Equilibrium of Mankind Color adjustments

Hey there.

For many years the EOM capsuleer skins have different from the NPC versions, as far as I know they are the only faction with misaligned colors. Here’s a two year old thread talking about this.

Can CCP adjust the capsuleer skins to be identical to the NPC ones? They’re easily the best in the game, in my opinion. :star_struck:

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Yes please.

If the capsuleers are going to help fund a genocidal terrorist organizations by purchasing the license to use their colors (which is on the market for some reason) all for the sake of vanity, we might as well at least get the correct color scheme. Current EoM SKINs are absolute garbage.

If we go back ever farther in time than that post talks about, EoM ships had very distinctive neon blue windows against a black hull. The current yellow windows, baby blue + grey hull looks very bad indeed.

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