Encounter Surveillance System Update

Hi-jacking top comment.

This is very likely a bug, as we migrated all mission data between systems. As far as I know nobody did any intentional changes to the payout from missions. I’ll take a closer look tomorrow.

So yeah, not confirmed yet.

CCP only really posted because the topic was starting to attract attention, when the first one didn’t get that much.

A good image certainly does help bring attention. :slight_smile:


I missed that comment yes.

I should have known better than that have faith in CCP. My original opinion that this ESS thing is stupid and will result in adverse outcomes is restored.


actually it hurts the small guy more, because you can’t maintain a a military index of level 5 without killing the index. and since ess robbers are fight and loss averse, you can’t push you’re payout with pvp… I’m at 50-60% payout before the patch. and I’m far away from living in a remote area…
bots on the other hands just rat and don’t care…


What the hell are you talking about? the small guy will have a loss of income allready, as part of the payout is taken by ess. Even worse if he make good ratting, then their system will become juicy and a risk averse gang will just come and take it, witch means, if he fights he loses more, if don’t, he is not earning anything for the duration of the roberry( or even more if the party grief him) big blocks on the other hand, will have fleets to defend their stuff almost 24/7

Плохое это ваше обновление. Вы никогда не побьете рекорда онлайна прошлых лет. Желание заходить в игру постепенно пропадает, в игре отдыхал, сейчас азарта и интереса нет совсем. Возможно люди еще по инерции будут играть ради общения с друзьями, потом пропадет и это. Не говорю, что игра умрет, конечно не умрет, только играть в нее уже становится не так интересно.

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BS, no roaming robber gang cares about the measly payout of a few 10 or 100M, it’s about fights and kills.

then why are so many coming in, going to the ESS and leaving? seems risk averse to me. the bigger issue, is if they dont fight, the index percent keeps dropping. several systems we are watching just keep going down. where is the supposed equilibrium?


Less risk, your pve ship cannot be tackled by the people yeeting in as they only have ab and web no mwd and no point.

Plus you can cloak stuff on grid outside bubble in ESS which is completely broken as CCP probably
won’t fix it.

Also drones are op becuase of no mwd’s so they will always catch up even with heavies which most ratting ships use. Your ratting ship can pretty much solo defend against most solo defenders as you just need to put your 700 dps gila drones with 60k ehp on the enemy and watch them die as they try run.

There are a lot of solo robbers who can’t fight the blob. I did this a couple times, but it is not that much fun imo running all the time.

Look how ESS boosted PVP and the game is better now. Hail ESS!

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you say that to someone whos lives in 0.0 and gets visited by robbers. so, no BS, simply the truth

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the ones coming in are no different than the epithal gankers that run as soon as anyone responds. there may be some honorable players out there that come for the thrill of the fight, but our experience has been more of the run away type unless they come with a decent fleet. The worst part is, when they dont fight, our percentage multiplier keeps going down. we want the fights too under this strange mechanic, but alas, it is just making people not even bother to log in until a change gets made. sad times


I mean, I’ve already cancelled my 15 accounts… I’m done with Eve as a result of these changes. Between the lack of Mining available anymore, the lack of Ratting since the caps/supers are making it non viable for me in my smaller ships, i’m done.


All these people quitting. I don’t see that happening.
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You won’t be missed!

I don’t care about you, but CCP will miss my money. I’m talking with my wallet, not just my mouth like you constantly do.



6 month period average is 33k concurrent players
3 month is 28k
1 month is 25k

Seems to be down by a fair bit if you ask me.

Hopefully the number won’t dip below 20k by the start of next year…


Check the link I posted. You didn’t seem to bother looking at it. The avg numbers are apx the same.

Yeah, really. If you want to cherry pick data to fit your narrative, that’s your perogative. But EVE’s player population is pretty healthy overall. And that “overall” (which you seem to have trouble understanding) is what CCP cares about. Many of the changes that CCP has implemented may be bad for some people, but are for the game ‘overall’.

I think it’s probably too early to tell… as the changes come into effect and ppl start to have to grind more to fund their PvP it may be that concurrent users will be a lagging indicator.