Empire level 4 epic arcs guide

I mainly use a Noctis for clean up in the Epic Arcs. It takes a bit more prep time before starting each mission but in the long run I’ve found it’s worth it. What I do is move my Noctis with a Shuttle in it to the mission location of the Epic Arc, then take the shuttle back to get my combat ship - bling fit active shield tank AC T3 Loki Cruiser - then accept the mission from the Agent and run it.

Since most of the missions have multiple rooms with a lot of NPC’s in them and to make sure I collect all loot and salvage, I usually only work one room in the mission at a time. Basically I’ll destroy all NPC’s in the room, then dock up and switch to Noctis, clean up the room, dock back up and switch to my combat ship for the next room.

I’ll continue doing that for each room until the mission is completed, then I move the Noctis with a Shuttle in it to the next mission location, shuttle back for my combat ship, accept the next mission and run it the same way as posted above.

I found that having a salvage fit Magnate with cargo expanders in the Frigate Escape bay of a battleship worked quite well. I would drop an MTU in the mission room and pick it up, go to the next room etc until the mission is complete and thendock and use the frigate to clear up. Id leave all the loot in the station and then once the arc has finihsed go collect all the goodies.

Just out of curiousity, why not just bookmark a wreck in each room? Once turned in you can still warp to each location and salvage. Very few of the missions seem like they would take long enough to risk having wrecks despawn?

I work one room at a time for a couple of reasons.

The main reason is to make sure I get everything, I don’t want to risk having the wrecks despawn before I get them and I definitely don’t want to risk another player invading the mission site and getting the loot.

Also a lot of the missions have numerous amounts of NPC wave’s that take time to destroy. Also I usually start playing late and may not complete the entire mission before downtime. If DT hits, then that’s extra loot and salvage for me.

I actually went different route. Lately I been doing these with Machariel + Rattlesnake. In missions I would warp in assign sentries from Rattle onto Mach, drop MTU from Rattle and deploy salvage drones from Machariel.

Sentries are fine for a volley of two to survive from Rattle, so I have time to pull them in if they get targeted. Since I focus gameplay from Machariel, if salvage drones get targeted I also can pull them in. Once mission is done, I drop salvage drones from Rattle as well, move Machariel with MWD to the other side of the existing wreck and drop second MTU (so they don’t pull same wreck over and over, each one will pull closest).

I found out that 90ish% of salvage value comes from actual salvage and tags, so I just use drones + scoop manually tags and maybe here and there a module if I have space in my cargo holds.

Example, Amarr Epic arc full salvage + looting was
11 547 m3 worth 1 118 044 022


Item M3 ISK
329 Armor Plates 3.29 22,818,357.59
456 Burned Logic Circuit 4.56 26,825,563.44
8 Caldari Navy Admiral Insignia I 0.80 16,068,765.28
3 Caldari Navy Captain Insignia II 0.30 236,858.82
5 Caldari Navy Captain Insignia III 0.50 6,214,384.05
8 Caldari Navy Commodore Insignia II 0.80 847,432.16
531 Charred Micro Circuit 5.31 287,154.18
35 Conductive Polymer 0.35 369,035.80
347 Contaminated Nanite Compound 3.47 49,538,840.81
41 Damaged Artificial Neural Network 0.41 40,150.48
310 Defective Current Pump 3.10 3,704,354.30
465 Fried Interface Circuit 4.65 1,392,326.25
38 Imperial Navy Colonel Insignia I 3.80 5,434,066.12
8 Imperial Navy General Insignia I 0.80 10,320,959.60
20 Imperial Navy General Insignia II 2.00 48,467,470.20
4 Imperial Navy Major Insignia I 0.40 3,870,711.00
10 Imperial Navy Sergeant Insignia II 1.00 280,903.40
6 Imperial Navy Sergeant Insignia III 0.60 82,511.88
33 Malfunctioning Shield Emitter 0.33 50,214.45
255 Melted Capacitor Console 2.55 5,915,974.50
399 Metal Scraps 3.99 584,606.82
2 Reinforced Metal Scraps 0.02 14,378.82
4 Sansha Diamond Tag 0.40 12,480.64
1 Sansha Palladium Tag 0.10 15,739.14
2 Sansha Platinum Tag 0.20 71,671.50
69 Scorched Telemetry Processor 0.69 432,756.27
263 Tangled Power Conduit 2.63 16,329,378.07
467 Tripped Power Circuit 4.67 2,485,822.32
58 Ward Console 0.58 2,283,785.96
52.30 224,996,653.85
2 Imperial Navy Modified ‘Noble’ Implant 2 790,080,749.48

So, 55m3 was worth cca 1,015,000,000, rest 11,547 m3 was worth 103,000,000 ISK

So this way I lost 103 million isk, but I more than made up in time, since there were no ship changes, less time needed to move stuff around, less time needed to sell everything on market. I think that you save so much time in the end that you could just do some other activity to make up for “lost” 100 million ISK in the time you gain by not looting everything

Caldari Epic Arc

Item M3 ISK
21 Armor Plates 0.21 1456490.91
27 Broken Drone Transceiver 0.27 988673.85
87 Burned Logic Circuit 0.87 5118035.13
16 Caldari Navy Admiral Insignia I 1.6 32137530.56
3 Caldari Navy Captain Insignia II 0.3 236858.82
7 Caldari Navy Captain Insignia III 0.7 8700137.67
8 Caldari Navy Commodore Insignia II 0.8 847432.16
73 Charred Micro Circuit 0.73 39476.94
31 Conductive Polymer 0.31 326860.28
56 Contaminated Lorentz Fluid 0.56 11606376.32
17 Contaminated Nanite Compound 0.17 2426974.91
30 Damaged Artificial Neural Network 0.3 29378.4
55 Fried Interface Circuit 0.55 164683.75
2 Malfunctioning Shield Emitter 0.02 3043.3
42 Metal Scraps 0.42 61537.56
20 Scorched Telemetry Processor 0.2 125436.6
1 Serpentis Platinum Tag 0.1 150101.31
2 Standup Hyasyoda Research Lab Blueprint 0.01
63 Tripped Power Circuit 0.63 335346.48
23 Ward Console 0.23 905639.26
8.98 65,660,014.21

So, 9m3 was worth cca 65,000,000, rest 1 210m3 was worth 6,000,000 ISK

So same thing, I haven’t done the math on the other ones, but I remember seeing similar results when comparing it at the end, I would still need to process data in excel to have definite closes picture, but I assume the outcome is similar, time and cargo saved more than make up for difference in money when taking just salvage + tags vs full room loot

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Pretty much agree with your assessments, though I don’t salvage. Mach + MJD sentry boat has been my setup since I began running these. Works great. Even a Domi works fine if you have good drone skills. Frigate bays for cheap <2 sec 11AU+ stabbed frigates for lowsec and couriers.

My only complaint used to be the somewhat slowboat warps on the drone boat, but the new BS warp speeds have made that liveable too using HG ascendancy, WS-615 and maybe a hyperspatial. Warp deceleration doesn’t improve past 6 AU/s anyway, only the top speed. Battleship align time sucks, but can’t have everything.

EDIT: corrected errors (BS warp buff, not code changes; 6 AU/s, not 5; deceleration only, not accel/decel).

When you say that, do you mean like literally no improvement or just not any noticeable improvement? Can you link me the patch notes where they changed that (been out of game for a while, so I possibly missed this)?

Cool, thx for the breakdown. I remembered as well that deceleration was capped, but I feared they did same thing with acceleration recently…

But yea, warp speeds are so bad, even with these new changes, that in PVE honestly there is nothing you could use more than ascendancy implants… Mach is fine, but on rattlesnake I have one hyperspatial rig if I remember correctly.

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Yea, I usually did circle, Jita → caldari → amarr → minmatar → gallente → jita

Now… meh… but then again, haven’t played eve in about a year…

Hey guys o7

Great guide OP, I’m preparing myself to run the Wildfire / Level IV Epic Arc for the Minmatar, and I was curious if you can run it in a Gila? Gila is probably my best PVE ship still.

As long as you match your tank vs specific damage, should be doable IF you really KNOW how to fly your ship. I know that Loki and Tengu can deal with them, but they are T3.

I don’t remember Matar one doing that much dps, 700-800 dps tank should be fine, but… That is based on battleship being able to kill things at range to also eliminate a lot of things before they can become an issue. Been a while since I’ve had an Gila, so not sure if it can do that, with drones travel time, etc… They also like to go for drones in epic arcs a lot, so something to keep in mind as well.

However, considering for what people are using them I wouldn’t be surprised if it could do it. Just be careful about your damage resistances.

I would advise caution in few missions


I think before I could have, but with what they have done to the Gila, in terms of drone HP nerf or maybe the rat AI just hates drones a little more than I remember… (5/10 Angels giving me way more trouble) I think I better start sinking some skillpoints into a Machariel.

Are these missions all in highsec?

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There’s different paths available in the Level 4 Epic Arcs, some of the paths have missions in Low and Null sec, I think they’re mostly Courier.

Can check out Mission Reports for more info about the various paths available in the Level 4 Epic Arcs.


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Not for Minmatar one, you stay in HS all the time.
Gallente has small possibility in one case, but you get 3 missions to choose from, only 1 has chance to be in lowsec.
Amarr does send to lowsec in 1-3 missions, depending on your luck, but also they are not combat missions, you just need to drop off stuff.
Caldari sends to lowsec OR to nullsec, you can choose.

The guide I have follows the paths that yield maximum standings and stick you to highsec as much as possible and in some cases send you to lowsec, but it is clearly marked so. You will not have to go into null space.

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Yeah, @Rich_Darine was asking if the missions were all in High Sec space.

I’ve done almost all paths in all of the Epic Arc’s (haven’t done the Sansha path in the Amarr Epic Arc yet), I use a T3 Loki Cruiser and refit sub-systems and modules for missions as needed.

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Ah, I assumed he was refering just to matar one

Just want to say that the warp speed article is by me, not Ashterothi :stuck_out_tongue:

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Site was offline for a day, my bad… well technically herokus bad, but ultimately my bad… Fixed the issue and should be back up

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changed the domain!

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What would be the lowest SP requirement to be able to solo all 4 epic storylines ? I am actually grinding the faction standing to activate the arcs but apart from my T1 hauler, my alt don’t have any relevant combat skills.

Some have suggested a rattlesnake. It will definitely not be a marauder as I don’t want to skill my alt too much