offer personal transport and sightseeing services. While I prefer families, I also offer services to other types of passengers.

My favorite transport method is shuttle, but I can also fly some small frigates, and ocassionally even something bigger…

My husband is also capsuleer, but he focuses on mining. I own shuttle blueprint, so I am capable of replenishing my supply of transport ships infinitely…

I am interested in Triglavians (like their designs and philosophy of “proving”), but their abuse of blue stars clashes with my beliefs.
As a worshipper of Azure Stars Goddess Chatni, who has residence in blue stars, Triglavian morphing of them to something perverse is blasphemous for me… so I am bit conflicted about this issue.



I guess all I can say is, good luck out there.

From blasting pirates to believing in false gods, I hope you make some friends.

May Cold Wind favor the strong, and may Heart of the Forest bless you.

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I do respect the peaceful intent, however, for everything shall be its time and place. Just as being a warmonger during time of peace, being peaceful during times of war is not a really a merited position.

Keep in mind, that every moment we aren’t fighting gallentean invaders, they are torturing, starving and abusing people just for them protecting their homes from the interstellar bullies. Every moment we haven’t defeated the gallentean menace, same interstellar bullies keep our homeworld planet partially occupied! They even occupy our home system practically completely!

The fate of the cluster is in our hands. In hands of every soldier, every manufacturer, every capsule pilot. In hands of everyone who won’t drop their weapons in sight of raging hordes of invading gallenteans, in hands of everyone who will stand tall to protect Homes and the whole Civilization from the savages and barbarians like these tribals who are attacking the Empire!

For all the murdered people for the sake of these useless “freedoms” and “democrazies”, for all the destroyed homes and profits, we shall deliver the JUSTICE to gallenteans on tip of our spears, with barrages of dozens of guns, telling them to go away back into their borders and leave other people alone!

Will you add your gun to the batteries of those who want to save the Humanity from disgrace and Civilization from destruction, will you swear with your Honor and offer your loyalty to the Corporations that are developing our cluster and forging the Bright Future for Our Children? Will you join us and fight with us like a sister, shoulder to shoulder, for the Glory of the State?..

River tells me that shuttles are optimal for hopping between stations in-system. You seem to have made a promising start.

If you come across any displaced Refugees in your adventures know that our Order now accepts contract and responsibility of them. A service I have yet to see ‘god-of-war’ Kim and her ilk provide.

Drop a private message to me if you feel inclined to tour our facilities in Ethernity.

Welcome be.

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May your journey be fruitful and your hull reinforced.

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Welcome to space. It’s a beautiful universe out there, I wish you well on your sightseeing.

Welcome to space :slight_smile: I have six kiddos and they do sure keep you on your toes. Fly safe!

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How refreshingly innocent.


Welcome to space. Enjoy the scenery and don’t pay too much attention to the crazy people.

I don’t think I have encountered worshippers of the Azure Stars. I’m curious to hear more. In addition: Which star is the most beautiful you have seen?


Careful, Aldy…your salt is showing.


Hello, and thanks for your warm welcome.

Mister Thorne, your reply left me in poetic mood, thank you.

Miss Kim, while I appreciate your enthusiasm, and respect your right for free speech, did you checked on me before barging here with your anti-Gallente propaganda? Both me and my husband are Gallente, and we are proud of it. I love my freedom and don’t envy those in other empires, who are not so lucky. While I understand, that our nations have some unlucky history, blame could be put on both sides. Nobody is innocent (especially we capsuleers), but you cannot judge all people for deeds of few. Many of us (including myself) have blood on our hands. You don’t want to know, how much (or who) I had to sacrifice to get to this privileged position… But that doesn’t mean we cannot be decent people.
So, to answer your question. No, I will not join your crusade. Instead, I will fight nail and teeth, to protect freedom. My freedom. Freedom of my children. Freedom of my people. And last but not least, even your freedom… think about it what you want.
That is my opinion, my right, my choice, my freedom…

Miss Tem I will consider your offer, but I am currently staying in core regions (bar some sightseeing tours and special requests by customers). But if I happen to get by some refugees, I will gladly recommend them your Order, and even provide free transport if they chose to. I will try to stay in contact, but no promises…

Miss Tsukiyo, nicely said, thank you and same to you.

Miss Strife, thank you.

Miss Raske, well if this body allows it, I plan to go for nine, which is sacred number amongst us Azurites…

Mister Shutaq, unfortunately far from it. Price I had to pay (and not just me), was quite high (and I am not talking about pure monetary costs), and I am still not done paying it. Only future will tell, if it was worth it, and if I will ever forgive myself for what I had to do, to become capsuleer. It is still painful to just think about it…

Miss Mizhir, thanks. And I think I am bit crazy myself. I wonder if it is one of requirments to become capsuleer, or byproduct of how we are trained… mystery of ages, lol.
And that thing about us Azurites, how we call ourselves. We usually doesn’t announce our beliefs publicly, it is more personal worship, and we are quite scattered and only rarely maintain some sort of contact. It’s one person here, family there, small congregation elsewhere. I don’t know exact numbers, but I know about nineteen people in my close social circle (from before becoming pod pilot), who belong with us (including my husband).
If you want to know more about our beliefs, I will gladly tell you - it’s not secret… but not here, and now.
About that star? I am not sure. Now it is great oportunity to tour them all, and then decide. But that will take time…

Miss Raske Hmm…


Well that didn’t take long to devolve into threats.

So, Miss Malitia, now who are you refering to?

If you are calling out myself for my response to Ms Kim, who came here and directly insulted me and my people, than I simply responded with intent to defend us. All I said was that my intention is to defend ourselves, if threatened. I never called for destruction of her people (like she called for ours) nor stated intent to harm her directly, despite my not agreeing with their ruthless corporations and her personal crusade against us.
I was even quite polite, considering circumstances… and didn’t issued any threats. If you still think so despite my efforts, well… :woman_shrugging:

If you were calling out her, well, I can’t speak for others…

Di-Di does that to everyone, please don’t take offence. She’ll call me a crazed cultist or something similar referring to my old CODE. days. I mean, in my case she would be right but it gets a bit one note, you know?

Anyway, welcome to Space!

No offence taken.

Well, to be honest, me and my husband had bet, if she shows up or not. Obviously, he won. In any case, those money will stay in family anyways. I should be wiser, he has shown me some of her previous posts…

Also, thanks.

If you count yourself among the Gallentean invaders that Commander Kim stands against, that speaks for your character more than anything. I don’t know anyone that stands against the Gallente people, merely the malignant Federation that continues to commit atrocities against State Citizens as a matter of policy, not to talk of their unlawful claims over CDZ systems.

And your response? To declare that you will fight for our freedom. We see Federal Freedom and what it entails exercised routinely in the CDZ and illegal holding facilities in sovereign Caldari space neighboring it, you can keep it to yourselves.


This is suspiciously innocent.

To be brutally honest, yes, I do. Some things I was forced to do while serving in military still haunts me to this day. While I was serving more as “field” nurse, sometimes I had to take weapon on orders, and follow with my unit.

I am still not allowed to talk about specifics, but my unit was doing both boarding and rescue operations. Sometimes, we had to defend. Sometimes, we were at offensive.

Things I have seen, sheer brutality on both sides, ammount of suffering… it defies description. Some things cannot be unseen…

That is why I talked about blood on my hands - sometimes it was quite literal.
Normal soldiers at least operate on basis “kill enemy, don’t get killed yourself, follow orders”. I had to deal with consequences of their “work”, on daily basis…

That is reason, why I quit. Or at least thought I did…

But some things will follow you, even after you are thinking you are done with them.

I have my family, I have “my” capsule and ships, I have my new career… but am I trully free from my past?
I don’t think so - it even follows me here and now, between stars, long after I left regular military…

Seems, that my peace didn’t last, despite my best efforts…

Well, I am exhausted.
Signing off, for now.
Fly safe…

Self-pity won’t change the fact that you so easily reverted to threatening us again, and you have no higher command to blame for this.

Your “peace” was over the moment you decided to threaten an entire nation and its people. If that was sincerely your best effort, then that is just sad. Failed by your second ever post on these forums.

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Say what?!

Where I did, for Goddess sake, have “threatened entire nation”?

All I said, in response to Miss Kim’s call to crusade against us, writen after my post where I clearly stated my peacefull intentions, was that I will defend us! Never ever I said that I will go to Caldari space to kill its citizens…!

If declared enemy comes to my house, to my planet, to my station, of course I will defend it - like any combat capable citizen should.

I never stated intention to go on offensive - quite contrary. If you can’t read it from my texts, where I stated it explicitly, multiple times now, well pity…

Since when is loyalty to own people “threatening”?