Eve Online : Legends - The Mobile Game

Playing, Raid: Shadow Legends, I wondered, how could Eve Online be made into a similar type of mobile game, Raid : Shadow Legends.

There would be three different types of regions, High Sec, Low Sec and Null sec to start out with. In each region there would be ten solar systems, in each solar system there would be a combination of space and land levels to defeat on three different layers of difficulty to max out your Capsuleers early on for the more difficult stages ahead.

Each ship or ground vehicle would have bonus stats that would be added to the players bonuses developed during training. Training is done while in combat with random NPC’s in each of the solar system dungeons. XP is earned from winning battles and is distributed to skills based on the players needs.

Basically, just like Raid : Shadow Legends, but using Eve Online spaceships and Vanguard based vehicles.

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CCP already has someone working on an EVE mobile game, well aside from Echoes. https://www.evegalaxyconquest.com/


Another classic DrysonBennington post


I play the same game lol.

Currently trying to get into tag team silver3 grrrr.

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All the codes would have to be rewritten.

I wondered how EvE Online could be made into a similar type of game like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey or Kerbal Space Program but without a leveling system, characters start with max stats and no reverting flight after takeoff.
Or Vanguard made into a World of Warships game.

I downloaded a Bannerlord mod for Crusader Kings once, was supposed to take me to a 3d battlefield but it didn’t work.
Where can I find mods for EvE?

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Being able to Mod Eve Online would require the game assets to be converted into a Homeworld type of environment. There were some modders that had been using CCP’s in-game assets, ships, sounds etc. in a Homeworld style of mod, but it looks like there might have been some legal disputes as there doesn’t appear to be any active mods of Eve Online and all images of modded assets have been removed.

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So @DrysonBennington which inevitable end result are you looking for here? Are you looking for something else CCP to complain about or are you looking for more microtransactions to be shoved in your face?

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