Elo for CSM

We can build a better world


yes elo
yes we can


study and practice and get ready

:very good ping:


+1 for Elo

Elo are you really running ?

I hope you are.

@Elo_Knight I welcome you to the political arena. When I asked you if you felt that Delve was a haven for bots, you said “yes”. In the following tweet I asked you for clarification given the recent release of a Pie-chart by the CCP Security Team.

Will you respond to this?

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Maybe he confused the standard goonbrain with that of a bot or they are just so good at avoiding detection due to csm ccp insider help!

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Well I’m sold… what a pitch!

Named Elo… gets vote.


Vote if you tell everyone about the bowl incident :wink: :heart:

I see what you did there.

Everyone knows that Delve is full of bots… I even saw a goon bot titan moved to high sec :sweat_smile:

Do you have specific names or is this a general “I’ve heard memes about it, so I’ll just blindly repeat it without actually knowing specifics” thing?

Yes, i saw the titan kill on the zkillboard and the pilot was a goon, also was funny because was moved in high sec to be killed by players.

But you claimed that Delve is “full” of bots. You only have one example out of the ten thousand plus. Do you have evidence that Delve is “full” of bots?

If they got to bot with titans is obvious how much botting they need to do to buy a titan…

Where is your proof that shows they botted the isk to buy a titan instead of them farming legitimately?

You are funny… :sweat_smile: