EVE Gate Shutdown – Wednesday September 27th

(Sonya Corvinus) #143

Is there going to be actual user acceptance testing for the replacement? Don’t repeat what you did moving from the old forums to these.

(Dunk Dinkle) #144

How, exactly, do you think this is going to go?

You think because you don’t use a smart phone you can’t be tracked?

All mobile phones are tracked by cell towers.
All telephone calls can be monitored.
All internet traffic can be monitored.
Multiple Tor servers are run by nation-state intelligence agencies

You are posting on a message board and playing an internet connected video game. If you think not having a smart phone is going to keep you out of mass surveillance, you are unfortunately mistaken.

(Ebony Texas) #145

Look here CCP,

now look gosh darnit… you constantly breaking the game, constantly changing and constantly upgrading boxes, I thought you had all this stuff done when Seagull gave the clear sign once the DR site move completed… seems its not true…

so now that means you, the messenger just lost a drink coupon and so did ccp guard and seagull at eve-vegas… yea , yea, I know so sad no Quafe Tequila shots for you…

till its fixed…


(Tars Boson) #146

hey CCP, are you making an iPad app to go along with the iPhone app? It would be so cool for users with iPad’s as a wide ranging companion app.

(Markus Jameson) #147

Both yes & no… the more functionality your phone has the more options “they” have for spying on you (cameras, options to switch on a phones mic remotely etc. that just don’t exist on older potato models), the tin foil’s not wrong when it says with older tech it has less to worry on :wink:

But neither are you when you say you can’t reduce the “risk” to zero without giving up phones (& all other tech?) entirely, and then they still have the spy satellites :worried: so why bother :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Hexex Ciia) #148

Please tell me how you’re not being spied on right now, you’re on the internet, you’re transmitting data, and your ISP can see every single word you speak.

Better just logoff now.

(Jason Chorant) #149

Then please allow us to copy text and click links from mails in EVE Portal.

(Ikki Phoenix) #150

This news is really disappointing. Not only have you removed the in game browser, changing the API but now also gutting Eve Gate. I love Eve Online, however this is a major disappointment.

Instead of shutting it down, you should incorporate it into the new forums, improve it and make it better.

(Ikki Phoenix) #151

I am sorry to say this and to get on your case, but in my time in Eve, this is the worst CCP response I have ever seen.

(Ikki Phoenix) #152

Another good 3rd party tool is https://spacemail.tk
Will definitely recommend Spacemail and yours to my corp members

(Beau Sabreur) #153

Thank you, and all who kindly responded with suggestions. Much appreciated.

(Amarisen Gream) #154

Once you are in game hit control+f. bring you your FPS window.

It shows you, if your on a Mac, that the DX version is DX9. Thats why it works fine. I’ve run unchecked pretty much since they released the new launcher, b/c the Mac Client forced it to DX9 no matter what!

(Amarisen Gream) #155

I’m getting tired and this wall is mostly a lot of wine with very little goat cheese…

Okay, @CCP_Falcon though we are sad at the lose of EVE Gate, if the old ragged hag had a wide gapping whole that no man should ever enter, probably best to shoot her and dump her over the side.

That being said! I really want to know who figures out the road maps for development of CCP headquarters! ■■■■, I’ed liked to know that for a lot of companies. Most of the stuff doesn’t make logic sense to the few brain cells I have left since I was ejected from my mother’s birthing canal. It seems that the main point for most companies is the $$$$$$$$$$$$ (money). I understand, you need the $ so you can pay the smart guys and girls who do some really cool ■■■■ in some development apps and what not, so a bunch of raging meat sacks can fap off to spreadsheet porn.

From what I have seen the last few years - POS system is a mess > lets replace it with Upwell structures, but since that will be such a big task, we’ll break it up into smaller manageable pieces and just let the community suffer from (I want to say lack of foresight) the inability of CCP leadership and developers to know that if you give EVE players a stick of gum and a toothpick, they will make a HYDROGEN BOMB. So the POS system is still in the back ground of greater EVE code causing all kinds of ■■■■■■■ head ache - we are now going into year 2 or 3(?) for the upwell changes. I’m still a big advocate for you guys sitting down and rebuilding the whole game code.

What else have I seen: CREST API, which was spearheaded to be the future for external access for players and the 3rd party development team. . . Oh, lets seen not working so great . . . you know, lets go find an industry standard and use that, but we won’t give it as many functions as the CREST API that players have used for years, but look, players can now read/write to the client with the ESI. . . thats a plus, but hell no we can’t give them CORP or ALLIANCE level ESI API information.

What else: (from my knowledge) we have now entered into the 3rd change to the forums. which lacks much of the use of the old one, most complaints are on the fact that it isn’t laid out the same, it really sucks for looking for things on mobile. But we do get the 1% of 1% of CCP developers being able to use :thinking: emoji, so thats a plus. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

And there is more…

Now, I don’t run some multi-million dollar company at the top of the world. But I do work for a living. I work retail, and I will tell you, we get the ass end of everything. Not making enough money, the company leadership gets all pissy. They want to save money so they cut the hours for the local store staff. Customers like to buy stuff and then realize what the bought wasn’t what they really wanted or they take it home and can’t figure out how to use the damn weed sprayer that has three manual leavers to twist on the top. So instead of hiring people for full time work, we get stuck with a bunch of HS/College kids who tend to be lazy dick sucking meat sacks. I know, I know. it takes money to make money, but sometimes it seems companies are so against risking the (damn you intel tools for those null-sec care bears and those WHers taking block-aide runners to Jita) lose of income to do right by the people who make the company possible. You know what I would like to happen in my store. I’d like to be able to have a good solid 10 person team, where they are all able to work and live off a full time job. That they could learn the product, endorse the product, and personally get to know each one of our customers. Because to me, knowing my customer and taking care of their needs is worth more than all sparkly Unicorn ■■■■ in the world, aka $.

Perhaps, everyone. . . all the players, and all the developers should just take the rest of the year off. Probably be a good holiday and reflect on where we are now, and where we want to go. . .

EVE as a whole is amazing work of art, but sadly it is being tore apart and only parts are being replaced, and then it isn’t always replaced with the same or even better functionality.

Hugs and kisses you spreadsheet fapers

(Markus Jameson) #156

Cheese, last thing you want (if you’re tired) before going to sleep, it’ll give you funny dreams, so I’m told.

(Sabriz Adoudel) #157

Thanks. I understand it can be done on PC, it’s just a pain when it’s probably the first thing you want to do when a thread opens.

Can’t figure anything out on mobile.

(Armagast Sin Truth) #158

When I saw the title to this Topic “EVE Gate Shutdown” I was in a panic, I thought the Eve Gate had shut down … and I hadn’t gone to see it yet! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Linus Gorp) #159

You assume those are the only precautions I’m taking. Seeing how I’m deeply involved in ITsec, I do in fact know how to sufficiently protect my privacy. The state-level actors can always target me individually, but that is a lot more effort than just grabbing it all up as bycatch through mass surveillance and there are a lot of things they won’t get without spying on me on-the-ground. Something I would quickly notice.
If everyone would just put a little bit of effort into protecting their privacy, the entire system wouldn’t work anymore.

Do yourself a favor and don’t talk about things you don’t understand. Just because you heard some fear-mongering and buzzwords in the media somewhere doesn’t give you the necessary education on the topic to justify making dumb statements like that.

(yellow parasol) #160

Not to include myself into this conversation, but when democracy inevitably ends, the first to get targetted are those who leave no trail behind them. it’s better to leave some data, or fake data, than none at all.

(yellow parasol) #161

on android, have you tried desktop mode and landscape rotation?

on the bottom right, there’s a counter showing which post you are viewing, and the maximum amount of posts in a thread. you can tap that, and a vertical line shows up, which you can move around to change your position in the thread.

(Rivr Luzade) #162

My Lumia 920 can connect to the internet, yet I cannot install EVE Portal - and even if I could, it would not improve the situation because it lack, you guessed it, features.

I also cannot log into EVE from my phone or tablet either because EVE is too demanding on hardware.

So, guess what, sunshine, but your argument is invalid and utterly condescending. And you can only use a phone int he 21st century that is able to connect to the internet because of us EVE players. You should keep that in mind when you let the cracks in your composure shine through.