Eve Online players regarding autism

There are two types of Eve players regarding autism:

  1. The ones that admit being autistic

  2. The ones that lie about not being it.

Question is, which of the two is you?


k, you fall under category 2 then.

I can’t wait for the children of the gaming community to switch to another linguistic flavour of the month.

Jog on :parrotsleep:

You make me embarrassed to be a part of this game’s community.

It’s a bit of a loaded question. You’re assuming the answer in the question. :laughing:

What do you have against people with autism, or am I reading too much into this?

And 3. The ones who follow the current fashion trend of using the word ‘autistic’ without having a clue what it means.

And 4: the people who show intense disdain for those who say it on the internet.

I have a friend who has two autistic kids.
You should be removed from the planet.

This is inappropriate. Thread closed.