EoM (Equilbrium of Mankind) Avatar in Highsec yesterday (Live RP event)

Come back to reality Snowflake, remember the past!

He who controls the past controls the future, he who controls the present controls the past.

Ok, big brother I think you need a history lesson on ‘‘rares’’ in Eve in particular T2BPO. Every time CCP drops a ‘‘rare’’ it needs to be scrutinised as ‘‘rares’’ have an awful habit of landing in pet players laps.

You do know that the RP ‘community’ does not get advance warning of these events right?
They get the same info everyone else does off CCP twitter and the like. Just they actually talk to each other and don’t horde information.

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I think CCP is very aware of the scrutiny it is under from high gi database nerds.

How? I have seen only ads with spaceships. Role playing a spaceship? :thinking:

It certainly is a MMO game, but roleplaying aspect is very weak in my opinion.

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Basically this, I was as surprised as any about this event. I had to get there fast as these events typically are always pretty short.

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I know but in the past pet players got all sorts and ccp has refused to remove them, if t2bpo.

Rp has its finger on the pulse that is fine.

you think that because you didn’t let god touch you in a special way


An actual live event. Maybe Eve is going to be great again after all.

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I have a dodgy internet connect, and sadly, there is literally only ONE provider in my area, so I have no options to switch. Discord chokes my bandwidth so bad the game becomes unplayable. That is, if I can even manage to get discord to actually connect. So for me, any event broadcast on a service I simply can’t use, is an event I’ll never know about. But I do get the TDI issue if everyone knew about it, that would prolly have killed my internet right there lol.

Maybe set up a post on things people think are about to happen , then when we get a ping we can log in and take a look , me and Hazen and our group often point out and link things in game , it improves our situational awareness for our anti-ganking activity and useful for things like this too.
Our anti-ganking channel is also very useful as it covers such a large area of Eve in high sec and a bit of low ,the very fact it’s a channel setup to report stuff makes it work .

Great video H and good post

Eve is a social game not a solo game , I believe some would say

There used to be a Live Events channel. But possibly there has not been one in so long it died out.

I thought that channel was for coordinating live events? There is an official in game Events channel but it’s rarely used or populated much. (Well unless there is an event on and it’s basically just like rookie chat help channels)

Not generally associated with EoM, but maybe they should be?

YC 105 - YC 109

Reschard V

On February 8, YC 108, a planet-wide explosion struck the planet of Reschard V, destroying the agricultural, primarily Intaki colony and rendering the planet largely uninhabitable. The blast was eventually determined by CONCORD and Mordu’s Legion investigators to have been caused by the deployment of a Judgement doomsday device from an Avatar-class Titan, which escaped through a cynosaural field accompanied by the activation of several other cynos to cover its tracks. It took rescue convoys from the Sisters of EVE over seven months to reach the planet surface safely, further complicated by pirate attacks on the convoys. CONCORD has never released details on the perpetrator.

Their home system, Mannar, is located in the Everyshore region of the Federation. Their home planet, Mannar VIII, is now a barren wasteland, following an unspecified calamity.