EvE needs alphas and alphas need level 4 missions

that or play EVE Echos which is free to play with no subscription. Seems to be more or less a duplicate of the PC version just simplified for mobile.

When you argue with a fool, you only prove there are two.

No, you’re just a liar who doesn’t understand the difference between a rate and a total. PvE has extremely low risk levels that decrease to effectively zero as you learn how the game works, but the sheer number of PvE farmers in highsec means that even a very low loss rate adds up to a high total number of losses.

For point of comparison: I assume that every PvP ship I buy will be destroyed in combat and they usually are within a short time, but it’s been literally years since I have lost a ship in PvE. And that loss was only because I was having PC hardware issues and my PC locked up on warp-in and left me unable to activate any modules. Other than that my mission farming ship barely even needs to activate its single tank module.

Nope, I have all Criminal pvp as “abuse”. That means no more suicide ganking.
But you in your limited thinking capability think that equals “the only form of pvp”.
Cuz your a criminal

So, all “criminal” PvP is abuse and you’ve also stated that war decs are abuse. What exactly does that leave for PvP? Duels? You can hardly claim that as risk when you’re lobbying for a situation where you can opt out of PvP entirely and therefore remove all chance of loss.

{revisionist history nonsense}

So, I see you’re going to ignore the fact that the mechanics permitted much greater levels of highsec PvP and crime in the past and claim that it somehow magically doesn’t count because you don’t think anyone was using it. Right…

HAHHAHAHAHHAAH. JFC you’re clueless. How exactly do you plan to remove voluntary agreements between player groups? What are you going to do, monitor every alliance wallet and ban anyone who accepts a rental payment? Implement a mandatory PvE system where you can’t activate modules on another player until you’ve farmed enough NPCs to cover the cost of your ship loss so the SRP is ineffective?

Because they became invalidated at what they do, namely resource generation (mainly in the form of goods to isk).

I thought you were a “prodigy game designer”? And here you are failing to understand a concept as basic as the difference between resource generation and resource transfer. Rental payments, ship replacement programs, etc, do not generate ISK or materials. They simply move those things between players. The only way to generate resources remains PvE.

Im out. Going home now, and doing some work on the game. Good night.

Yeah, right, this game that exists only in your imagination? If you’re such a great game designer shouldn’t game design be your full-time job and not your hobby project at home?

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Why Am i always reminded of this whenever i hear Naari say hes a game developer?


Just get RPG Maker X and you, too, can count yourself as an elite game developer prodigy.


@ISD Why cant the moderators just Ban Naari and all his alts from the forum as soon as he post just once from here on out?

His drivel and stuff is so misleading and every topic he creates is just troll bait to start arguments and stir up trouble with no reason.

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AFAIK the ISD team can’t ban people from the forums, they’re restricted to passing on details to what remains of the community team, furthermore forum bans are ridiculously easy to bypass due to the use of alts.

Alphas have Emerging Conduits, DED sites, Invasions, and Abyss to move into. They do not need Level 4 missions to survive. They should be gently pushed to delve deeper, rather then rest in a comfortable holding pattern that level 4 missions can provide.

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There is good crazy and bad crazy. Good crazy can often lead to genius and or true original thought. Bad crazy is people that dont realize they are crazy. They keep going on and on thinking everyone else must be crazy when the whole time they are the crazy ones.

You are bad crazy. Bat crap nonsense crazy. Please leave the forums to trolls, angry people and a few honest people looking to talk about something they have in common with others. You do not belong with any. Not even the trolls.

Be gone demon, I banish you back to the fire.


Your not an alpha player. Your on an alpha account. Two totally different things.
Your language shows you’ve been in eve a while, which denotes some level of competence on what you are doing, and thus you know if you need alpha or omega status. At that level, your far from new.

Insane? Yes. Genius? Haven’t seen any sign of that so far…

“I’m a delusional narcissist and probably a furry.”
-Naari Naarian


Yes, a big rabbit with a gray spot on the nose and a brown spot on the ear.

How did you know?

Have you read the stuff you post? It’s very obvious that you’re yiffing some dude who hasn’t bathed in three months because “cats lick themselves clean”.

Oh hey, maybe that’s the reason you won’t admit what games you’ve worked on, they’re all furry porn games.

He can quote quotes from geniuses!

He must be genius!

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Excuses, excuses. Anyone can claim to be a game developer and refuse to back up their credentials, so why should anyone believe you that you’re anything but a fraud making gay furry porn games for anyone who will buy you a new fursuit?

I can’t speak for anyone else, but at least for me the reason you should back up your alleged credentials is because YOU have used them to try to argue from a position of authority.

It’s absolutely nobody’s business what you do for a living, and generally you don’t owe anyone anything when it comes to personal information.

However, when you say that, due to your occupation, your statements are somehow worth more than others’ BECAUSE of that occupation, be prepared for people to demand verification. Otherwise, most folks are going to assume (and hey look, ARE assuming) that you’re full of it.


At least you’re honest about being hilariously delusional.

You are a nobody, and i dont need to prove anything to you.

You’re right, you don’t need to prove anything to me. You are free to disappear at any time and stop posting here. But if you’re going to claim to be a “prodigy game developer” to try to give your arguments extra weight then you’d better provide some proof of your claims or everyone is going to continue to believe that you’re a liar and a fraud. And a furry.

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Btw, i think this is absolutely hilarious and by no means consider it an insult. :wink:


Also, I’m a SUPER casual player, and don’t really care what CCP does or doesn’t do to change the game. It’s whatevs.