EVE Gate Shutdown – Wednesday September 27th

(Mynxee) #123

I have to laugh at that because when I first saw the headline I thought, “Didn’t the EVE Gate already collapse? Like…a long time ago?”

(Steve Ronuken) #124

Third parties to the rescue! (at least until CCP can get something proper made)


(Nicola Arman) #125

Anyone know how to get the EVE App to send mail since evegate is going away? It doesn’t work for me currently. It has a character, a subject, and a love letter… what more does it want?!

(Tetsel) #126

So I guess this superb unfinished app will be available on all “phone that’s capable of accessing the internet” that exist ?
Cause I’m living in this century and still can’t use the app on my phone, you should think twice before making some statement.

(yellow parasol) #127

what do you want? by adjusting the time till lock, they also adjusted the rate of salvaging,


(Steve Ronuken) #128

you see where you’ve typed the name?

you have to search for the user. select the box, the keyboard will pop up, and the enter button will be a magnifying glass to search.

(Ithera) #129

…Well, that is inconvenient :angry:

(Algarion Getz) #130

Great. EVE Online Portal doesnt work on my phone (3 year old Android phone) …
Also, i hate typing on a touchscreen. I wouldnt use it anyway.

(Krima Sumyungi) #131

You continue to be the poster boy for what is wrong with CCP.

(Min Mar) #132

Fix the Eve Portal app please.
Constant Connection errors, screens that don’t refresh, the app is difficult to type with for evemail replies.
On top of that, it sends me a notification every time I send an evemail to anyone (not corp or alliance).

Time to get it out of alpha and into beta…

(CCP Falcon) #133

Can you detail your issues for us in this thread, and we’ll take a look at them :slight_smile:

(Lulu Lunette) #134

I don’t care anymore

(Pandorium9) #135

@CCP_Falcon This is not /r/Eve… try and be a little nicer.

(Tiddle Jr) #136

Again CCP shown their classic behaviour towards their game community - we are removing eve gate because we want so with crappy explanation. Eve Portal is another half cooked product which CCP trying to feed everyone with.

I got another one in my head CCP - Crappy Computerized Products.

Good job CCP

(Beau Sabreur) #137

One use for EvE Gate that I enjoyed was the ability to get large portrait pictures of my pilots for record. I’m sure this is a very minor issue for most, but does anyone know how to get similar pictures now Gate is broken/gone?

One of the downsides of this new forum is the tiny pictures of pilots, and downloading them results in a fairly small version too. I’ve not found anywhere to get portraits - there’s an option in game, but I have no idea where it stores these pictures.

Thanks for any advice.

(Tonto Auri) #138

So, what’s the new URL to character profile?

(yellow parasol) #139

in your Documents/EVE/ is a folder for saved portraits.

(Steve Ronuken) #140

If you can get the character id, you can pull it straight from the image server.

like so https://imageserver.eveonline.com//Character/90926985_1024.jpg

(Markus Jameson) #141

This PC > Documents > EVE > Capture > Portraits

There’s another folder in there named Screenshots which is where all your [ prnt scrn ] photo’s go… at least that’s where they are on my system.

(Alderson Point) #142

I use it, If I remember it is an Iphone app, but it works. Deselect ipad only in the app store.

Ps its working today after not working for months.