EvE Shareholders

I don’t really know anything about this, but i wonder… Wouldn’t those people be expecting money from their investment?

What i mean to ask is, how healthy is EvE’s money?

Is this some type of blockchain related question?

Blockchain? I don’t think so?

A certain person may have leaked EvE might be dying. Which it has for an extended period of time. But coming from that person…

I dunno, i suppose no one knows about this “investor” thing i made up.

EVE has been dying since 2003.


Eve is a CCP product which is owned by PA a floated company, if you want to invest you can buy PA shares,


You can buy unconventional shares in the form of Plex which is a CCP promise (debt) to provide 30 day of server time. Going PLEX heavy in effect makes you a share holder of Eve.

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