EVE Online: Onslaught - General Feedback


(DrysonBennington) #148

Quit whining about people making choices that effect your PvP style of play.

(Tipa Riot) #149

Didn’t read any, except that there is a limitation in order to prevent freeloading in quiet times. But this sudden stops do not look intended, I rather would expect a gradual change of spawn rates.

Easier would be a mechanism, that you have to choose the PvP option right at the beginning (new filament types, or choice on activation screen), so the server can always match you at the end. The PvE part has to stay for balance. This of course would cut off situations coming from spontaneous decisions in last room.

On a meta level … the feature is attractive to streamers and solo PvP players. Which means those people also stop providing content for the sandbox.

(Othello Nightstar) #150

Definatly no permadeath why pay subs if not for the ability to keep and use the skills you learn and there are a huge group of great people out there who don’t play the game to be bullies and most have been playing the game for longer than five years they just chose to be selective of who they teach the skills they have learnt and I say well done to them for not making it an easy game to master

(Raw Matters) #151

So I can no longer fly my Triglavian Battleship because I have to buy new skillbooks for only 1.2B… CCP? Srsly?!

(Kitten Ripper) #152

You must be joking.

(Eric Kalfren) #153

I like how you wrote this… now I understand why this wasn’t good for the sandbox. Thins out what active players are doing in game.

(Ayumu Kasuga) #154

I thought I was the only one who had to restart the client every night. That really should have been fixed within a week after they implemented it.

(March rabbit) #155

That’s why people argued against battle arenas from the start.

(Cy Kho) #156

I was really looking forward to the Abyssal PVP. I have thought for a long time that Eve needed something like this. Very disappointed after running around 15 sites over the last three nights with only one pvp gate appearing. Can we get some kind of clarification on how exactly this works, and more importantly, how and when it’s going to be fixed? Tired of getting my time wasted, and it really sucks if this feature is only going to be available during Euro primetime - which appears to be the case currently. Isn’t this supposed to be one of the key features of this update? Please make it where all timezones can use it.

(Agent 5B) #157

Just seen the new advert on YouTube I like the soundtrack

(sara einstein) #158


Abyssal PVP has been closed more than 7 hours. Why close it? I saw lots of people are runing it. It is wasting my time to spend 20min to check after every hour.

Could you at least let us know, when it will open and close? It is so random.

It is wasting my time!

(sara einstein) #159

Abyssal PVP has been closed more than 7 hours. Why close it? I saw lots of people are runing it. It is wasting my time to spend 20min to check after every hour.

Could you at least let us know, when it will open and close? It is so random.


(Astrid Asanari) #160

new stargates are beautiful and their effects too

(Rivr Luzade) #161


1DQ1-A » 39P-1J - Post Freighter Lossmails Here in 1DQ1-A

You only linked the structure in that line in the JB Jump tab, not the system. Should be fixed because I am also interested in the system without having to navigate around the structure info.

(Iowa Banshee) #162

But the 3 rooms of rats are to balance combat opponents - How else can you make the pilots use similar ships with similar DPS & similar Hit points.

Of course you will never see a skilled Frigate pilot take down a BattleCruiser but as CCP wants to cater to the lowest denominator… Have at it.

When you get bored or graduate to bigger ships I’m sure CCP will create some new instanced PVP for you … what about Battleship only Abyssal space.

(Annisir Kaugan) #163

I’m enjoying it, frig abyssals are fun, I may get round to doing some pvp too. Graphics improvements look good. I don’t have any need for the navigation stuff but I’m interested to see what happens with how people use it. The activity tracker is good, I like watching what I do, and I think its totally useful for CCP to see whats going on. There could be a use for that in Corp applications too. Also the new ships, are so shiny.

(Cy Kho) #164

I guess I’m done trying to participate in this new content. It’s been over a week, and the abyssal PvP still isn’t available in my time zone ( late US). Gates always shut off with no indication, so you have to either run sites or look for kills on zkill.

The worst part is that despite a lot of questions by players on here and on reddit, CCP hasn’t responded at all. I hear they mentioned this issue on a live stream this week, but nothing on forums, Reddit, Twitter, or patch notes. I guess this content will only be available to people who play in Euro time zone.

(Vol Arm'OOO) #165

You cant have pvp when there is no one to pvp against. PVP that is gated by terrible grindy pve is going to only appeal to a small slice of the pvp players.

I hope it stays closed.

(Salt Foambreaker) #166

Why would you want this, this is anti-EVE.

(Vol Arm'OOO) #167

the whole concept is anti-eve. But thats the way ccp has been going. Alpha clones, microtransactions, selling sp, crime watch changes, instance pve and now pvp. All of this would have caused a firestorm when I first started playing. CCP has been slipping it in bit by bit hoping that the players will get used to it and not throw a fit. To some extent they were successful, but it had a cost - the players have bled away and eve is a shell of the game it used to be. CCP simply doesnt seem to get that it cant have it both ways - it cant chase after causal player and expect the hardcore players not to notice. CCP has been singularly unsuccessful in chasing after the causals - nothing they have done has been successful in replacing the slow bleed of players who unhappy with the lose of the old days. The numbers speak for themselves - ccp used to proudly announce how many people were playing and records they were breaking for concurrent online users - not anymore.