EVE Gate Shutdown – Wednesday September 27th

(Scipio Artelius) #243

I just used Discord fine on an old HTC Windows phone from 2012, with 480x800 resolution and 4" screen.

I’m not here to be your customer support. If you can’t even bother helping yourself, why should anyone else help you?

(Rivr Luzade) #244

Screenshot please.

(Scipio Artelius) #245

Not my phone personally, so you either believe what I wrote, or you don’t. It’s an old work testing phone for development and not for me to use really for this sort of thing. I only did it because I wanted to check that I wasn’t somehow wrong. Either way doesn’t change the fact that’s it perfectly possible on even a 4" windows phone.

(Rivr Luzade) #246

It’s not really about if I believe you. I just would like to see a screenshot of the user interface so that I may be able to figure out how I can make the buttons to hide the user list appear on my phone as well. :slight_smile:

(Markus Jameson) #247

You seem to willfully ignore the fact everyone (that I’ve seen anyway) who’s already commented from the perspective of the corporation has done so from the specific perspective of a recruiter.

Other than the larger or very best organised groups out there most initial contact is, always has been & probably always will be by in-game mail, especially for new corps.

So yes it’s loss is significant for them & will probably be most significant for smaller more casual corps as well as any new corps just starting out.

So :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Which of the big corps are you from?

And how long have you worked in meta-game, propaganda & CCP manipulation departments? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Scipio Artelius) #248

Rubbish. I’m a recruiter too. If you want to check that, feel free to apply on an alpha and see who responds to your application.

Evemail still works in game. It still works on EVE Portal (since the app has been updated) and it still works through the third party options listed in this thread.

On top of that, when someone applies to Corp, you dont receive an evemail. If you are a recruiter, you receive a notification in game and can see the application through the corp interface.

So if you are in game to see the application, then you can use evemail in game.

Alternatively, many Corps/Alliances use public channels to answer questions, etc., which also require being in game and then there is access to in game evemail.

Of course, many also use application processes on their own third party platforms, including submitting api keys, etc. They are then followed up with API checks out of game, before an invite is sent. An invite can only be sent from in game, which again also provides access to evemail.

So I’ll reverse that and call BS on your entire post. This will have no significant impact on any recruiter that does something as simple as login to the game.

So if you want the go calling me a liar, then at least know what you are talking about first.

(Markus Jameson) #249

Ah, so what your saying then is

I have these things so I’m happy to see any competition who hasn’t got them effected by this, it will choke the competition a little bit more & make my life easyer

Would that be about it? :smile:


You caught me mid-edit shortly (I’m slow so for me immediately) after posting while my post was still in the knee jerk reaction phase (my final edits tend to be politer), you might want to check yours still relates to my finale edit :slight_smile: I am sorry if my posting technique (post 1st think as you post & edit in the page) has left your response looking wrong in any way :flushed: my bad if it has.

(Snitch Ashor) #250

Damnit, should have thought of this… instead I named my main like that :facepalm:

(Scipio Artelius) #251

No, what I’m saying is you calling me a liar on the basis of recruiters being hurt by this is BS.

Just logging into game completely solves the issue of no evegate and most of the ways to know if someone has applied to a corp are in game, where recruiters have access to evemail.

So this won’t impact any recruiter that just logs into the game. The loss of evegate isa non-issue for recruitment, especially with the alternatives that exist, both in game and out of game.

(Rivr Luzade) #252

And that is where you completely missunderstand the point of EVE Gate. It is not helpful for those who can log into the game, it is beneficial for those who want to check and respond to mails who cannot log into the game.

What alternatives do you mean? How can I contact you on your discord if I don’t know your discord? How else can I contact you if I do not see you in your public or recruitment channel? How else am I letting people listed as responsible persons in a public or recruitment channel know that I would like to contact them?
Recruitment aside, I am in a number of mailing lists that I want to check and respond to if there is need be and also when I am not able to log into the game. EVE Gate allows me to do all of that and more. You are way too narrow-minded with your argumentation on the uselessness of EVE Gate.

(Fuyune Shirio) #253

Sadly the mobile app is no alternative AT ALL for the web service.

(ArmyOfMe) #254

Should it really be needed for everyone else to do what CCP should have done the entire time? Make things that work?

(ArmyOfMe) #255

Would you belive me if I told you he was actually a lot more polite back when he was a pirate in this game…

(ArmyOfMe) #256

you forgot the ™
And we all know what a CCP soon™ means.

(Neshani Otomeya) #257

@CCP Falcon

Please, thank the individual that identified the security issue and the individual that made the decision to act on it quickly and close the hole.

With all the high profile security breaches, personally identifiable information loss, and service disruptions due to malicious software globally. I can give up not having a 1st party web client for handling mail for my internet spaceships.

(McBorsk) #258

Wow, this sure sucks. I’ve been using gate on a daily basis for years and suddenly it’s gone.

(Mynxee) #259

Just to add to this, when I went to the old EVE Gate web site and clicked the link you provide to the app store, the app was displayed and I was able to download it. But a search for it got no results. In case the app devs want another piece of info to sort the problem.

(Circumstantial Evidence) #260

Go to the site today, picture of floating dead guy in the background. Screenshotted for posterity.

(FloppieTheBanjoClown) #261

The app is a poor replacement, as I can’t install it on my Windows PC.

The loss of functionality is sad.

(Norjia Blacksteel) #262

It’s been said before, but typing on a phone is horrible. Really horrible.

Like, I really hate typing on phones. Badly.

Being able to answer an evemail quickly from a browser at work is a great boon.