EVE Online Ecosystem Outlook

So we are not sure that low player numbers are because of summertime?
I hope its not because some people are mad at CCP for their changes in resource distribution. I saw many people whining recently about economic changes in Eve and they were threatening that they would quit the game. You think this may be happening right now?

We know there is a pattern, we can surmise that this year, ‘almost’ post-covid should be more dramatic than the past.That will make it more difficult to grr at CCP. There certainly is some grr CCP going on.

Longer term trend shows a decrease for sure, that can’t be argued.

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We can only hope that is the case. CCP deserves to lose players because of CCP Rattati’s 18 month and counting crusade to nerf everything.


EVE always lose numbers in summer. And with things going back to normal after the pandemic, it will probably be worse this yr. I know I intend to go out more…

We wont see any true numbers till Sept at least.

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at last ccp stopped to be shy . Destroyer Pack from eve store gives all the goody’s . Cap Boosters Acceleration Implant cant w8 for the new eve store that we can buy ships and modules with our credit card thx ccp keep up the good work make the eco system healthy again!!! :slight_smile:

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Hi I’m a pretty new player but I do have an understanding of economy and market shares. Briefly examined the report here I notice 2 things about this game one is it’s overcome some significant issues with hacking according to that report. Also another key thing was this “redistribution” now I’m not sure what that means and it didn’t specify say but what I am concerned about is if we’re redistributing let’s say asteroid belts are we considering the player reaction when doing this. If we have less high sec belts it will be more difficult for new players such as myself to enter the “pathway”? Now this could just be because of where I live in America and the way I think but why make changes that reduces market competition? Instead make changes that would improve the player experience moving belts to decrease object loading to help lower spec devices. Idk if any of this is right but please let me know below I’m curious to learn more.