EVE Gate Shutdown – Wednesday September 27th

(Markus Jameson) #263

was :worried:

(Themanfromdalmontee) #264

Oh Linus,

Everyone knows who you are anyway. Doesn’t matter. God some people are so paranoid. Did you know NASA faked the moon landing?

(yellow parasol) #265

ring ring
/me picks up the phone.


Oh yeah, Themanfromdalmontee is here.

oh, you want me to leave him a message? Sure, can do!

/me listens… mhm… okay… no probs, bye!

/me hangs up.

Hey, man, the 90s called, and they want their ignorant, thoughtless, uninformed comments about global surveillance back.

(Themanfromdalmontee) #266

Dude I work in data management so…I know what scary things can be done. I also know there is nothing to stop it being done.

(Linus Gorp) #267

And here we have what’s wrong with modern humanity. Along with all the stupid people, you’re part of the problem why humanity is going to ■■■■.

Just go cower in a corner and die. There’s obviously no point trying to keep living.

(Vortexo VonBrenner) #268

You can’t be saying there are no ways to secure data…can you?

(Bexol Regyri) #269

What are the plans to accommodate web users who can’t use mobile devices well due to disabilities?

(yellow parasol) #270

You’re not wrong. We’re too deep into it, and there is no way of getting rid of the mess. Not even turning data into personal income can change the inevitable anymore.

You’re still not right though, and spreading apathy isn’t a way to go. it’s an economic, and political problem. these can be solved, but not with people who the system sucked so dry, that they make stupid comments.

(SnakeTheBest) #271

hi, please make eve portal compatible with older android OS plz like so the poor ppl that cant buy newer phones can have access to the app. thanks you

(SnakeTheBest) #272

also could be flagged on the google play store as compatible for android 4.4 or make it compatible plz.

(Quazar Doosan) #273

funny guy

(Krysenth) #274

I was sorta involved in the feedback that ended up being what pushed out a fix for it I believe, and that was sometime late last month if I’m remembering correctly.

Also, it’s less that they never tried to, but that, if I’m remembering what aquarhead (why isnt he on the forums yet? :C ) said correctly, the eve portal app is being developed and managed by the SSO team. Who are, unfortunately, required to have a finger or a fist in every pie comprising of CCP (website, game dev, the ESI and other APIs, basically everything).

(Matthias Ancaladron) #275

Never looked into it, I mostly post on Reddit these days cause I don’t like this layout but I wasn’t sure if the app was broken or it was just my phone cause I’m on cricket wireless. It did the connection error stuff once before when I went over my data. After a few days it didn’t start working again though. I was using evegate to check my messages while it was broken.

I just want a corp chat and being able to set my skill queue in the app.

(Krysenth) #276

corp chat, or any other chats are probably restricted by game design at the moment, as they’re session related. And sessions are something that ESI is not allowed to touch (which is why ESI cant fetch your fleet ID automatically). They may come at some point, but it wouldnt be for ~6 months, as TechCo is aiming for API parity before really looking at extending ESI abilities.

(Tora Bushido) #277

Like this ? https://www.evedata.org/

(Halcyon Ember) #278

Poor people can’t be in the 21st Century

(Tora Bushido) #279

You not actually really just typed this, did you? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(JuuR Zibaoo) #281

hey when you sutdown EVE Gate then make sure the eve app ist working please
its really not funny you take away something without to make sure the new thing is working correct

it has the same errors since day one … i didnt mail often outside the eve client but sometimes its really nice tool … i am recruting for the corp and it would be nice to reply to a mail from outside eve when you get a message from a player … atm i can read the mail most times but i cant do anything to answer to him

for CCP it must be easy to make this app working and add new features … out there are guys who programed apps and stuff like Aura, EVE Droid, Evanova and such stuff … free to download and use tools and they are working very well and then the official app is like that? no way … thats not the qualitiy of what we are all get in eve usually

thanks and i hope i was not to unrespectful
if the app is written by an external company and not programmed by CCP please take my excuse and forward this to this external company

i forgot to add the errors i have:
1st: i cant reply to a mail i get - this happens most of the time
2nd: i cant access a mail i got - not that often but still not nice
3rd: i cant write a new mail to a eve char - this was not possible to me since day one - i write in the name, subject and message and it keeps telling me that i forgot to add something to a field where i have to write something in but there is no othere field … so i cant send it and i only get a small box telling me “fill all fields” and a ok button …


(Nana Skalski) #282

(Momiji Sakora) #283

Would it be possible to develop some kind of mail forwarding or exchange so we can continue to handle our evemails through either gmail or Windows Mail? Or some other way to continue to manage our emails without using a mobile app (Which doesn’t provide a suitable mail manager) or installing a 12gb client?