Elite Rescue Nation - Getting out of Triglavian Space

I’m not certain how Rescue Nation should be set up, maybe the best rescuers to go to would be the corporation that runs a rescue operation in Wormhole Space.

Rescue Nation would work by first finding ways into each Triglavian held solar system via wormholes. Once in a freighter would be contracted to Hot Jump your items out of the system using an outbound filament to the closest High Sec system under New Eden control. The gutsy and most ^&%$ stirring move would be Hot Jump into the Triglavian system using an inbound filament. Either way is risky and is going to see freighter pilots lose their ships as well as pilots losing all they have trying to get out.

Unless CONCORD develops a new freighter that can exploit weaknesses, the Rescue Nation flights into and out of Triglavian space are going to have be escorted by EDENCOM using Skybreaker, Stormbringer Thunderchild and %#cracker ships. Normal ships will not survive the assault by the Trigs, Kubs or other upended %#hats in the system. I watched a video where a Capsuleer ran a T6 Abyssal in a Stormbringer and shredded it without taking hardly any damage.

The use of the EDENCOM ships being used to rescue trapped Capsuleers is best left to those who can operate the EDENCOM ships at 100% because anything less would not be an Elite Rescue Nation Capsuleer.

Watch out for the Zorya Tollkey though, she is sure to gobble up everything.

What is this “rescue” you speak of? Did I sleep through another “expansion”?

Yes, trigs have their own, separate, area of space now.

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Bribe / contract with Kybernauts if you want the stuff badly enough? They probably don’t mind getting isk.

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i bet they accept doritos



“Pipebombing Triglavians out of existence” lmao

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With scissors…

There is only 1 type of WH that freighters can even use to enter t-space and you would have to hope that WH showed up in the right system for you to be able to collect the stuff and that you had permission to dock in the station/structure where you have to collect stuff from and that you don’t get bubbled trying to leave etc

There are a lot of things i suspect you are really overlooking

I see the flag brigade are out again… get a job.

I’m sure we can figure something out to assist people getting their stuff. Send me a mail in game and I’ll see what I can do

I am assuming that the inbound flight has already destroyed the Triglavian aligned stations in the system.

Hunting down the Kybers bringing in fuel to their stations would appear to be a very profitable hunt to say the least.

Needle Jacking might be able to be used to get into Trig held space without warning to the Kybers or Trigs.

  1. Drop a Needle Jack - 25, your fleet emerges in Null and has to wait 15 minutes to jack back out.
  2. Use an inbound filament to jack your fleet from Null into the closest Trig held system.
  3. Raid.
  4. Use an outbound filament to jack your fleet out of the Trig system and into High Sec.

Do you troll the forums just because you are not good in the game itself?

Nope, nor do I insist on sharing whatever random drivel is on my mind.

What’s your excuse?


There is no need for rescue service or to risk unskilled player entering T-Space.

Anyone stupid enough to entry Trig space without nullsec and worm-hole experience, and a positive trig standing will be killed by the Rats or by current gank fleets roaming T-Space.

If said player manages to escape either of these and has a Trig standing of -0.05 or better (yes I said minus 0.05) can dock at any NPC station and buy an exit filament for 10,000isk.

Only thing to remember is you can only activate the filament if you are more than 1,000km from any structure and have safety set to RED! Otherwise it will not work. Once activated it will abyssal warp you into a random minor victory system.

It does not work the way you think it does. If you want to use an inbound filament, you have 2 options:

  1. Random system with a specific subtype (border, internal, capital)
  2. Random system within specific Clade (Svarog, Veles, Perun)

Either way, you will always end up in a random system in some way.

Dryson is the champ of talking about mechanics he knows nothing about.

At one point he though people were using exploits against him because he could not leave corp.

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That’s the whole key to Needle Jacking. You Jack into a random Null system from High Sec, I have already done it several times.

Once you are finished in the Null system you jack into a random Triglavian system using an inbound filament and then jack out of the Trig system using and outbound filament.

Nope, nor do I insist on sharing whatever random drivel is on my mind.

What’s your excuse?

Just like you said Jonah, you don’t share whatever random drivel is your mind, which is obviously why you can’t start a topic but can only troll a topic, because all that is on your mind is drivel.

My excuse is you seem full of “Other people should do this thing” and never “Here’s a thing I did with proof”

You are using starting a topic as a sign of good posting? Have you ever read GD, like, ever?