EVE Gate Shutdown – Wednesday September 27th

(Scipio Artelius) #223

When I look at EVE Skunk, every Corp/Alliance that is even half organised has their own external forum for members.

Many have slack, or more now even with Discord and some of the big ones are still even using IRC.

It seems that there is no end of ways members of communities (Corps/Alliance and NPSI communities) have to make contact with each other, much more effeciently than via evemail.

Is the loss of evegate really that significant, even if you can’t use EVE Portal?

Who really uses evemail anymore for anything serious, other than to link external forum threads?

Surely Mercenary Coalition have plenty of better services for members?

(Nunosh) #224

You should know that you shouldn’t sleep with them on

(Rivr Luzade) #225

I can’t use Slack or Discord on my phone either. And EVE Mails are important when someone throws around forum links, about which I would not know without mail, or I want to reply to a random mail that I received during an off-time from a character that is not on my slack/discords, which are most people I encounter and deal with in EVE.

(Scipio Artelius) #226

You can’t use Discord?

No app is necessary to use it on any device. Just a browser.

Ah fair enough. I would have thought just checking the Alliance forums would be good enough to stay up to date with threads there.

(Rivr Luzade) #227

Have you actually tried using Discord on a 5" screen phone? I did and I found it to be unusable. I see my channels, I see the sub channel list and I see the user list, nothing else. And the keyboard constantly pops into view. So, no, I cannot use Discord in a browser on my phone.

Why would I check the alliance forum on a phone to see what’s relevant and new? Have you checked the UI of forums? Your approach is not old-fashioned, it’s millennial-rubbish. If something new or noteworthy happens, I get an EVE mail about it or a notification on slack/discord. But using either is not exactly possible on my phone’s browser, so go figure why EVE mails are important.

(Arya Alderian) #228

Another ccp abortion.


(Scipio Artelius) #229

Yes, it’s no worse than using evemail on evegate on a phone. Better even.

The app is definitely better than the browser, but if you don’t have a phone capable of running an app, it’s still not true that you can’t use Discord. If your phone has a browser and internet access, Discord is available.

That aside, this isn’t about Discord. It’s about evegate and surely just visiting the forums keeps you informed of important threads in MC. I can’t believe that you need access to evemails through evegate in order to keep up with important Alliance related threads.

What forum software is MC running if it is so hard to find unread posts, new threads, etc.?

(Linus Gorp) #230

The post wasn’t directly directed at you. Could have quoted anyone else of the other 20 people as well, but yours was at the bottom and so the most convenient one to quote :wink:

See, that one would have worked just as well! So if I did somehow offend you with my reply, that wasn’t my intention. It was directed toward the broader population, not you specifically.

His comment would have fit the average Joe consumer drone, so ~99% of humanity living in developed countries? I’m just not one of those.

He could have written something like that, yeah. But come on, give him some slack. We’re playing EVE Online here, a game notorious for not having any safe spaces. And if Falcon knows what kind of comments I usually make on these forums, then that answer was perfectly in line, even though it might not look the way to an outsider.
I just don’t understand the problem you guys are having. The problem that’s killing EVE Online is at the top (looking at you Hilmar). It’s not community guys like Falcon, who, if you ask me, do a good job reflecting the EVE community. This full uptight stick-in-ass PR approach that most companies have wouldn’t do CCP very good, if you ask me. They just aren’t that type of company (yet). They never were. It’s why EVE is (was) the way it is (was).

He obviously took my comment as a joke, which it was to some degree, and responded to it in kind. I’m not upset about that, quite the opposite actually. Gives me hope that the EVE I once knew and loved isn’t entirely dead yet.

(Rivr Luzade) #231

Excuse me? I can see content on EVE Gate and the forums on my 5" screen, not just a user list. On Discord I don’t see any content on that screen.

Darling, Discord is available in the browser, yes, but not as app for Windows Phone 8 and in the browser I don’t see the content. Please learn to read before you respond.

No, but you brought discord and slack into the conversation, when they have nothing to do with it. This is also not about the forum software MC uses, it’s about having the relevant information coming from 1 source instead of having to consult dozens of different things to keep myself up to date.

(Scipio Artelius) #232

Falcon really should have added the word Luddites into his earlier post.

You not being competent with technology isn’t someone else’s fault.

Evegate disappearing isn’t going to make your life impossible. Use a desktop or laptop if you don’t know how to use a phone.

(Rivr Luzade) #233

What has my level of technological competency to do with discord not providing an app for my phone’s operating system or their website service not working properly on small screens? :thinking:

(Scipio Artelius) #234

Because it works fine in the browser, even on a phone. It isn’t as good as the native app, but a native app isn’t needed to use it effectively and it doesn’t take much knowledge to make it work on a phone browser, so you can see the content.

All of which is off topic.

If you need access to evegate on your phone, because somehow you will otherwise miss important links to threads on your Alliance forums (a reason you stated earlier), then perhaps you should even look at how to use your Alliance forums effectively.

Your technology challenges aren’t CCP’s responsibility, yet here you are whining like a child about the loss of something that has never provided a great mobile experience either; and this thread contains links to thrid-party options that can replace what evegate does.

Some people just want to whinge to make themselves feel good. It always seems to be the same people too.

(Rivr Luzade) #235

Says the person not accepting another person’s point of view or experience. So typical of you. :wink:

I do not need to access EVE Gate on my phone when I am at my PC in order to see what’s going on. But guess what, some people can leave their mancaves every now and then and don’t have access to their PC and do not want to use other people’s PCs or big devices to access information about my pastime. Those are the times when I use my phone to stay in touch with EVE information. EVE Gate is a very handy tool in that regard when mails are sent around or someone wants to contact be, because that’s what people from different entities and outside my slack/discord, with whom I play with do sometimes.

The mobile experience on EVE gate was superior to many other things, including the new forums, with their mobile experience. The third parties are not an option to replace EVE Gate because they are third parties and I do not trust third parties with write access to my account’s features. CCP has been offering this service since the beginning and there is no reason why it should stop doing that. That has nothing to do with “my technological challenges” (I have disproven that claim already :thinking:), it has to do with CCP inability to properly develop and organize themselves and their teams.

(Scipio Artelius) #236

Again, you don’t need too.

Steve’s source code is available to clone from github and run on your own server, including a platform as a service, so only you have access to it.

It’s perfectly possible to completely run things without anyone else having any involvement at all.

Again, your particular technological challenges aren’t CCP’s responsibility. They are yours. But you just want to come here and whinge instead, because it’s easier to blame someone/something else than it is to actually take responsibility yourself.

That’s not just evegate. Discord too. It’s perfectly possible on a 5" screen to see the content:

To post, read, browse different channels, switch between different servers, direct message people. All easy to do and a better experience than evegate on a phone. But like everything, it just takes some personal responsibility rather than whining that it’s not possible.

(Rivr Luzade) #237

So I now need to develop my own mail client for EVE just because CCP can’t program properly? Don’t be unreasonable. What’s next? I need to program my own launcher because CCP’s launcher is not working properly (as evidenced over and over again in the launcher forum)? My own EVE forum because their forum is terrible? Do you even comprehend what you ask for? There is a line between useful third party tools that augment your EVE experience and plain stupid demands like yours.

And again, this is not about my non-existent technological challenges but rather about CCP not being able to maintain and program their services properly. Just looking at Steve’s “alternative”, he made this basic mail client available after a couple of days of coding, but CCP, which has been working on useless webservice revamps and additions for years now can’t come up with something better in said years. You tell me who has more technological challenges. It’s also not baseless blaming, it’s justified criticism on the development approach that CCP has taken in these matters.

Well, that might be what you see, but that’s not what I see, as shown above. And there is no visible way to hide the user list because all the buttons are out of view and I cannot zoom out to make more screen space visible. And this is the case in both desktop and mobile version of the website. Next try?

(Scipio Artelius) #238

Yes, there is. On any phone. Again, your inability isn’t someone else’s fault. It’s only yours.

And no, you do t need to develop your own mail client, but given your level of paranoia, it’s an option.

But, whinge on. You are going to anyway.

(Rivr Luzade) #239

Yes, they are there. But if you had read properly instead of sperging your answer, you would have seen that the buttons are not visible and I cannot zoom out to make them visible. I have not said they are not there. Really, come on now, you can do better. Right now you are whinging like a boss.

(Scipio Artelius) #240

I did read and you are just wrong. Just because you don’t know how to do it doesn’t mean it is impossible.

It’s totally possible and not someone else’s fault that you don’t know.

But this is enough off topic discussion from me, since you will just continue to claim you can’t do it, when you absolutely can. It’s only a lack of knowledge, not a lack of functionality.

(Nana Skalski) #241

As I am understanding it, if Falcon would know you as good as you think he knows you, he would know his answer changes nothing and is so futile and pointless that its funny for you. Unintentionally its writing itself well into the bigger picture about CCP knowing the playerbase and doing all those nasty things to it, and being blunt and abrasive when they stop playing and become bitterwets? Because why even care about those bittervets, dissapointed, snarky, all knowing, knowing better always and exposing CCP lust for money on every step, and all fails and stupid decisions. :thinking:

(Rivr Luzade) #242

You would make for an amazing customer support employee or alternatively an amazing CCP sales rep and customer support guy: “I don’t have the problem therefore it does not exist. The logs show nothing.” You have memorized that perfectly. If pinching does not zoom the page or dragging your finger around the screen to move around the page, there are hardly any other way to zoom or move around a page, especially if the pinch-to-zoom and finger dragging works on other pages in both mobile and desktop view. But it’s my problem.™

But you are right, enough of your off-topic about other people’s alleged challenges. Shutting down EVE gate without proper substitutes is a bad call and that’s an objective fact, as evidenced by the majority of the posters in the topic.