Elitatwo for CSM 14

Hello everyone!

I was thinking very long and hard about putting my hat in the ring and came to the conclusion that even though I feel unworthy, you can only grow if you take a leap every now and then.

My campaign platform would be all interests concerning highsec, module and ship balance and PVE in highsec.

If I get elected, I would put the focus to more important things than nullsec farmville and try to get some refreshments to highsec like some love for LP stores, LP store items, maybe some more missions like Dread Pirate Scarlet and of course the long overdue module balance, which came to a complete hold and hasn’t been spoken about since then.

I would ask my constituents to please only ask questions about highsec, module and ship balance and highsec pve related things.

Other than logging of for a week, I cannot get into anything war related because I don’t know much about it and think that war is something redundant in a pvp game where you can shoot a ship regardless of declaring war or not anyways.

Except for incursions, ask me all things related to our current mission system, anomalies and escalation all around highsec.

You can write me in game on either the live server of the test server, which I also frequent a lot.
I don’t have twitter or snapchatter.


You focus too much on money making for my taste.
A CSM candidate for the working class peasants out there!

Well, that’s nice at least!

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I am trying my best. And I won’t advocate for making a new incursion thing for highsec, just improving upon some faction which need some love and some LP store items which in return create a good isk sink in the process.

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Do you think the Gila needs a nerf?

No, I do not. The Gila has been overnerfed enough.

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Are you wearing skin naked under your clothes or are you actually a drone wearing a people-suit?

Asking for a friend.


Wrong answer.
*pulls trap door lever.


Wait? 1000110111100111111111000011111111111000!!!


inb4 everyone votes for elitathree instead :stuck_out_tongue:

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A thought.

Skins in LP stores, More burner missions and arcs, COSMOS areas… your thoughts?


That doesn’t even mean anything!


I bet it’s russian binary that’s why you don’t understand it. :slight_smile:


If you get elected, would you urge ccp to write more missions, so that there would be some added variety to the current limited pool of missions that tend to repeat before you have grinded 10 or 15?

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According to CCP Dragon they’re working on a better system for missions. That information has been shared with us two years ago, so it’s probably just a matter of time. I’m not saying two five ten years minimum, though, because that would be too realistic.

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What your thoughts on combat missions? my idea is that lvs 1-2 are ok, as they are pretty easy for new players and don’t get them rich too fast. But I think they should have a smaller gap in difficulty and rewards when we talk about lv 3-4. The rewards for lv 3 are waaaaay lower than lv 4. now if raising lv3 or nerfing lv4 is another discussion

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I am not against exclusive LP store skins like they tried to with those resource wars where you can “buy” a terrible fit Raven for only twice as much as a market Raven with platinum insurance and that skin that nobody wants.

Maybe some entry level 3 burner missions?
I have the fits for all but the Wyvern one which takes way too long to complete for my taste but why not.

It has been a while since I did anything COSMOS related but maybe with the new mission system, there could be something done to freshen up some of the old COSMOS missions and complexes.

What do with a head in a jar??? :wink:

Yes it does! I means, “I buy carpet nightvision” - oh my damn, my Dronian is terrible. I should consider taking some classes again.

Yes I would. I would love a few more “Dread Pirate Scarlet” ones in the mix, where you are suddenly spaceships - errm I mean you are surrounded by Blobb Raiders, no angel cartel, no it was Gurist- I am jammed :frowning:

No I don’t think so. That “gap” is for preparing aspiring new pilots for the increased dangers they will face in level 4 missions.
Remember level 4 missions were historically the highest possible level until we got level 5 missions.
To this day all level 4 missions are still laid out to level 4 being the most difficult in highsec for young pilots.

I can’t say that I can agree here. Last time I checked my level 3 agents pay me around 10-15m isk and up to 4000 LP per mission, which is half-ish of a level 4 payout for 20 or less minutes of joy.

You can complete around 3 level 3 missions per hour which is not terrible, even though you perceive the payout as low.

6 years ago, just for some giggles, I accepted a level 2 missions and warped to the “encounter” with my Raven, which has a large smartbomb on.
I land on grid with a terrifying 4 Rogue Drones surrounding me and press F4 (the smartbomb slot) - mission complete. Payout was 163 LP and 43.000 isk for 0.2 seconds of joy.

Maybe the level 3 agents get a new warning sign that level 3 is a tad more difficult than level 2 but it should be logical to assume that in the first place.

My highsec combat mission payout in highsec is 10.000 LP + 45-ish million isk for one hour or so of joy (Angel Extravaganza including a full clear bonus room).


Its the highest we get in nullsec for some reason :frowning:

Not that the current level 5 missions are particularly entertaining…

If this is the case then the rewards in null missions are guuuud
i am happy
all is well :stuck_out_tongue:

Related to your … uh … what’s the word?


Mission objectives should not spawn in the players’ cargo.

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Plz remove radiation field missions ahahahah

The toxic cloud?
They’re awesome!

Baiting random people into your mission just to watch them explode! :smiley: