[Valkyrie] Comprehensive Transcribed Echo Archive

EVE’s story is vast, with an infinite number of possibilities left to be explored; the more info that is easily accessible, the less daunting it becomes for a player to immerse themselves in the setting and to become as endeared to the EVE universe as those of us who have been around for years clearly are~

EVE Valkyrie was wicked fun for me, and its story held a lot of potential – which makes me equally sad that we never got to see whatever destinations it would have continued toward.

In Valkyrie, one game mode allowed you to fly around each map in free play. In each one, you could find a selection of echoes—essentially a series of FTL-communications or infomorph-centric recordings or remnants—which would convey information on each map as well as game mechanics, characters, and the broader narrative of Valkyrie.

Video archives of all echoes have been compiled previously by @Galm_Eskola-Fae (here) and @Avio_Yaken (here), but skipping through a video each time I’ve wanted to reference these hasn’t been ideal, so I’ve taken the liberty of extracting the subtitles for each echo from the game’s files and laying them out (while mostly using the names that Avio gave each one).

Click the arrow below each map’s description to expand its echoes;
Make of them what you will, and most importantly, enjoy :slight_smile:

CATHEDRAL – Kamela VII, The Bleak Lands

"The bleak lands are a polarizing place.
Huge beacons of blinding light contrast the dark souls of those who reside here.
The cathedral that provides hope to so many, marred with bullet holes and laser burn.
The friction of nations distilled into a pocket of conflict."

. . .

Frozen Rush – Rán Kavik

No cold exists like the frozen rush before death.
The computer angrily signals its warnings but this only quantifies what you sense in your bones.
The crystallization of organic matter.
Fractals race across the surface replicating near identical diamonds.
Blink once and it consumes you.
Lifeless in the dark.

The Rabbit – Fatal

The rabbit is a uniquely twisted mind.
A reserved soul and shy to the uninitiated…
Blessed with a mind that embraces technology as a way of life.
He lives inside himself. Surrounded in a wired world.
Reclusive and unburdened with the problems of others…yet despite his introverted tendencies he projects his will on an almost infinite scale.
It’s hard for a man like myself to admit but I need him.
It’s the closest thing I have to friendship in this world. He brought me back.
After all these years. He brought me back to wage a war.
Sometimes I wonder if this was his will all along.

The Rabbit – Rán Kavik

I never met The Rabbit, Fatal kept him out of reach, out of sight.
Yet his influence is everywhere.
The Quartermaster knows him, I’ve heard he was his student.
You can certainly see his mark in our tech.
It’s only a matter of time till I find him, expose him…
privacy revoked.

Battle Scars – Rán Kavik

The cracks bite hard.
They spider in the glass as they reach out to each other. Desperate to connect.
As you strain to focus past the irregular, intermittent shards the future begins to etch itself into the transparent plane.
The temperature falls and the pressure builds.
Every molecule in the cockpit compacts around you. Bracing itself to take the strain.
Fused to the spot as the lights burst into the periphery, each impact inches closer to the end.
Commit the mistakes to memory. Learn the lesson.
Each battle scar is a chance to right a wrong.

NECROPOLIS – Esmes III, Sinq Laison

"The graveyard of a long-forgotten battle.
We’ve lived this before and I will not die here a second time, pilot.
I am connected to this place for the rest of my lives.
Here lies the beginning of our story. Among the wreckage.
The birthplace of the Valkyrie."

. . .

Haven – Rán Kavik

I hate losing anyone in the transition…but sometimes it’s just inevitable.
The mind and body don’t mesh. A clash of two souls
One rejects the other and refuses to connect.
Nobody deserves to go out like that.
We began to form a construct. A living system for the ship. Build a haven for the lost.
Their experience trumps any A.I system I’ve ever worked with.
Something not to be thrown away like old machinery.
We gave them new purpose.
Voices of the past, ushering those who did not make it back to life.
A guide to your new existence.
Welcome back, old friends…

A Toast – (Barfly)

A toast!
I raise a glass to those poor bastards at Esmes 3,
Never knew what was coming to em’.
From what I hear the fleet punched in for whatever reason… Starts blasting
Zero to full scale war in seconds
Then the Avatar throws out that doomsday laser
The so called holy light
And all that remains are scattered ashes
No rhyme or reason for anyone can see
Damn wars all orchestrated from afar
Engineered by suits and cloaks with no notion of the body count.
Small gains for high casualties, you know what I mean
Damn place is a graveyard now
Wouldn’t go out there if gave me this second rate bar as payment
Cleaning frozen bits of people out your intakes for weeks
Metal tombs in creepy fog man
Cloudier than this crappy glass.
Did you ever wash this?!
Give me a fresh one you lazy lump of lard!

Far From Home – Rán Kavik

I’ve come a long way from the boulevards of Caille.
We all are very far away from home.
Life was simple in the Navy.
They said I was the best. The one that wouldn’t die.
Well they were right about that at least.
It was a trap. My ship burned, my body froze.
It’s probably still there, abandoned in deep space.
But they took me. They took my mind. I didn’t die.
They said they had saved us. Made us special, better.
They said that we would fight with them and that we would finally be free.
They lied. They always lie.
Now we’ve broken off. We bow to no one.
Now we are free.
Now we are Valkyrie.

Bankruptcy – Fatal

Amazing how circumstances change in just a few short years.
I’m a man who prides himself on being in the loop you see
The secrets and lies of a galaxy flowed towards me
And an entrepreneur’s real currency is knowledge but with my death came a form of bankruptcy.
A feeling of isolation that I am personally unfamiliar with
However, the challenges of this new world excite me
Shedding my notoriety has been a…liberating experience
Working outside of the spotlight has afforded me new opportunities
I own more than just your indiscretions now…
…I own everything you are.

SHIPYARD – Saranen, Lonetrek

"This was once a thriving shipyard. Hard working military families like mine.
Now it’s full of the discarded husks of failed transfers.
Fatal’s building something here; we should investigate."

. . .

Burn it Down – Rán Kavik

Amongst the construction platforms and docking bays of this old shipyard lies a field of empty shells.
Behind the blast doors and crosshatch metal frame works the failure of a thousand pilot transfers.
A reminder that despite my situation my resurrection could have been… more difficult.
Fatal has testing facilities all over. Working on new technology. Advancing and refining.
A proud empire on the fringes of science. Hidden from prying eyes.
The amount of resources he controls is staggering.
The only cure is to burn it to the ground.

Reflection – Rán Kavik

After the painful contortions of death, a clone rebirth is initially quite serene.
The inside of the vat is tranquil in comparison to the ferocity of a life’s end.
Before my audio pathways synchronize themselves, I have a few seconds of bliss. A floating quiet.
I wake up disoriented and displaced, familiar yet distrustful of my senses.
I catch my own reflection in the glass. I recognize the body but not the person in it.
Suddenly the world is ablaze with warning lights and piercing klaxons. I’m back out there.
Replaying the inevitable. I feel my own death over and over and over until.
A crisp light catches my eye, my squad mates. Their cold silhouette on the periphery, jolting awake.
Forced back to life. Gasping for something tangible. Reliving their final moments.
I finally recognize myself in them.

Secrets and Lies – (Barfly)

Another round over here please… Whisky. No ice. Perfect.
Hey. You’ve worked in the Nest a long time…
Quartermaster ever come around here? In person I mean.
Guy is a snake, a thief and a…
I better not even utter that out loud… He has ears everywhere.
This whole place is wired right?.. Are you one of his?
Guy gives me the creeps man! You know what I mean?
Has anyone ever even seen him? Could be a her?
(QM Impression) “You are definitely my best customer.”
At those prices. Sure I am.
He has something on everyone in this bar, hell…everyone in this carrier.
Trades in secrets and lies.
Who knows what he’s got on me.
…Another whisky please.

Fear – Rán Kavik

I’ve often stared death in the face. I did not run from it. I did not fear it.
Even as my ship burned and my body froze…I did not fear it.
But death did not take me…they did.
Now when I stare death in the face, I only see myself.
Now they fear me, fear us.
We are the Valkyrie.

FORGE – TQ-RRB VII, Outer Ring

“The miners and Gunjacks should leave us to our own devices if we don’t interfere with operations; but keep your reflexes keen around those asteroids. The deep mining in the area has caused some dangerous fracture routes through the bedrock.”

. . .

Ferryman – Fatal

The technology required to steal the entirety of a living being is not something easy to come by
Extracting the full essence of a pilot at the exact tick their life is extinguished
You’re too busy dying to notice a tiny puncture of course
The proliferation of synthetic organisms
Intricately hooking into the junctions and pathways of the nervous system
A main line from your synapses to my pocket
All of you transferred in a blink, Precious digital ghosts with no place to go
I am the ferryman! I will guide you to the other side
I will build you back up in my image
Wonderful what technology is capable of these days, isn’t it?

Gunjacks – Rán Kavik

I have all a lot of respect for the Gunjacks
To have such an unwavering sense of purpose
They fight until they have nothing left to give
Nameless, forged in the molten heat
It’s what the Valkyrie must be if we are going to survive
Cast off the constraints of our mortality.
As we are hunted through these shattered rocks.
The mining barges carry on unflinching.
Red heat piercing the thickened crust of the scarred planet below.
I contemplate the future of the Valkyrie.
What is our place in this world now?

Gooey Tube-Dwellers – (Schism Engineer)

Holographic telemetry report Beta9a
The date is YC118
Fatal is pushing us hard to get the clone cascade bandwidth up
I’ve continued working on a system to parse real-time pilot data
with higher rates of compression.
My focus on cortex flood statistical analysis
has so far come up with interesting yet predictable results
I have however recently stumbled onto the exciting prospects of direct retinal function streaming
A few evenings of experimentation have produced a working prototype
of a dynamically driven map visualisation
If I can amalgamate the consciousness stream of each squad member
we could see an exponential increase in accuracy
The upshot is each clone on return would never have to jump back into the battle blind
They could see allied and enemy movements and key positional points
I have yet to run an analysis of new clone strategic choices and decision making in the moments after a fresh cycle, but it’s possible we could see those husks actually make some poignant judgment calls
Tomorrow I’ll push the algorithm to a second twinned tank and hook up the projector cells.
…hope I don’t fry any more of those gooey tube dwellers.

One of Us – Rán Kavik

You have lost everything. Your past, your identity. Even your life. It’s all gone.
Your body burned, now freezing in the vacuum of space, countless lightyears away.
In the debris of a forgotten battlefield. To them, you don’t exist anymore.
to be honest, you never really existed
in their minds. You were little more than a number,
a unit with a fixed cost in a war of attrition.
I was there too. After they destroyed me. In the darkness.
Until I awoke.
We have been given a new life, a new chance, and this time, we’re not fighting for them
We’re fighting for ourselves.
Your mind is sharper,
your body is quicker. You can feel the tingling synapses react like never before.
We are augmented, our fighters are built for us
Your old body wouldn’t have handled the forces
The unaltered mind couldn’t manage the controls
Faster, more nimble, more deadly
Your enemies will hardly know what hit them
You are no longer a number, a unit, a pawn in a merciless game.
You are one of us
You are a Valkyrie.

CROSSROADS – Otakoo XI, Genesis

“A huge tunnel carved through the heart of an asteroid opens out to an imposing vertical space station, surrounded by fragmented cover.”

. . .

Builder – The Quartermaster

Currency does not weigh down my pockets. It is not the goal. I do not crave it like the common man.
That would show weakness.
It’s a means to bankroll progress…the great enabler.
I’m a builder you see. Ships with pure function. Stripped back to bare metal.
A framework for every pilot’s ambition.
And with each clone, each bullet fired, each life lost…comes information…the real power.
Raw, uncompromised data…
A growing reliance on my services, war is good for business.
It is unique to see the hatred between two people burn with such intensity.
Two philosophies raging war.
I don’t take sides, but I am taking orders…

Fictitious Boundaries – Fatal

You think you own these stars…until it all comes crashing down around you.
It’s easy to toy with your curiosity. Manipulate your hunger for the unfamiliar.
Leave no stone left unturned.
How brazen to feel like you have a right to know.
One step further into the void…like space should hold no mystery.
Every corner to be conquered and exploited.
You follow the blips on your radar, salute the man and plant your flag.
Define your fictitious boundaries. Property of me and my kind.
Poor, unquestioning puppet…I will set you free.
Just a little bit further now.
Reach towards the unknown.
What’s wrong with your computer pilot? That’s an accident waiting to happen…

Thousand Cuts – Fatal

Cracking the hardened shell of the carrier’s exterior can seem insurmountable.
An elongated fortress hanging in the dark.
It will defend itself to the very end.
Took us years to crack the code. Expose the weakness.
Before that you just had to bring a bigger gun.
But all that noise can bring some…unwanted attention.
With a little insider knowledge we turned the advantage…
began to tear this thing apart from the inside out.
I have to admit I enjoy the ceremony of it all.
The grandeur of a swarm devouring the queen is undeniably satisfying.
A methodical deconstruction. Death by a thousand cuts.
Having the courage to push directly into its heart is an effort certainly not for the meek.
You’ve got to make yourself a target.
But often the biggest risk yields the greatest rewards.

Ones and Zeroes – Rán Kavik

Ones and zeros.
Sometimes I think about what I am now. What I am becoming.
My ‘soul’ reduced to a string of binary inputs.
Am I still the same person I always was?
My existence recycled to source code so many times, I wonder if a few bits go astray each time.
The stream leaking some non-essentials before being reshuffled.
A new bag of skin for the next inevitable conflict.
But what if those non-essential parts… are what defined me?

(continued below)


GATEWAY – 2X72-L VI, Great Wildlands

“The gateway absorbs every particle and molecule from the vacuum around it as it crackles into life. The first firing of this thing is going to be something very special to see indeed.”

. . .

Big Project – (Engineer)

Engineers personal log. First mark.
Our new project began today on a private gate. It’s a huge undertaking.
Two separate Gallente jump gate designs. Amalgamated into one mammoth hybrid construction.
I had my reservations, it’s a challenging build. But the sheer amount of funds behind this thing is staggering.
A private consortium has backed this thing to be completed under any circumstances.
I’ve been contracted in to lead the secondary induction point. What will herein be referred to as the NOSE team.
The part where all the magic happens.
Out here on the fringes, interesting bit of space and cold as all hell.
The deep blue from the nebula, soaks into your bones. A cold temperament eking out from the planet below.
Even in the full face of the sun, it’s the bitter frost that burns.
None specialized equipment flash freezes within seconds!
But it’s not all bad. The on site ice asteroid belt will prove an excellent source of materials.
And word of some nearby wormhole activity has peaked my interest.
Might explain some of the recent function anomalies. I requested a probe to collect telemetry data.
See if we can harness some of its energy. It’s going to be a big project. We need all the help we can get.

Isotopes – (Engineer)

Personal log, mark one-three-four-four.
These icy blue rocks drive the engines of exploration.
a rich arching vein of crystalized frozen gold.
Refined extract from the ice belts are harvested and transported.
Processed down into fuel that powers the jump drives of New Edens most formidable ships.
It’s the great leveller.
All corporations, no matter how big, have a continued dependancy on an ever dwindling resource.
An obsolete relic of an archaic age.
reliance that we should of surpassed long ago.
So much research wasted on war and bloodshed.
But that’s just my humble opinion, and what do I know…I’m just an engineer.

It’s Classified – (Engineer)

Personal log, mark four-two-two-three.
Today we install the temporary short hop transversal jump unit into the core of the gateway shaft.
It should facilitate a huge decrease in travel time between the nose and tail construction teams.
I have no idea how we acquired them. Until now, they’ve only been used in a military capacity.
It used to take pilots into battle faster with other pilots. A trickled down technology, reserved for battle.
It’s based loosely on the Spectres heavy fighter class engines.
Capable of throwing the huge mass across the sky in seconds.
In the engineering meeting, I asked where they came from. Who can get a hold of this stuff?
The entire room robotically jerked their heads around to face me.
The drone at the head of the table narrowed his eyes and returned…Its classified
Barely moved his lips…what kind of cryptic corporate nonsense is that? The room sneered at me.
No longer among friends and colleagues, my peers have slowly been replaced.
Morning Neo-Comm mails full of retirements and extended leave. Holidays they’d never return from.
As we slowly patch over the gate’s yellow framework with a metal skin, it becomes more apparent…
Things are not all as they seem.

Top Men – (Engineer)

Personal log, mark two-two-nine-three. I’m becoming more and more suspect of the operation structure.
Suddenly my clearance is no longer the highest around here. The project is shifting around my feet.
A new gateway alignment team came in today. Different from the guys we usually use.
Trim finished and buttoned up techy looking suits. Not a mark on them. Our guys stick out a mile side by side. They’re real grafters!
I went to introduce myself and they marched clean past me in the hall, like I didn’t even exist.
Locked behind a new secured area on the upper decks.
Word is they’re repointing the expressway to a different location.
Rotating the gateway to a different set of coordinates than on the original schematics
It puts the relative traversal pivot into a vertical position.
one hundred and six-point-four degrees off the construction axis!
I need to do the math on the anchor. Find out where this thing is pointing and what’s going on here.
Until then, best keep my head down…and my thoughts between me and this recorder.

SOLITUDE – F-MKH3, Great Wildlands

“A facility anchored into the bedrock of a cold and volatile planet hides a secret under the snow-battered surface.”

. . .

Roam Again – (Administrator)

This place is our Solitude!
A supposed hideaway to work in undisturbed peace.
By its very definition, we are here to shy away from the prying eyes of New Eden.
Off the damn grid!
So, tell me this, associates:
Why the hell have we caught word of a gateway pointed in this direction?
A privately funded conduit that lands them right on our doorstep.
Who would be looking for us this deep in the wildlands?
Someone is amassing forces on the other side of that portal and they want what we have.
Once they open that thing up we have no protection against the flood.
Nobody from the Minmatar Republic will come to our aid.
We can only presume they know we are here.
We can only presume they know what we are doing.
I’m ordering an immediate evacuation of the premises. Lock this place down.
Strip it clean and strip it fast - We don’t have much time.
Leave no trace of our work.
The nomads roam again.

Silence Broken – (Administrator)

I often listen to the hailstones crash against the thick metal slabs of the launch bay doors.
Like an angry mob storming the castle gates.
The elements rally against us, like a body fighting off infection.
Volatile icy shards eroding an alien structure that blights the landscape.
The noise kept me awake at first but now I cannot sleep without it.
I find some comfort in it. A break in the endless quiet.
It is my only companion.
We transferred here to do a job.
A skeleton crew of sixteen. Tasked with excavating what lies beneath the surface.
Sixteen souls rattling around this superstructure. Uncovering the ghosts of the past.
But, I have a feeling that is about to change.
Word is out. New paths being built right to our feet.
Now the quiet may be broken forever.
I should be careful what I wish for.

What Lies Below – The Quartermaster

What do I know of the Catacombs of Solitude?
Come closer, pilot, and see here.
Some secrets just between me and you.
There is a network of subterraneous caverns blasted into the calcified rocks.
Stretching out like fissures in every direction from under the structure.
Steam rises from the vents scattered across the landscape.
Something is going on down there.
Mechanical gateways cut into organic stone.
A warm inviting glow for those seeking refuge from the cold.
Those who have been speak of its embracing electric hum.
The welcome respite that punctuates horizon after horizon of wind-shorn rock.
And the silence.
Whoever built out here wanted to keep away from prying eyes.
I think the caves near the base are being used for storage.
But for what I do not know.
The blue and yellow pipes run like veins through the tunnels’ openings and outlets.
They map out routes to long swooping ridges you can use to fly deep into the surface.
Use them to guide your way.
Keep you from getting lost.
All roads lead to here.
But I’m not certain they lead back out.

Wormholes – The Quartermaster

Wormholes are a lawless land, pilot.
Twisted, vibrant, beautiful.
An alluring poison that will even corrupt what’s left of your carbon copy soul.
Each one is surrounded by a thick nebulous layer.
A violent haze that shrouds its secrets in electrified mist.
Everything you thought you knew obscured, and contorted.
You’ll never know what’s on the other side until it’s too late.
Those who dare venture inside have a lot to gain.
This is my mission to you.
The precious gasses swirling around in there are a commodity I would pay handsomely for.
Refined down they can have some unpredictable qualities.
Just a little sprinkling. A few drops in your fuel mixture.
A light dusting on the tip of a warhead.
It ignites with such colour, such enthusiasm
We may never do war the same way again.
So ride the conduits my friend
And be careful to get out before it’s too late.
You could be sealed in forever.

Warzone – The Quartermaster

Can you hear me?
If you find this, listen to me very closely.
I had very little time before Fatal’s forces moved in to contaminate this place.
The residents of Solitude left little behind. They cleaned this place out.
All the tech is stripped from the walls. It’s been gutted. An empty shell.
I did find something however. Un-purged data packets residing in the system.
It’s Coordinates. THE COORDINATES.
Ones that will take us right to the source.
I need you to come find me.
It’s going to be a warzone up here. This technology…
This technology will change things.
Our work has not been in vain. It’s more than I ever imagined.
A message from the ancient— (communication breaks off)


“A busy station hub punctuates the dark nebula with the vibrant red and white colours that define the Sisters of EVE.”

. . .

Trust – Rán Kavik

The sisters of EVE proudly display their red and white colours as banners of peace.
A welcome haven for the Valkyrie in dark times.
We have become aligned by a common goal. United by a common enemy.
They have a desperate need to stem the tide of Drifter tech. To keep it from spreading like wildfire.
I need the tech to put this warzone back onto an even keel, stop Fatal taking the upper hand.
But we’ve been disconnected for so long it’s hard to interact with civilization again.
Our people are now trapped in a world of our own.
Fighting. Surviving.
How will we learn how to trust again?

Somewhere Sunny – Fatal

It’s an icy tomb.
But somebody’s got to live there.
The poor residents of Solitude.
I didn’t displace them. I liberated them!
Moved them on to a new home. Somewhere sunny this time I hope!
Part of me enjoys fighting Kavik here. It offers a unique battle.
Even for a veteran as experienced as I am.
All those years up in the stars made fighting on the ground feel so alien.
A unique tactical challenge that I could not simply pass up.
To put my stamp on this far-flung rock.
And access the secrets buried deep below.

Compensation – The Quartermaster

You fly well. Do all that I ask.
I feel we have established a very special relationship, you and I.
Especially since I got you back on your feet.
Ironed out that little disagreement between you and Fatal.
The incident “liberating” Lonetrek Shipyard and those Carrier schematics.
He nearly purged you back into insignificance. A VERY close call.
He is, after all, a man with very unpredictable flutters.
Paranoid and volatile.
Me? I’m far more pragmatic.
Take a more considered approach. I believe hard work earns its recompense.
Not retribution. Compensation for services rendered.
So, from now on.
All your experience.
All that you do will be rewarded.
Capsules of my wares containing war paint and insignia for your ship.
Help you stand out from the crowd.

Shadow – Rán Kavik

The Covert ship is the almost the pure expression of an apex predator.
An unseen attacker - total commitment to the kill. It survives in the shadows.
Early detection will mean death.
It stalks its prey, emerging from nothing.
The prey is hit with a potent strike.
It turns to face the threat and like that, it’s gone.
The shimmer of a ghost, suggestions of an enemy that no longer exists.

Evolution – The Quartermaster

For many years, I have refined my fighters. Pushing them forwards.
A persistent evolution of form and function. From the ships of old I stripped out the redundant.
The dispensable subsystems and extravagant components that dull a pilot’s instincts.
With the Wraith, and all that followed, I constructed frames that focused the senses.
Heightened that certain killer instinct, the gene that separates the strong from the weak.
I unified Pilot and machine as one entity. Every iteration, every breakthrough.
A step closer to my goal.
I thought wormholes were the answer.
The potent gasses and unique signatures made for some interesting results.
But that was just a prelude. A taster of what was to come.
Drifter tech…is…extraordinary.
A new age of warfare. Each ship redefined.
I’ve been able to breathe new life into every aspect. Mould it around every pilot’s aspirations.
Everything stronger, faster, more focused.
The next generation of combat.

DRIFTER OUTPOST – Unknown Wormhole System - Anoikis

“Crackles of lighting illuminate the oily metal disk that appears to hum with a strong electrical charge. Inside, the Drifters awake from their slumber.”

. . .

The Outpost – The Quartermaster

A dark rumble precedes the crack of white light.
Forks of energy roll across the dark gas that surrounded me.
Suddenly a break in the obscurity.
The vapor grew lighter, distant lights emerging quickly and sharply into focus.
Not quite a sign of life, but a glimmer of existence.
After years of moving the pawns around.
Shaping the lives of so many, nudging them into position.
I found it. I finally found it. A Drifter Outpost.
The oily metal structure spanned out in a huge orbit before me.
Layers upon layers of concentric loops withdrawing into a central core
Decoration was sparse and brutal.
Large metal panels occasionally catching what little specular light crept into the void.
The outer ring was large enough to contain corridors.
Passages that allowed me to fly my fighter throughout and scout the perimeter.
As I edged around the circumference I noticed a series of Electric spines.
Long snake hooks and darting spears charged with energy.
The space around them was modulating.
Disturbed and alive by the power being generated.
Any contact with my ship would overload it for certain.
I weaved my way towards the nucleus.
Continued to navigate the paths hidden in the darkness until I found a place to set down and inspect this fossilised tomb.
And the technological treasures that lay inside.

Deadlock – Rán Kavik

We’ve long been in a deadlock with the Schism - fighting for our survival against the odds…
We always knew Fatal had a larger plan in play - layers of deceit, intentions beyond the obvious.
We tracked the Schism across New Eden, hitting its resources where we could.
Always looking for some method in the madness - over time patterns began to emerge.
It started with the Gateway, money funneled into a private pathway - an express route to nowhere.
Icey rocks on the edge of obscurity - then we discovered Solitude.
The base that doesn’t exist - research veiled in secrecy. Now crawling with Schism.
A key to unlock the Drifters’ technology and with it, the future of fighter warfare.

Excavations – The Quartermaster

Hidden from plain sight. An enigma shrouded in darkness.
The key to our evolution is contained in the chronicles of our past.
Relics of the Drifters scattered to the winds…
Each one shed’s a fragment of light on our history.
A little piece of the puzzle. And you’re going to deliver them to me. I want them all, pilot.
I’ve set up a series of extraction points in key locations, areas with a high concentration of Relic site activity.
Here you’ll find compact smuggler gates locked into my coordinates.
Seek out the sites, grab the relic, bring it to the encoded gate.
The spoils go to whoever can bring me back the prize.
Either get it to me by your own hand or help a teammate across the line.
I don’t care where it comes from.
As long as I get the package.
No rewards for second place.
Just forget it and find another.
Our future may well depend on your excavations, friend.

Ultra – Rán Kavik

There are many skills to master as a fighter pilot.
A series of macro decisions hang in the balance every second you’re in flight.
Now each ship comes armed with a unique tactical attribute - an Ultra ability that can tip the balance.
Your reactions need to be honed to harness it at the correct moment.
Beyond the mechanical, is something instinctual.
Lose focus, and the moment has passed - an opportunity taken or a prospect squandered.

REFINERY – 8R-RTB V - Cloud Ring

“A beam of light cuts across the sky. Focused and radiant. At its apex, huge mounds of rock are pummeled from the ancient moon and extracted for greed.”

. . .

Greater Good – Fatal

I have done a lot of what you may consider…wrong, In my time.
Corrupt, sinful…even malicious. Harmed others for my own personal gain. Aligning the stars to my will.
What I do however, I do for the greater good. I not only give life to The Schism. I give us purpose.
But this time, this time I may have…overstepped.
Our desire for technological advancement has pushed my efforts forward, significantly.
The new fleet is spooling up, causing chaos where they roam.
All seemed to be in my favour, but the fallout from my ambition is becoming more evident.
For the first time since you and I began this campaign, we appear to be on the back foot.

Man-Made Wealth – Fatal

Huge chunks of rock, crisp to the touch.
Toothy cracks with razor sharp edges.
A cacophony of debris scattered to the winds.
Freshly extracted prosperity. Drawn from the crust of the planet below.
Resources reclaimed from the universe.
When the scraps no longer satisfy, you must create your own.
Fabricated, unsustainable, man-made…WEALTH.
Buy now and pay later. Problems for a future generation.
And what do I care?. I sure won’t last forever playing the games I’m playing.
Hauled up in this refinery. Hiding from those archaic napping misfits.
All I have for solace is this mining laser. It’s overkill I know.
But this button brings me so much joy. It’s just too much fun.
Don’t get in my line of sight…Valkyrie or Schism. I just wanna blow something up today!

Bragging Rights – Fatal

Pilots hold a grudge. I understand that. All this pent-up aggression.
It boils under the skin. Striving to be the best, no matter the cost. It’s relentless.
All consuming. Tempers flare. Grudges are formed. Friends become foes.
Competitors become adversaries. Enemies become your every waking thought.
I’ve been considering a way to use this in a more constructive way. Sometimes you’ve gotta let off some steam. Fight on your terms, not mine. Define the rules of combat as you see fit.
Settle some scores. Mutual destruction.
You know you’re coming back, time to burn some of those extra lives.
This is all about bragging rights. An invitation to a very special party.

Eternal Sleep – Fatal

Ran Kavik, my eternal nemesis.
She continues to pursue me, and I somewhat admire that.
Her quest for vengeance is unrelenting.
An unfortunate side effect of my ambitious recruitment program. A persistent thorn in my side.
Today I am feeling it more than ever. We are in trouble, you and I.
Fighting on two fronts is exhausting and I need to lay low for a short while.
Incarcerated in this iron lung. Self-imposed exile while I hide from these creatures.
A brief step out of the spotlight. If they find me, the Drifters,
They will destroy The Schism and everything we’ve worked towards.
I don’t scare easily. I have not feared death for a very long time.
But if the Drifters catch me, I’m in for a special kind of torture.
There is no coming back from that. The eternal sleep.
A prisoner trapped in my own mind, once again.



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