EVE Gate Shutdown – Wednesday September 27th

(Veine Miromme) #103

Oh btw, programs that work on phones are much more portable and mobile than systems which only works on laptops, even if the laptop gets sabotage, or if someone cheats on the code that is.

Also, I am not sure which code they use for the new Apple Watch internet telecommunication systems yet.

I am currently working on updating notepads or “spreadsheets” of data cells to display certain data of my pilots.

(Markus Jameson) #104

I think notifications are set to automatic for dev posts?

You can probably switch them off if you click on announcements (top left under the title string) then adjust your settings for the sub (the wheel / circle icon top right)… if you don’t want to hear from this sub then select normal (only notified if you get a mention) or muted.

(White 0rchid) #105

“Using a phone to view and respond to conversations is way easier than a computer” said literally nobody.

I’m really sorry mate, but that’s an incredibly abrasive and obnoxious remark and not something I’d have expected to see from a CCP dev.

(Rivr Luzade) #106

Standard notification enabling setting is “turn Watching status on if you lingered in a topic for 4 minutes”. You need to turn that off manually. Another great feature by the devs of the forum, if you ask me. :innocent:

(Mynxee) #107

If EVE was no longer was supported on Macs, I’d finally be able to win it. :stuck_out_tongue: Can’t decide whether that is a good or bad thing.

(Hosain) #108

Except the app, while it looks great, is near useless. It serves only to alert of new mail. I have maybe once or twice been able to actually open an eve-mail.

Yet another feature with great potential not even halfway realized.

Edit: it seems my experience has been deprecated as it appears to work well now.

(Kael Decadence) #109

Thank you Steve

(Circumstantial Evidence) #110

Going to be lost w/o eve-gate. I don’t have a good enough reason to pay for a smartphone, so I don’t have one.

But I hit refresh on eve-gate mail a few times a day. Its something you can do anonymously on your own time, whereas if you log into the client you can get dragged into convos and may have to disappoint a friend, if you’re just there to check mail or intended to quickly send someone a low-priority question.

(Linus Gorp) #111

You know, denying the truth doesn’t make it go away.
Up until 4 years ago everyone that said the spy agencies are employing global mass surveillance were ridiculed and laughed at. Then came Snowden and now it’s “so what?”.

Everyone that’s got even half a clue of the world we’re living in knows that mass surveillance is ubiquitous. Most people don’t care, likely because they lack the intellect to understand why that is a very bad thing. And then there are people like you that live in their tiny filter bubbles, so far removed from reality that they could believe Donald Trump is actually a competent individual.

Let’s see if you’re still laughing once reality starts catching up with you. I sure will laugh about people like you for not heeding the warnings.

(Nana Skalski) #112

Its so memeable.

Of course its not like the first time you had to buy something to use CCP software. Remember Dust 514 for PS3 and Valkyrie for VR and Gunjack for samsung GEAR VR?

(CCP Falcon) #113

For those of you who’re still experiencing issues with EVE Portal, you can discuss problems you’re encountering in this thread over on the Issues & Workarounds forum section.

(DrButterfly PHD) #114


(Uriel the Flame) #115

RIP EVEmail through EVE Gate, you’ve been of great service to me both for personal and corporate matters. You will be missed, and hopefully revived in another form sooner rather than later. Farewell!

(Veine Miromme) #116

It’s not easier, but if you don’t have internet, and when you need to read from your phone, then, it’s more useful than nothing.

Is it easier to scroll on a phone? No, for some reasons, not yet.
This mostly has to do with how much info can be displayed in one screen page without scrolling.

The more info, the more technical it gets, and quite frankly, the more complex it is to understand and know about for people who don’t understand that.

I currently don’t have internet on my phone, though I used to have internet on another of my phone before. I used the EVE Gate from a tablet sometimes, as I didn’t have access to the EVE Client, or from the libraries’ desktop computers.
I’m planning to get a new phone that could do that but I’ll likely get the phone from Europe once I move there, if the battery is safe enough to use the device that is, of course.

(elitatwo) #117


I read the gates will be forever closed and I was like what??? Seriously, don’t shock me on a Monday.

(Arrendis) #118

I’ve really been trying to avoid a ‘So you’re saying the EVE Gate will be collapsing, leaving people cut off from the flow of information and support they’re used to…’ joke this whole thread.

(Vortexo VonBrenner) #119

Dang, Falcon…really?

On one side the answer of “let those Luddites eat cake” is nonplussing, to say the least. (not to mention more than a bit ironic from a company that released a major product on a technology platform -ps3- that was already at least rapidly heading towards being obsolete hardware.)

On the other side I feel some sympathy for you personally having to be the one responding for things you didn’t make the decisions on…probably. Hang in there, and try not to let frustration get you. o/

(Mikkhi Kisht) #120

My dumb-as-bricks smart phone cannot run the Eve Portal app. The Google Play Store won’t even let me download it, since my phone can’t push it. So that’s not a workable option to switch to.

~Mikk’s Grumbling Keyboardist

(Mikkhi Kisht) #121

If you wanna buy me that 21st century smart phone, I’m good with that. Let me know when to arrange your shipment to my 20th century financially strapped self, and I’ll use Eve Portal on it. Fair deal? :smiley:

(TrixTa) #122

So for those of us who don’t/can’t use Eve Portal app how are we meant to continuing using mail outside of game? I use the Eve Gate ALOT