EVE X Apple

It becomes non playable on my iMac 24 2019 :frowning: fps dropped, screen UI resolution is awful… please hire testers or let ppl play it through wine as it was before… :(((

Yes ! Thank you, thank you. On MacBook Pro2017 on Big Sur 11.6 and it looks great. No sluggish UI, no pause between clicks.

The ‘only’ thing that is unexpected was that the fan is still running hot. I thought the Mac client was going to reduce that somewhat ?

Same here. Also Macbook Pro 2017, BigSur 11.4. No sluggishness nothing. I don’t get the fan turned on though. In fact, my CPU and RAM don’t seem to even realize I am running a game at all! Awesome!

Ah. They did two play test on SISI - had a good number of people test with different computer configurations. First play test was back in March/May.

Now, I do agree that they should have maintained the wine version as an option for the first month or two. For these odd duck bugs.

Again, file an in-game bug report, please.
CCP can not just crack open your computer and go “oh this is the problem”,

Start the client (I would suggest log lite as well) cycle through your hot keys. Then file the bug report via Neocom (as F12 doesn’t work). This way, they can see what was going on.

Once you do that, do an @ at one of the devs here and link the ticket number.

Thank you.

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Thank you for developing this client.

I am running

MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013)
2.3 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7
16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2 GB

Catalina 10.15.7

The game plays quite well for me right now. I have seen significant improvements since the first singularity test. I am very happy with performance right now.

As a side note for those complaining that their old hardware/os version won’t keep up, if you choose to stay behind, you will be left behind. I have a closet full of old PC and Apple hardware that is no longer relevant, just can’t get around to tossing it. Or as an old co-worker used to say, “You may not be tall enough to ride this ride.”

I can’t thank you enough for porting this to Mac. As soon as the Mac client fired up, everything was better. I didn’t change any settings compared to running through Wine, but the colour and detail are VASTLY better. I don’t know why there’s been such a major improvement, but I’m LOVING it! One small annoying thing – I can’t use the arrow keys now to tab down through market items. Maybe it’s just a setting I need to find, but otherwise everything is brilliant!

seems to be solved with Display menu app

I have basically the same iMac as you and I’m seeing the exact same issues. It’s either white or black tearing like this, verbatim. Sometimes in space it’s the top half/bottom of the screen flickering like this insanely fast – glad I don’t have epilepsy. This was all fine before yesterday and I had played on this exact system with no issues, often two Omega installs at the same time side by side. One alone is totally unplayable now because of this.

Wonder if I’m doing something wrong.

What should I check for to reduce fan ?

Not 100% sure if this is the same issue I have, but the cursor shakes a lot when I drag anything over rendered background regardless of pointing device I use (trackpad on MBP itself, Apple Magic Trackpad, or even Logitech gaming mouse).

The size of the window isn’t the issue here, it’s macOS’s resolution scaling to compensate for high pixel density of Retina displays. The native client, in turn, is rendering at 2x resolution of the window size. This means when using “More Space” setting on this screen which gives me 1920 x 1200 screen space, the client is rendering at almost 3840 x 2400. This Mac struggles a LOT to render this many pixels.

First, this “always render at 2x the current macOS resolution setting on Retina screens” is dumb–the OS resolution to Retina screen’s true resolution isn’t always 1:2.

Second, please give us an option to downscale the game resolution, to render the screen as low as macOS’s screen setting.

Sure, this would be great if MacBooks actually were performant enough to handle this many pixels, but let’s be real, I doubt even the new MBPs that are coming out next week can handle it.

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to me it gave me hell of a lot of disconections

same happen to me, it was trully awfull for now i live in a place with decent 10mb/s and still took me a whole day to download Mojave OS, finally when i enter again eve the very every 5 mins disconnections hit me hard

i upgraded to mojave and it work i get the 10.14.6 version but its the last version i can get, sadly i got hit by disconnections very frequently

Dude, why does it matter to you?


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Not the same thing, that doesn’t change the render resolution, just the size of UI elements.

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What does your Activity Monitor tell you? Fan goes up with increasing CPU usage, so the Activity Monitor should tell you what could be causing it.

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Apple is not just a name. You buy a PC with the same specs as an Apple computer, and you don’t end up getting it (much) cheaper. Apple just doesn’t release cheap junk like some of the Windows computers.

Also, Microsoft only makes its software, it couldn’t care less what kind of hardware it ends up being slapped on. The result is often a machine with performance issues. With Apple all kinds of performance issues and software bugs are reduced to a minimum because Apple integrates its software to hardware by itself. That’s a crucial part of it that many people don’t get just how important it is.

I also thoroughly detest Windows UI and software. With Mac OS things are painless and much better for me to navigate around.

Just because it’s expensive doesn’t make it ‘‘only a brand name’’. It’s not fashion industry. Some of the Apple policies, true, are not customer-friendly (e.g. high price tags for simple accessories, parts being manufactured in a way that makes it impossible for the user to repair them), and that’s an argument against using Apple right there, but their computers’ prices are justified as far as I’m concerned.


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