EVE Online: Onslaught - General Feedback


(Ayumu Kasuga) #107

Absolutely this. There is absolutely no defense for a damn frigate skill-book to be anywhere near 1 million isk let alone over 100 million for fcks sake.

(Aetrid) #108

Then don’t buy it. Why do you have to have it anyway.

(Sugar Smacks) #109

I would guess because unless you have the frigate book then you cant unlock any of the other ships in the entire triglavian ship line. Think of it like a gate.

(K'uata Sayus) #110

Anyone with a single academic class in Business knows what “Journal” means. This change is a simplification to pander to the ignorant. Considering the steep learning curve of the game itself, comprehending what a Journal is seems almost infantile in comparison. Unless there is a language issue in translating the concept of “Journal”, the change makes no sense to me, and adds more confusion, not clarification.

I can agree with the change from “Transactions” to “Market Transactions”, but “journal” should have been kept as is.

(Plec Beddelver) #111

I like the new changes. I thing the developers have done a great job. Thank you.

(K'uata Sayus) #112

Agree, agree, agree. They evoke political banners of a bygone and evil era. A single banner would be more than enough.

(Axen Erkejetter) #114

Here’s my feedback:
Pro’s: Everything! It’s a good expansion. Has big changes, new ships, new features. Even if I don’t like or agree with some changes, the expansion in itself is good…AND the amount of crashes, instability and bugs after the patch was the lowest i’ve seen in the past…year? So GG!


  • Activity Tracker - Pretty cool…but pointless for me as an older player. There is a third party site that did that historically with the old api’s. So my only interaction with the feature was removing it from neocom and from notifications on all my alts. :confused:
  • Abyss instanced PvP - Will never try. Simple as that. Why?
    • didn’t run the abyss sites since the abyss event. TBH, I dislike the abyss in itself but, that’s something else. As I stated in the poll CCP did a while back, I find no pleasure in running a nerfed site that has a timer and the success rate connected to “troll leshak wave” RNG and server connection. Considering that in the past 2 weeks i had “handshake failure” issues, abyss pve is a liability. Not to mention the server instability from this past year, also called “Gila Genocide”. Only 1 of my eve friends runs abyss sites, and that’s only to get new stuff. No one else that i know touched them after the first days/server crashes.
    • tried today a simple tier 1 filament to see what’s new, and i don’t know when the triglavian caches were introduced, but i literally spend 16 minutes mwd-ing from can to can for 5 mil mat/red loot. Not even 1 filament in 9 cans. 16 minutes…are you kidding? PASS Every extra minute in that site means an extra minute for a “socket closed” to happen! And I’m not that dumb to waste 1 hour of life for 4 tier 1 filaments and loot.
    • The PVP gate is in the last room, if I want fast instanced PVP, i don’t want to fight through 3 rooms of rats! I even skipped videos from well known youtubers so i wouldn’t die of boredom watching them kill rats for 3 mins of pvp at the end of the site. PUT THE OPTIONAL PVP GATE IN THE FIRST ROOM, or just create “arena” filaments alltogether. Pretty sure people would love those. I see no reason why PvP’ers should fight 3 rooms of rats.
      tl/dr - I don’t like abyss for technical reason, and if i were to try suicide instanced pvp with my crappy skills, i don’t want to fight 3 rooms of rats.

(Haedonism Bot) #115

This is my biggest beef, apart from the whole concept of instanced content being wrong.

I might even try abyssal PvP if I could just do it, but I am a PvPer not a PvEer. I have zero interest in ever associating with NPCs for any reason. Making it so I need to do PVE in order to try this PvP experience guarantees that I’ll never try it.

(Vol Arm'OOO) #116

Thats why rock paper scissor is soo much fun. You throw rock and the other guy throws…

(Iowa Banshee) #117

Some will throw in a billion isk Gila to max out ISK per hour.
Others will use an over tanked VNI to troll them.

The trolls will win because the Gila pilots will go back to combat sites & escalations with no losses

(Tipa Riot) #118

Actually this is the only way instanced 1v1 PvP can ever work in EvE. The PvE challange is emulating the otherwise impossible matchmaking.

(Axen Erkejetter) #119

good one, haven’s considered this

(Muffcobb) #120

This is game breaking for me, especially when running many clients at the same time. I hope they get this back to the way it was soon.

(Kitten Ripper) #121

…a straight flush.

You need to stop thinking EVE was just Rock, Paper & Scissors.

(stephan Rin) #122

I don’t think i have seen anyone mention it, correct me if i am wrong.
The new multiplasmids that were mentioned in eve vegas also included the drone damage amplifiers.
@CCP_Falcon any explaination as to why those weren’t implomented while the rest were?
Seems a bit unfair to all drone boats, and fighter capable ships ofcourse.

(Porucznik Borewicz) #123

OK, so what’s up with these? Why did you make these harder to read? What was wrong with the icons being on the player avatars? The “i” button is nice, but the icons could stay where they were. I can’t imagine how hard these are to interpret by color blind people. I’m having a hard time with my 20/20 vision. Did it happen by mistake? Can we have the Alliance / Fleet / Corporation icons back on the avatars please?

(Vol Arm'OOO) #124

Expect it is. You talk about poker. Poker has a serious meta element to it. Bluffing etc … How much fun would poker be if you stripped all of that away? That’s what these instances are. They strip all the fun stuff out of the match and your left with very predictable fights that are randomly set up. Cookie cutter ships Plinking away At each other. It reminds me of what eve did with the hacking “mini game”. The mini game gives the appearance of actually being something but it is empty and requires nothing of the player. That’s ccp all over it - form over substance. If it’s flashy and shiny they happy.

(Axen Erkejetter) #125

“Predictable fights”? You mean, like the two fights I watched on twitch today, with 4 Deimoses using the same fitting, that tanked each other until they all died by time ending? :)) Most anti-climactic 40 mins of eve pvp.

(Rivr Luzade) #126

There was no i-button before because it is not necessary. Everyone knows that you can just double click a character in a list of characters. That’s how it works in chats after all. This i-button is just a useless waste of dev time and poorly thought through yet again as your picture shows. Probably one of Falcon’s ways to ruin EVE further. Wasn’t he a big fan of the i-button in chats as well? Took us some time to hammer that thing out of CCP’s thick skulls a couple of months ago.

(Kitten Ripper) #127

So does EVE. You must be new to the game.