EVE Gate Shutdown – Wednesday September 27th

(Nunosh) #284

I also have that error #3

(Bill Lane) #285

Just wow CCP. You guys seem to just get lazier. The community handles things, so we’ll just let it go.

I mean really, what kind of business model says “there’s something we don’t like so we’re just going to take it away and maybe we’ll look at it later”? There should have been a viable ccp replacement IN PLACE before taking Eve gate away. Instead we can download a crappy app for phones only or get our mail through other player apps and HOPE our info is secure.

Seriously CCP, get it together and stop doing things half-cocked. This was an awful decision, someone needs a smack to the back of their head. I was also a daily user of Eve gate for evemails and this sucks.

(Bexol Regyri) #286

who makes a Computer game but only makes tools that go with it for phones? Did someone really get paid for this idea?

(Yiole Gionglao) #287

It’s the 21st century and yadda yadda yadda.

(Feilamya) #288

I wish I could find a wormhole in time to send this thread back to 2010 when CCP launched EVE Gate and everyone hated it.

(Themanfromdalmontee) #289

All I’m saying its a waste of energy to try. Especially if you are American. In the UK and Europe we now have the right to be forgotten and also to get all the data companies hold on us and also where it went. Going to be a fun few years for those data managers.

(Markus Jameson) #290

They did? I arrived in 2014 & always loved it :slight_smile: had it had some tweaking between then & now?

I did always want Industry, Science & Market orders added so I could check those as well without getting pestered by contacts who wanted to fleet (or fight) or just natter, as an early morning round of checking those things before work (so no time for in-game interactions) has always been a thing.

In b4 …

But 3rd party apps

this is EVE, barring a select few I’m not giving anyone my API, if you (CCP) wanted me to trust with that maybe not pushing the …

You can’t trust anyone

angle so much (one of the bits that attracts me to the game, so maybe not) would have been an idea.

Being able to update those things & the skills queue from it would have been good as well but those are all a wish list for extras to what it had not complaints about what was available which I always liked having the options for.

(Steve Ronuken) #291

That legislation is going to cause so much trouble.

It sounds good, but it causes so many problems on a technical level.

Sure, you have a right to be forgotten. Do you know how much that screws with my backups?

(Markus Jameson) #292

Does that legislation actually apply to anonymous in-game personas with no direct linkage to a real person? if not it shouldn’t be an issue for most EVE material you want to backup should it?

(Themanfromdalmontee) #293

Yep, people have to work on what they are doing.

Considering my company have information on over 150 million UK linked entities…we’ve already had to remove some data from our database as the sources are…non conforming.

(Steve Ronuken) #294

I’m a sysadmin real world. That’s the bit I’m actually concerned about :smiley:

(Che Biko) #295

Verone, please change CCP before it changes you more.

(RaVenC) #296

:white_check_mark: Evegate closed
:white_check_mark: Mailing via App didn’t work (Please fill in all fields…)
:white_check_mark: Private Message in board not supported

So communication with other players isn’t possible anymore when you aren’t able to use the client because of work reasons. :white_check_mark:

(Steve Ronuken) #297

You can mail via the app. you just have to fill in a name, then hit the search button. So you can tell it who it is you’re actually wanting to mail, rather than someone with a similar name.

(in other news: https://evemail.fuzzwork.co.uk )

(RaVenC) #298

There isn’t any search button in my android app…

With a direct connection to eveskunk? :thinking:

(Steve Ronuken) #299

click into the name field. type a name. look at the enter button on your keyboard. It’ll be a magnifying glass. That’s search.

As for the eveskunk mention: Nope: I see none of your mail. to reiterate what I say on the page:

Your greatest protection here is that I just don’t care what’s in your mail. Also, by telling you I’m not reading it, if I then did, I’m breaching the terms of the Developer’s license, and CCP would do bad things to me for that

(Markus Jameson) #300


The giant pineapple tonight sir? or perhaps the rusty rake… sideways?


(Steve Ronuken) #301

There are downsides to being on the CSM.

(RaVenC) #302

Not very customer friendly …

(Steve Ronuken) #303

It’s been raised as an issue.