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So video editing is a skill I’ve recently picked up. I have a few other shitposts and small projects under my belt, but this video I’m showing today would technically be my first serious project yet ever since I started learning how to make videos. It’s a video I felt deserved to be made, and that’s a complete collection of all the Echo audio logs found in the EVE spin-off game, EVE:Valkyrie.

Before I get ahead of myself, i should mention that idea isn’t entirely my concept that i’ve made from scratch. More so this video is inspired by a video by none-other than Bosena Accord’s @Galm_Eskola-Fae , better known as “Rot” to the EVE Valkyrie community. Not only is he the original Valkyrie lore nut, but the first person to compile all the Echoes out there with his EVE Valkyrie Lore and Echoes Anthology video. Unfortunately, this video is out of date, containing only the Echoes that were out at the time. More Echoes were added as the game received new maps with future updates. As such, Galm’s video is missing another 30 minutes of content, and no one else appears to have bothered recording any of the future Echoes and putting them online. So using Galm"s video as inspiration, I sat down and made a complete and updated archive of all the Echoes in Eve Valkyire.

But what the hell is an Echo?

What are Echoes?

Echoes in its simplest terms are audio logs, similar to those found in Bioshock or Borderlands, recorded messages of specific characters. Lore wise it’s a little uncertain, at least to me that is. These Echoes are found in recreated simulations of the battlefields (maps) in the game. How exactly they form and work isn’t really clear, but have been the primary method CCP Newcastle used to progress the game’s story with each update. It was also used for the world-building side of things, explanation behind the technology used in this game were found in these Echoes, and - most importantly to me - have allowed the game’s three major characters to flesh their personalities out to the point where i feel like you get to know them on a more personal level.

The three major characters featured in the majority of these Echoes are the Valkyrie leader, Ran Kavik, the shady tech savvy arms dealer called the Quartermaster and my personal favorite, the Guristas co-founder himself, Fatal.

This video is not meant for Valkyrie players

Not to say that a Valkyrie player wouldn’t or shouldn’t be interested, but when I made this video my intentions were not to cater to the Valkyrie community. Instead I aimed to create a video about this extremely niche part of EVE’s lore and make it a little more enticing to EVE players to look into.

This is a ■■■■■■■ 53 minute video, which was far far more than I was expecting going into this project (Uploading and rendering this was pain and anxiety). So yeah, nobody really has time to sit though a 53 minute video, so what I’ve done is included timestamps to each individual Echo in the video, organized by their owning character. Watching the video normally will simply take though each map in order of their entry into the game. To help also give each Echo some form of identity, I gave each of them a suitable name to help identify them and hopefully spark some curiosity. These unofficial names are either keywords taking directly from the Echo itself, or something I came up with that felt fitting. Some will be bad some might be good, i went with my gut on it.

Drifter tidbits

Eve:Valkyrie’s story eventually crossed over into EVE Online’s ongoing mystery behind the Drifters when it was getting ready for the big “Warzone” update. As a result, plenty of the future Echoes in the game are related to the Drifters. As such, I’ve placed a [Drifter] tag by each Echo that references the Drifters. The knowledge may be useless, but figured I flag it as being relevant to a larger subject.

Ask for context

EVE:Valkyrie’s story has a special place in my heart. As such I’ll be happy to provide any content on any subject at all relating to this game’s lore of you’re curious about wanting to know more. I’ll answer to the best of my abilities. And if Galm is ever lurking in the thread, I’m sure he would also love to help explain the lore in more detail. But anyone else knowledgeable is free to pitch in information.

I hope you take the time and check it out! Going back and listening to all these Echoes again really have me really appreciate them more. The people behind these did a great job, both the writers and voice actors. I hope one day we’ll see the continuation of the Valkyrie’s story, for now we can at least enjoy what was given to us.

Fatal did nothing wrong and the Valkyrie are a bunch of deadbeat traitors


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