EVE Online: Onslaught - Known Issues


(CCP karkur) #61

Hey, that should not be the case, could you please file a bugreport on this. Thanks! :slight_smile:

(Tipa Riot) #62

Thanks for the warning, wasn’t in Jita yesterday… What I remember previously is that you can get the infamous black screen for a long time, but the invul timer only starts when the grid is actually loaded.

BTW, @CCP_karkur can we get the option to either sell stuff from station containers or the option to move stuff from/to hangar remotely? This would tremendously help with not docking in Jita 4-4.

(Fobos Achasse) #63

Seems like activity tracker can not track how many times i entered the abyss… Was running T1-3 abyss spaces today, but my tracker only counted 1 enter and statistics look like that right now: +300% on T1 and -200% on T2, 0% on T3

(Cephalopodamus Teuthida) #64

Good Morning!
I’m afraid I’m still having a problem with this. I was in control of a structure at downtime yesterday and initially had problems undocking. That eventually resolved but today I still cant access inventory or any of my hangars. When I click the tab in Assets to view the citadel in on, it wont open. I’ve entered a bug report but have no idea when I can hope to be able to play. Can you advise?
Thanks for any help you can offer.

(CCP Lebowski) #65

Sorry to hear that,

We’re working on a general fix for this issue but we don’t yet have an ETA, really sorry for the inconvenience.

(Cephalopodamus Teuthida) #66

Its reassuring to hear that I’m not the only one and you guys are on it. Thanks for the quick reply!

(Butt Cigar) #67

I see logging off via the logout button still freezes the pc. Oh well, back to windows key and closing app manually. Was hoping this update may have fixed this.

(boernl) #68

i have a new 1 for you i do not know if this was before onslaught
if the materials and bleurprint original are in the corp hangar you can sometiems start a manufactering job

on other occaissions it does not work and you have to put them in item hangar to start a manufactering job

loves to stockpile work for who get payed for it :wink:

(Peter Yurgin) #69

I’ve had this problem since they changed the bookmarks of structures to tell you if they aren’t there anymore. I use the right click menu and find the structure there, warp to zero then I can use the dock button after i arrive on grid. After an undock it is fine to use the bookmarks; otherwise it will always say you have to be within so many feet to dock and just not warp but will approach the strucutre that is off grid and AUs away.

(boernl) #70

@Peter_Yurgin that is a known issue that i also have experienced sicne they started pre patching when the stations in sov nulsec were changed to faction citadels

(Peter Yurgin) #71

I’ve sent in bug reports multiple times but I guess its just one more thing they fix something and break other in the way. Like probe scanning window getting signatures stuck in there that are no longer spawned after the change to get them to stay active for you when you warp out of the system and come back.

(boernl) #72

that is a new 1 only 1 do know about when im scannign and the sig just cant be scanned at 4 au solution is scan 1 run at 8 and fixed

(Can Wakan) #73

I don’t know if this classifies as a bug or not, but I put a ton of resources into my T2 Leshak, and now I can’t fly it without spending another 1.1billion on the Destroyer and Battlecruiser skillbooks. Is there any chance of removing those skillbooks from the req’s? This feels unfair :wink:

(Iowa Banshee) #74

A right click to scroll screen would help

(Conjaq) #75

The Industry window is sometimes not taking the rigs into account, when you want a building qoueta.

Example: X blueprint shows a 45 build time, whereas it’s really 21 days, because the rigs is not taken into account.

(NotTheSmartestCookie) #77

When injecting skillbooks there is a notification message:
“The blahblah - blahblah skill has been injected and is read to train given that its skill prerequisites have been met”

  1. The word “ready” is mistyped as “read”.
  2. There is no dot at the end of the sentence. (The message for donating 30 days of game time does contain a dot, so if it is intentional it is inconsistent.)
  3. I actually got this message when injecting the skills Neurotoxin Control and Neurotoxin Recovery. The recovery skill requires control to be trained to level 1, so the check whether prerequisites have been met does not work properly either.
  4. You could consider changing the word prerequisite to requirement, as that is also the word used on the skill info tab.

(Chan'aar) #78

Have you actually tried to get into your Leshak?

I think you will find that if you had trained Precursor Battleship before this patch you can still fly it now.

All this change does is make people that have not trained Precursor Cruiser and Battleship train the Dessy and BC skills.

Usual rule of Eve is “if you could fly it before (something changed) you can fly it after”

(TamiyaCowboy) #79

Lvl 4 missions are somewhat playing up

Gone bezerk lvl4 warping into mission you land 66km off the beacon

rogue slave trader lvl4 , warping in warps you to the slave pen not the beacon (40+km off )

damsel in distress , warping in does not land you on the beacon you land around 40-60km away from it

possible there are more like this to but the aove ones are ones I have found at this current time


(Fixy FixIT) #80

Bug Report : Activity Tracker.

It appears that ONLY THE CHARACTER who “delivers” manufacturing jobs is being credited with them in the manufacturing part of the tracker regardless of if they even have the skills to build them.

Surely the points should be allocated to the toon that was actually skilled enough to be able to queue the job ?!?

This is only the case for “Corp Owned” jobs of course since any toon in the corp can deliver jobs if they have the roles.

Not a game breaker but you might want to look into it.



(Tareb) #81

EvE tracker Combat/Capsuleer/Destruction/Ships not correctly updating/tracking kills/statistics.