Equinox in Focus: Personalized Ship SKINs

As opposed to being drowned out by the shills?

Future CSM member right here, this is exactly what EVE needs, more time logged in station. Maybe if there was some kind of 3d interior in each station you could walk around in to admire your artistry?

Yes, in either ISK or PLEX.

They are not itemized in the same way as current SKINs are, and all player created SKINs will go through the Paragon Hub.


We’re really excited to hear this. EVE has just turned 21, and having a new profession is not an easy thing to create. I can’t wait to see what sort of creations you will make!


So for this initial iteration will all Player SKINs be public in Paragon Hub?

Say, if I wanted to gift a specific character with the SKIN I create how would I do that?

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If you’re going to complain about CCP’s business practices, then the only rational decision is to unsubscribe and never pay them a penny until they change them. Until you make that decision to no longer financially support the company, you can pile all your hypocrisy in a nice tall column, then sit on it and rotate til it all disappears back where it belongs.

No one, more specifically those of us who can afford to spend extra on entertainment activities, wants to you hear you whine about the end result of your own life decisions. We all have problems, you’re not special in that regard.

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Its not me, its you, and he would know.

Perhaps dismissing people as poor goes hand in hand with ignorance?

Interesting. Never heard about the summer of rage? Displeasure about microtransactions is the entire reason the CSM exists.

Don’t let CCP forget this.

He has opinions. His opinions are in no way fact, even though I happen to agree with him.

I’ve spent the better part of 2 decades agreeing with him, and doing exactly what I told you to do, in your quote of me, to almost every game studio on Earth. After 20 years, I can tell you with absolute f$$king certainty that not buying the microtransactions doesn’t f$$king make a bit of difference anymore. Trust me, the rebellion is not starting at a tiny niche game like EvE. It’s going to have to start at EA or Bethesda.

You mean the ignorance of assuming someone isn’t poor? Because if you’ve got a full time job I can guarantee that you make more money than I. I live in a camper parked on the street in an urban industrial area. I work day labor, on average, 10 days a month. That was 8 days a month until last October, when I got back into EvE and decided the couple extra days work was worth the increased entertainment value on the rest. I can and have worked harder, but I don’t need to anymore. :smirk:

Just because I can spend money doesn’t mean I’m not poor. I just refuse to pay astronomical rents, and I’m not tired of wandering enough to settle on my homestead yet. When you have almost no bills, you have a lot of disposable income if you put in a tiny bit of effort. I live quite comfortably well below the poverty line.

I participated.

So tell me how these skin sequencers equate to a $70 monocle when you have absolutely no clue as to what the pricing is going to be, and PLEX only pays for the sequencing not the materials? Also, stop deluding yourself and read more than the headline. There was a whole lot more going on with the game at that point, like the disastrous WIS and anouncement that dust was console only, that the $70 monocle was the straw, not the root cause. Outside the usual threads where people cry about ganking and how EvE is dying for the 20th year in a row, there aren’t near the complaint threads being posted these days as during Incarna.

Once the design is ready, it must be sequenced into a SKIN license to be applied to a ship. Each sequence has a certain cost based on a tier system using PLEX as the primary currency.

the Paragon Hub allows SKIN sellers to list their creations for sale and choose either PLEX or ISK as their currency

So a rudimentary level of reading comprehension and basic problem solving skills allows us to derive a few things from these being the only excerpts involving the word “PLEX.” Derivative one, that you only need plex to turn the skin into a marketable item. Derivative two, that you can then turn the marketable item into more plex to make more marketable items. Oh, yes, this is certainly going to provoke the rage that a $70 monacle did. :facepalm:


:blush:Thanks! Will you vote for me? I’m running on a good platform: The empowerment of the capsuleers in conjunction with the sandbox, streamlining the Market and rolling back quite a few nerfs that had negative impacts on certain playstyles like Ganking and Hauling. I also would like to argue with CCP on extended response time for CONCORD across the board.

I would seriously consider that possibility.

Happy 21st birth day! :partying_face:
The more I learn about EVE the more respect I gain for the Devs and all the good people at CCP who work tirelessly to deliver quality and value to the players.

I can’t wait to see the creations I can come up with!


Im making skins but stopping at four…

It’s official! Internet coming to my house on June 5th. YaY!!
I will log in and first thing I do is pilot my Vexor to Losec and look for a fight just for the hell of it! It will be short but intense, just like my boyfriend :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
I will finally be able to finish the career agents’ missions and be fully equipped to lose more ships.
Just in time for creating SKINs and go Omega.

What Omega Gallente ship should I train into?
Assult ships?
Covert ops?
Electronic Attack ship?
Combat Recon?

Too many to choose, not enough knowledge :smiling_face_with_tear:

The one with the most CPU power, the most high slot hardpoints and low slots and the largest Capacitor capacity. :person_shrugging:
Put a cloaking device and Energized Membrane. Don’t forget Armor Rigs!

Now go, my child, and get destroyed in style :sunglasses:

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not more ways to spend money… I guess this is a system I’m just not gonna interact with. a nonaddition.

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Will we be able to give SKINs away for free, or we will have to charge a minimum? It would be pretty lame to have to charge for, say, corp SKINs, or custom SKIN giveaways.

From what I understand you cannot set the price it is automatic so corp/alliance will pay full price and CCP will get 30% of that full price as tax.

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I like self identity, but why stop at just skins? I’m in favor of creating new ship hulls, I think that’s the best option for self identity. I want Wachutu’s edition ships.

Since the answer to this question is apparently “no”, are there any plans to add a way to distribute SKINs to an entire corp without charging every member? What about giveaways for custom SKINs?

The new Skinr feature, looks pretty cool but … you have to buy it using PLEX forget it…

Just another way to milk the money from the players…

The 0.3% Thank you ccp for keeping them in the rich.
Why do you keep on doing this to your self ccp ?

You can of course by PLEX with isk in game to spend in the SKINR tool. I might do this over time for 3 or 4 of the ships that I use most often but don’t have a skin I like for. The people who will use the SKINR tool most are the people who buy skins in the store anyway.

I’ve been enjoying making skins with the SkinR in game tool. However, there’s a few things that could really be improved with this system.

  1. The cost to sequence the skins is high(even with material costs coming down).

When looking at the skins available in the Eve store, the costs to purchase skins are less than half of what it costs to make custom ones.

  1. The players make profit on the things they sell based on the margin between the cost to make and the sell price. With the taxes set at 30%, where’s all that potential profit going?

I’m not sure how many will end up choosing to make these skins. However, between these 2 issues, I fear that the only way to make a decent isk/plex income from doing this will be by pricing these skins too high for the average player to pay.


You guys want us to be spending our Plex to buy these skins for use on all our ships, right? The more affordable these skins are for the average player, the more plex will be redeemed on skins. This is especially true for frigates & destroyers. These smaller ships are usually flown by newbies, so skins for these ships should be cheap enough for newbies to purchase.

  1. We need some way to be able to trade these custom skins directly between players.

Many of us have multiple accounts, as you well know. Considering the SP required to speed up the skin creation process, many players will use alts to make the skins instead of their main characters(possibly even dedicating alts to it). Those of us making these skins should be allowed to trade these skins, easily, to our other characters without having to put them up on the market. It isn’t any fun, if you cannot even use what you made without spending even more money.

  1. Please, please, make it so we can save more than 5 custom skins at a time. Even if you need to make another skill to allow us to do this, please do so.

It is extremely fun figuring out how to make a ship skin that looks good. That said, only being able to save 5 just makes me really sad. I want to make full skin lines, but I can’t properly do this because I can’t store more than 5 individual skins.

  1. When we go to edit our saved skins, the pattern positioning/angles get reset whenever we make any changes (color changes, pattern changes, or hull changes).

This makes it difficult for us to make the skin lines that we were told we could do. I hope this is corrected soon because it is difficult to get the positioning right when we need to keep fixing it.