Enough is enough: a newplayer feedback about income drop from CCP latest patchs

Battleships still have their place, but they’re nowhere near as prevalent as a doctrine as they used to be.

despite in wwb2 where Ravens were welping & as stated the welpers could not care as BS’s cost peanuts owing to mineral devaluation & insurance.

In all likelihood those ships were provided and replaced by alliance programs; welping ships is carefree when someone else is paying for them.

I never said a Nightmare cost 90M. I said “battleships cost 90M”. The “stop writing bovine waste” goes right back. In 2011, I flew 90M Abaddons hulls in Period Basis and Delve and had a blast. Then CCP came around and increased the mineral composition to build them. BS worth peanuts. :joy:

A singular event used to talk about years of lack of battleship fleets and people constantly complaining that bomb runs are too oppressive, so oppressive indeed that CCP even had to nerf bombers years ago.

With all due respect, you are clueless. And in being so, you are the perfect player for whatever CCP is doing.

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If you think this is CCP’s point with the changes, you really don’t know what you’re talking about.

If you hate it so much, go take a break. CCP isn’t going to stop their changes until they fix the ecosystem of the game overall to a level that is acceptable for the health and longevity of the game. Come back when this temporary period of scarcity is over.

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This is an issue indeed and a result of the income drop. However, this shouldn’t let you stop joining wars, if your corporation is any good you wouldn’t be the only newbie struggling with this income drop and your doctrines should have cheaper meta options to fly, or alternative cheaper ships for newbies that can join the fleets, such as EWAR or tackle.

I remember it can be a struggle to make ISK to join your first fleets, and I can imagine that doing so in a time like this when CCP is trying to fix the economy can be demotivating. Don’t let it demotivate you though and don’t think that ‘not enough ISK to join fleets’ is an issue caused only by the income drop; every newbie that ever wanted to join fleets with self-earned ISK has gone through this step.

Check your corp doctrines for cheaper ships that are more easily replaced. I personally love the Maulus.

You could go to lowsec and fight over the resources themselves. There is no need to grind/farm isk so that you can then play the wargame inside the sandbox game.


That’s my plan. I’m not sure if I’m happy or unhappy with the changes. I’m still subbed and still training skills. I’m waiting for the big changes to stop for a while. I want to play when things are more stable than they are now.

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I’m old enough to remember when EVE was a sandbox.


omg this girl is a genius :clap: :clap: :clap:


If it talks like a cash cow. Acts like a cash cow. It’s probably a cash cow.

/Snide remark

There are groups in null that will replace your losses at no cost. You can actually make money losing ships. It’s known as an Ship Replacement Program (SRP).

If that’s what you want to do, fight big wars with big grouos, join an outfit that details it’s SRP.


You’re under the rookie misconception (which is fine, because you’re a rookie, so no one’s judging) that the way you play this game is by grinding money in PvE in order to fund your losses in PvP.

That is absolutely incorrect.

You need to come to the realization that the wars you speak of (or most PvP in general) are fought for the goal of either direct profit, or for securing opportunities for increased wealth generation that will exceed the resources that you expend toward fighting. The payoff can be instant (e.g. loot) or long-term (e.g. access to space with lucrative sites to farm), but the goal should always be a payoff.

If someone asks/tells you to fight while putting your own resources on the line, and there’s no mention of any kind of compensation, either instant or delayed/contingent upon success, then they’re either a mouth-breathing “grind iskies to lose them in pvp lol” simp, or you’re being chumped by someone trying to take advantage of you. Good war-fighting outfits will straight-up comp you for your losses via ship replacement programs, for example.

Injectors are on you. You shouldn’t feel obligated to take such shortcuts as a new player. Most of the vets you keep referencing sure as heck didn’t. But even if you insist on a shortcut, then paying for it (if you can afford to) shouldn’t be an issue. Whether you’re subscribing, or using injectors, the net effect is still paying for SP.

Because at some point you’ll realize that you’ve adapted to pretty much everything that the game can throw at you. For example, if you train for mining today, and then it gets nerfed, forcing you to train for something else, then when mining becomes good again, it’s not like you’ll have to train for it a second time. You’ll be able to just say “hey, I can already do this!” and grab your barge and go. Outside of training for capital ships, you should reach this point within three years. I recommend keeping combat and industrial skills on separate characters to aid in this regard.

Don’t forget that these changes affect everyone. It’s not like CCP nerfs something, and then everyone makes out like a bandit while pointing and laughing at you and your pants full of holes. If minerals become more expensive, everyone has to pay more for ships. If abyssal drop rates change, everyone will be making the same amount of money by running them on average.

And you can’t be angry that vets are in a better position than you. After all, they were here, while you weren’t. Just like you, they also had to deal with adversity, and were at a disadvantage compared to even older players than they were. If you keep playing, some day you’ll also be a vet, and you’ll find that you’re better equipped for dealing with adversity than new players at that time. Complaining about vets being rich makes about as much sense as complaining that the person at work who’s been with the company for twenty years longer than you gets a bigger paycheck.


Yes but the person who’s been at the same job as you for 20 years doesn’t get 20 trillion dollars a year while you get 20 thousand dollars. They get a bit more than you do.

The EVE economy is a repuslively bloated sick thing with Jabba the Hut slugs wallowing on top of Smaugs treasure pile. It’s all a little bit out of control and insane nowadays.

CCP should ask the CSM if they think it is a problem.


But making the average income 20 Trillion wont help the economy.

Making it 20000 will

But if you have a solution that makes this happen without basically removing it from their wallets (and that would be economic suicide for CCP’s wallet) Im sure theyd like to hear it.

Progression in a video game happens at a different rate compared to progression in real life…who would have thought?

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Oh indeed, hope you didn’t think I was saying the opposite. This is what I was saying. We need to return to the days when ISK meant something in denominations under billions / trillions, when people didn’t feel so entitled to be able to wipe their bum with trillion ISK notes.

No idea tbh.

It’s been allowed to go on for far far too long until the bulk of the paying playerbase, cozy and snug in their ivory Keepstars, is eseentially able to hold CCP to ransom.

We’ve all seen the almost hysterical reactions from people who have seen even a slight loss in their income. Nooooooo, I’ve only earned 3 trillion this second instead of 5 /hate CCP

I think CCP are subtly trying to remove it from their wallets with the recent updates (ESS / Trigs / Minerals etc). I think they’re trying to do it without the Jabbas noticing.

As someone who had a break and came back (I won EVE … once) it’s sadly, painfully apparently how much worse, how much of a bloated, out of control monster the EVE economy has become.

It’s ISK Online. The ISK obsession is insane to me, and rather sad.

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So I completely invaliated your point using real life comparisons … and your response is to weakly fall back on ‘acceptable because game’ - really?


Not really. The game has been out almost two decades. In that amount of time, you can go from an entry-level office position to a manager/executive, and you can go from an Ibis-flying noob to a keepstar-owning trillionaire in EVE. Both things are reasonably achievable within this amount of time; the only differing aspect is the scope of the gains made.

You said:

What, are you upset that EVE vets don’t make only slightly more than the 500,000 ISK an hour that day-old players make? Or are you too mathematically-inept to understand that earning potential grows at a completely different pace compared to real life, or what?

I stated my concerns already. If you didn’t understand them the first time around it’s you that is inept at understanding. I shouldn’t have to repeat myself.

Aaah but then we have the quote system so I don’t have to.


There you go.

You introduced real world comparisons into the conversation and are now berating my ability to understand things based on how silly it is to introduce real world comparisons into the conversation … which I am not guilty of, but you are … lol … okay.

You are new, so you can’t possibly have an informed opinion.