Equinox in Focus: Reinvigorating Nullsec

What is now is I am either mining myself into red by not running boosts, or I run boosts and suffer a guaranteed loss of a ship worth more than the whole field I was trying to mine.

I mean, there is no risk because guaranteed death is not a risk, and no reward, because you lose in both scenarios. What happened to risk vs reward, indeed…

Have you seen the latest MER?
Lots of mining going on

Pot, meet Kettle.

Not to mention once a filament gang runs into the response fleet they use to ESS to burn off to a unwarpable location.

Parts of low security space used to have some good gas.

If you keep mining in a system where there are hostiles you are asking to die, its not about the security status.

Lol, true that.

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Compare the numbers to pre mining removal patch and come back when at least 25% of that is on the table, especially m3 wise, because value is crazy in the post mining death eden.

Or bounce around the system until they can filament out, but not before shitposting in local. And since bubbles were made useless, there is nothing you can do about that.

Gas is gas, not mining. Different ships, different setups.

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Maybe we all need to take a step back and remember back when the ship we had to mine with was a frigate, or an apoc or whatever else we could come up with, without so much as a tutorial showing that when you shot that Concord ship, bad things were around the corner haha… and even though it was easier to get ore/resources due to the lack of waste, it was still a bit of a grind. It’s always going to be a bit of a grind… so yah… not too different in that respect. Which is good. I think there is a bit too much negativity out there over a game that is supposed to be fun, and enjoyable to play! (most of the time, when you are not losing your implants due to pressing the wrong button with safety disabled OR losing a multi-billion dollar ship because you accidentally warped and jumped into the wrong system!) Personally, I enjoy playing it. Nerf the game this way or that of course, but it always seems like some type of balance, or at least that’s the intention! I like the looks of the UI changes and I hope they are going to do even more as far as “quality of life” changes. A cooler looking UI to get in/out of your ships, make it more digital looking, etc. After all, we are clones in this game getting in and out of ships that fly around in space. MAKE ME BELIEVE IT WITH VISUALS! Not just the ones in space, but the ones where I’m interacting with my ship too! Let my drones talk to me about how the last target shot them to all hell and they need repairs. Start beeping out of the blue because holy crap that Black Ops ship that just uncloaked and started laying waste to my shields is hurtin’ ma’ feelings!! LOL. Talk to me Homeworld style (maybe a bit - would be cool) I’d hope to see a bit more cyber-tech robotic-looking “clickables”, more computerized-looking UI whenever you interact with your ships etc. Screens pop up when mousing over different sections, etc… fitting window is kinda boring. POP THAT blast-scarred missile bay open and lets install an upgrade or two! Ah hell yes! =) Visuals, where getting into them might could feel like plugging into the Matrix, and get ready - HOLD ONTO YOUR BUTTS type of experience via visuals and sound effects. When I click “Fire” I want to FEEL THAT I am unleashing doom towards my enemies!!! Not just watch a little green ring around a tiny, LAME ASS looking button on my screen. OK? Make FIRING your WEAPONS exciting again. (what the hell happened to lasers and sound effects? - Howitzers sound like micro machines, or hot wheels and what they’d sound like if you actually played with them anymore.) MAKE ME… I won’t say wet from firing weapons…? BUT MAKE ME SWEATY or something!.. Please? I mean, what are the advanced sound options even doing there if they don’t really change anything!? Haha! That would be sweet. Maybe we see that… maybe we see better.

In the end, Eve is great!! I suggest maybe going into it with a little less expectation, and a bit more positive vibes/outlook. Why not? Why can’t we try and be a bit more positive before we know much of anything about this next expansion? Why the need to be negative all the time? Why the need to ■■■■■ and moan and complain about stuff all the time? Does that really help anything, or anyone? No it doesn’t. Not really. I’d argue that it does the opposite by bringing people down, and it’s f**king annoying! There is enough of that whiny crap in the world without it being brought into the present here, ever in your face in a video game that’s meant to bring good times and great memories! Epic fights, and long sessions of slamming Quafe or whatever energy drink/beverage you want to consume! Right? Yes. I hope the Equinox expansion gives what I’ve hoped for as far as the cosmetics of the Eve Universe, and much more. Guess we will have to wait and see. Good news is, we won’t have to wait long as the release - June 11th is right around the corner!! Exciting indeed!

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So with specific upgrade lowsec anomalies will now spawn in null and this is motivated with “give newbies more content in null”. These are not really newbie friendly and probably closer to nullsec anomalies in terms of minimum required ship to complete them aka ishtar. I guess everyone will quickly forget default nullsec anoms and will switch to grinding 5-6/10 which have generally better loot outside of OPE. From one side cheaper medium a-types and b-types is good but this leave even less reasons to live in LS if you dont participate in FW.

It’s a little funny, tbh. The changes of the past few years seem to be shuffling resources around, not creating new incentives. And players seem to be the shell in the resource shell game that gets shuffled around the most.

Rorquals devalued minerals, leading to Scarcity decreasing mineral availability, “reinvigorating” places like Pochven and LS. Now to “reinvigorate” NS, we’re apparently moving the minerals back and hoping players will follow.

The first iteration of FW changes brought a lot of people to LS. Then Pirate FW changes stole some of those people to put them in Zarzakh. Pirate LP at faction warfare shop pricing was a huge inventive; now guristas/angel faction values have dropped significantly thanks to farming, so we’re introducing more opportunities for deadspace/officer drops in NS to compensate.

What’s next? Will the changes (which seem to heavily favor blocs at the moment, in my opinion) make NS even more inhospitable for small corps who can’t field large ships/fleets to take advantage of the new content? Will CCP decide they need the winter’s big update to migrate these small corps into their “proper” homes of NPC null and J-space?

The devblog says

Replacing the customs office, the orbital skyhook takes the form of an anchor, and will be required to extract resources from planets.


Skyhooks can be attached to all planet types, but only within player-owned sovereign nullsec space

It means the PI everywhere except nullsec is being killed.

Nope, the PI everywhere else is unaffected

Well, thanks for the info, good to know.
Then it makes the devblog text pretty misleading.

Yea that part is pretty misleading.

What they mean is that the Skyhooks are required to extract new resources from planets. PI itself is unaffected and while Skyhooks replace the functionality of POCOs, they’re optional and you can still use POCOs anywhere else where you aren’t using a Skyhook.


What is the METHOD of performing an upgrade? Was I under a mistaken belief that it would work like a Gantry upgrade to POCO: just add some materials, push a button?

There are some limitations to these new orbitals - only one skyhook or POCO can operate in orbit around any given planet.

However, if a planet already has a POCO in orbit, members of the corporation that owns the POCO can deploy a skyhook to replace the existing POCO.

When that skyhook finishes onlining, the old POCO automatically transports all stored Planetary Industry materials to the new skyhook and copies all PI taxation settings to the new skyhook, then self-destructs.

Does that help @Circumstantial_Evidence
Basically a new structure that will replace the poco

Yes, that probably covers it. Assumptions and not asking the right questions can lead to disappointment. Everyone has the same problem, so it’s “fair.”

So if you have 6 planets, you can keep 3 as a poco or make the other 3 skyhooks.

Yup, deciding which ones to upgrade, I expected this. What I had hoped for was an easy method of upgrading.

Currently you put in 4x8 P4’s to upgrade a gantry, so I was expecting the skyhook upgrade to cost some additional number of P4’s. But, that would not drive as much demand for Industry in Sov-Null, as having to build the new item from blueprints.

Considering regeants only come from lava and ice. It would make sense for those.

Also keep in mind, NPCs will be attracted to the skyhook

It’s looking like it’s possible, and now I’m realizing your statement completely misunderstands the problem with projection.

The problem with the game is not the size of an ansiblex network. It is the time it takes to navigate geography. Getting rid of luxury ansiblexes and retaining backbone ones does not fix the problem. Null bloc leaders seem all fine in their new ansi plans.

This patch does not re-add fatigue like the POS bridging of old. So this projection problem is still left unsolved.

Plus only two kinds of planets are robbable that I can tell. With multiple announcements letting everyone know you’re doing it!

Overall it seems my pessimism is warranted. I think Burger and Rattati seriously do not understand the concept of projection.

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SO can someone coherently epxlain why skyhooks cant be setup in wormholes to fuel the structures that need their resources?

For the same reason you can’t mine ice in those WHs where you can anchor structures that would need said Ice as part of the fuel-blocks they consume.