Empire level 4 epic arcs guide

I mainly use a Noctis for clean up in the Epic Arcs. It takes a bit more prep time before starting each mission but in the long run I’ve found it’s worth it. What I do is move my Noctis with a Shuttle in it to the mission location of the Epic Arc, then take the shuttle back to get my combat ship - bling fit active shield tank AC T3 Loki Cruiser - then accept the mission from the Agent and run it.

Since most of the missions have multiple rooms with a lot of NPC’s in them and to make sure I collect all loot and salvage, I usually only work one room in the mission at a time. Basically I’ll destroy all NPC’s in the room, then dock up and switch to Noctis, clean up the room, dock back up and switch to my combat ship for the next room.

I’ll continue doing that for each room until the mission is completed, then I move the Noctis with a Shuttle in it to the next mission location, shuttle back for my combat ship, accept the next mission and run it the same way as posted above.

I found that having a salvage fit Magnate with cargo expanders in the Frigate Escape bay of a battleship worked quite well. I would drop an MTU in the mission room and pick it up, go to the next room etc until the mission is complete and thendock and use the frigate to clear up. Id leave all the loot in the station and then once the arc has finihsed go collect all the goodies.

Just out of curiousity, why not just bookmark a wreck in each room? Once turned in you can still warp to each location and salvage. Very few of the missions seem like they would take long enough to risk having wrecks despawn?

I work one room at a time for a couple of reasons.

The main reason is to make sure I get everything, I don’t want to risk having the wrecks despawn before I get them and I definitely don’t want to risk another player invading the mission site and getting the loot.

Also a lot of the missions have numerous amounts of NPC wave’s that take time to destroy. Also I usually start playing late and may not complete the entire mission before downtime. If DT hits, then that’s extra loot and salvage for me.