EVE Online: Onslaught - General Feedback


(Rivr Luzade) #128

CCP still hasn’t fixed the launcher to update the client automatically.

(Aroye) #129

“sandbox will die in every regard as this was determined to be the venture development requirement above all others” Oh really? How could you possibly know this? Do you actually have any evidence or is it your conspiracy theory?

(Zachri) #130

Years worth of evidence. CCP is just another business, anyone with a little bit of a toehold in either the field or the industry has enough reach to pull both industry analysis, fiscal reports and so much more. Not to mention how living in Iceland or operating there makes matters a small world. Also keep in mind that venture development is not exactly a closed economic activity. Prospects are readily shared, as are presentations, and word of mouth is checked and crosschecked. On another old mostly abandoned bitter vet forum, decisions by two of CCP’s investor relations were public months and months before they reached the Devs. As unfortunate as this is, and as painful as such things often are, it is unavoidable. It’s part of the dependancy relation with investor relations and venture capital.

Fortunately most of that information is these days kept off these forums, unlike the previous iterations. Some of us remember the summer of rage, a lot of damage was done in those days. Most of which provided the direct impetus for the strategic course changes undertaken by CCP. Part of that reality is also a sad bit, it was in CCP’s responses to prior similar situations that the roadmap was formed. As Hilmar put it, trying to keep a leaking ship afloat. The leak however being predictably self inflicted. Well above product level.

Independant of all that, it really doesn’t take a genius to make probability projections. CCP is a business. In a known industry. Its characterisations and decision points are well available, and there is much more than over a decade worth of insight in that available with a little effort. If even on Reddit people could figure out the timing of prospect options and time-to-sale, anyone can. The same applies to similar analysis for application of concepts such as acquisition, type and track record of buying entity, relations between product and venture level decision points for type of entity, tech development curves, industry concept evolution and so forth.

If so inclined, obviously. One could also just save all that time and effort, and simply play the game. And if it changes to a point where it doesn’t suit one’s fancy, that is fine. If it changes to a point where it does suit someone else’s fancy, that is also fine.

(Aetrid) #131


(Rivr Luzade) #132

Why is the cyno jammed icon in the 3 bubbles bar white but in the tool tip it is grayed out? That’s not intuitive.

(Ocean Ormand) #133

You’re either being deliberately obtuse or you’re missing the point. Eve has a meta game - it is what makes eve fun. on the other hand - the abyss pvp sites remove most of what makes eve pvp fun from the fight. Where is the meta game in a random duel between equally classed ships? Its boring terrible content for designed for people who dont really do eve pvp. It is fundamentally anti-eve pvp.

(Kaivarian Coste) #134

I was looking forward to some cruiser-level PVP, but the price point for level 3 abyssal sites is way too high. You’ll need at least 300m isk to outfit a ship that can complete the PVE before doing PVP. Completing the PVE stuff is also a bit of a time sink (10-15 minutes). I like the direction this is going, but would like to see the isk and time gates removed. Maybe make a PVP filament that gives tier 3 rewards, with only one pocket but multiple reward caches and minimal PVE. As it is, I’m not gonna do PVP.

(Kaivarian Coste) #135

^ This.

(Vol Arm'OOO) #136

Maybe they can make it mobile too! FTP also! :roll_eyes:

(Kaivarian Coste) #137

bruh, abyssal pvp is still part of the open world. anyone can access a pvp pocket. It’s no different than traveling to another system or wormhole.

(Salt Foambreaker) #138

Or you could you know, join factions and PvP in medium or small ship plexs?

No PVE, plex controls ship size, plus if you wait and no one shows up, you get LP to help pay for when you loose ships.

(techzer0) #139

I guess the Fleet abyss and instanced pvp is having an impact. Maybe you can keep your word and quit now.

How do you loose ships? Can you tight them? Do you use a wrench?

(Vol Arm'OOO) #140

I guess you could say the same about any battle grounds - its part of the game so its also part of the world. Its strange then that battle grounds keep wrecking open world games.

(Ichinumi Tsukaya) #141

mate this ‘adjustment’ once every 5 years would be easy once u r set in the game… and you’d start facing people with crazy sp only a few days old with no zkillboard records so u have no way of knowing what you are up against. it already happens and u are suggesting making it mandatory.

the game is centred around being an immortal capsuleer though

(Ichinumi Tsukaya) #142

you unfortunately need to pve the ship in faction warfare when attacking. which means you need to run ships that can put out appropriate dps to kill the npc in a timely manner depending on the site you are in. which unfortunately means u are reduced to using a far more limited scope of tactics like ‘approach f1 f2 f3’.

(Salt Foambreaker) #143

My little groupie :rofl:

(AstrumVir Amatin) #144

I missing gate activation sounds after update when someone else uses the gate no sound at all being heard. Is anyone else have this issue ?

(Sere O'Asis) #145

Yes, I lost gate sounds as well, and others have reported losing the sound, too.

(Stone Zen) #146

In-game audio cuts out when I engage an enemy inside a FW complex. The audio also cuts out when I approach a citadel to dock… It doesn’t come back until long after I’m already in station.

(Damassys Kadesh) #147

Is there an official explanation as to if/why the Abyssal PvP gates abruptly stop spawning all together? Is this “working as intended”?
Yesterday there was an incident where right at 00:00 EVE time, the gates stopped spawning (which is confirmed by the killboard data https://zkillboard.com/kills/abyssalpvp/) and then they started up again just after downtime. My interpretation of this was that there was a bug… but just now, I was streaming for a few hours (got two fights), when the gates just stopped spawning again, at 01:45 EVE time. People in chat confirmed that they were also not seeing any gates spawning. I ran 3 more sites with no gates and my stream came to a disappointing end, for myself and the viewers.
I heard that they stop spawning when the concurrent number of abyssal sites being run drops below a threshold. Are there any details posted on this? It seems baffling that this would happen because everyone who is seeking pvp will have to just stop playing, probably until the following day. This player dropout will snowball and then it will be hard for the threshold to be reached again… if this is in fact how it works, I can’t see any outcome other than a quick death for the feature, which would be a real shame, because it’s very exciting.
I’m completely speculating here but I assume that there is a concern about people being able to gather the loot from uncontested pvp rooms during times of low activity. Would it not solve the problem to simply connect the value of the pvp loot cache to the level of activity? This way, there would always be a pvp gate, 100% of the time, and the risk/reward for entering would scale with the likelihood that you’d encounter a player. This would also get people more used to taking that risk and result in more pvp engagements, which is the purpose of the feature, is it not?
I can’t help but rant about this because the disappearance of the gates seems completely nonsensical to me and I hope someone can shed some light on it…